Zip previously Quadpay

Zip previously Quadpay

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  • Current Version: 1.164.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Zip Co US, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Zip previously Quadpay App

Zip, previously Quadpay gives savvy shoppers more freedom and flexibility with our buy now, pay later platform. It’s a smarter way to stretch your funds. SPLIT ANY PURCHASE IN 4 Shop your favorite brands and pay with your linked account in 4 installments over 6 weeks. Get approved instantly, with no application forms or hassle. USE ZIP ANYWHERE, ONLINE OR IN-STORE Install our app and use Zip anywhere you shop—whether online or in-store. Add Zip to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay for easy access. THE SMART ALTERNATIVE TO CREDIT No hard credit checks, and no impact on your credit score—ever. We’ll let you know when installments are due so you’re on top of every payment. HOW DO I USE ZIP? 1. Install the app and link your payment card to start shopping. 2. Browse our directory of merchants, or make purchases directly with the Zip app anywhere that accepts Visa. 3. Enter the amount you’d like to spend (including any taxes or shipping costs!). 4. Your purchase will be split into 4 easy installments over 6 weeks. Easily track your spending, view transaction history, and manage open payments in the app. 5. Update or change your account details, including payment method, any time. 6. Get answers to frequently asked questions and contact our support team directly from the app. CONNECT WITH US For daily style tips, lifestyle hacks, and up-and-coming brands you’ll love, follow us on Instagram.

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Zip previously Quadpay app reviews

  • Awesome!!! 5/5

    By shy arellano
    I actually really enjoy this app…wish the spending power was a little more… but other than that I love this app!!!!
  • I love you guys so much 5/5

    By Killa1020
    My credit was a 736 overall no one gave me the play station 5 but soon as I got u guy y’all covered the cost and told me make the payment no credit check. I needed gas a few weeks ago I was able to get $120 and fill me and my gf cars up, everything I do now I use zip just to show my support..Please who ever you is reading this I promise you ZIP is the best thing to happen in my life
  • Amazing App 5/5

    By Toddy9020
    Makes shopping so much easier. I really like payment system! Keep up the good work!
  • very unprofessional 1/5

    By atlsuthngurl
    I had an account for over 2 issues with snything, paid early. limit stayed at $400.never budged. so then Zip was texting and emailing me messages saying a grocery store was trying to use a one time card. I asked what is going on. they never answered or resolved instead they blocked my account for access. very confusing. and unprofessional
  • Does what it says 4/5

    By Fearstruck
    I’ve been a member of zip (joined when it was Quadpay) for a year and one month. It does exactly what they say it does. It’s great for breaking up a bill or to buy something that cost a bit more. One one complaint and what stops this from being 5 stars is that they don’t up your limit. You can’t request an increase and they won’t discuss it. In my year I’ve done at least one purchase per month. Some times two. I always pay them off on time or early. I’ve done their partnered deals, my own purchases, and bills. You’d think when you’re with a company for a year and have no slip ups and outside of this have improved yourself financially that they would be willing to work with you and give you an increase.
  • BADDDD 1/5

    By dontWasteUrTimeRmoney
    This app is causing my so much grief! When I make an offer to purchase from a seller, it shows my down payment and my remaining payments, but when my offer is accepted , it rejects my transaction giving a different reason each time I attempt the transaction. This has caused me to have to pay in full to avoid sellers from filing NonPayment complaints against me. Even when I attempt to make payments in advance it gives me errors n rejects my transactions. I’ve reached out to Support n the latest explanation was my Zip activity caused a freeze on my account, but why would they freeze me from making payments! This app is a nightmare. Go with Klarna, Afterpay or Affirm and save yourself the nightmare and save yourself from having to pay in full just because the quad Pay with Zip will disappoint!
  • Don’t waste your time… 1/5

    By bmoutlaw66
    This company has no customer service, I was blocked out of no where for no reason. Multiple support numbers and no responses. Plus they charge you fees per transaction. I switched to Affirm, more credit and no fees!
  • Don’t use app 1/5

    By ghhhyui
    I have been using zip muti times to make split payments then zip sends me a message saying that i can not use zip anymore without reason?? All payments was paid on time!!! There is no reason for them to tell me I can’t use zip anymore horrible business!!!
  • Refusal to even open an account. 1/5

    By A real man.
    They say they don’t base anything on your “credit score or report” but they declined me because of my credit score.
  • Check your statements on bank 3/5

    By itsnoogood
    If you see a double charge screenshot rite away I got scammed from zip only refunded one of the double charge on a canceled order
  • Horrible 1/5

    By shawnstackz
    They messed my credit up and didn’t approve me for nothing
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By jjjjsiurbebsi
    Every time I enter my number to get a code the text comes 2 hours later. Affirm works immediately so why doesn’t zip?
  • So convenient and easy to use 5/5

    By Easton J
    I love the zip app. It’s so convenient and easy to use. It’s quick to pay in store and so nice you can break it up into 4 payments!! I use it all the time online. I just started using it in store and love it.

    By Rose is happy !!
    Love this app !! It’s nice to know that if I need something and I’m low on cash I can still get it and pay it back … I also love that it works for everything .. ordering food .. shopping etc .. THANKYOU SO MUCH !! It’s a nice thing to have just in case .. Thankyou for creating it ..
  • Hands down the best! 5/5

    By Saraseti Sunra
    Zip is definitely not like the rest, being approve was simply and for someone with my credit history easy ain’t easy to come buy. Getting my family the things they need and having a choice to pay later is something that should be available to everyone and ZIP has offered that!
  • Run away!!!! 1/5

    By RareMay
    They will fight you to give you your refund!!!! Please do not waste your time with them! and their rewards program is non existent!
  • You’ve got a forever customer! 5/5

    By Lynai B.
    As everyone knows the economy has been very hard for everyone at this time. The weather is changing and getting colder and my toddler has outgrown his clothes from last year. I needed to get him some items for the time being until Christmas. I applied for other apps but they need to “get to know you better” before you can place an order. I honestly don’t believe it so I tried Zip. I was instantly hooked once I saw how many places you can use it at. I quick went through the application process and was approved instantly. I was so thrilled and thankful I could place my order. I will forever use this especially with the holidays coming it just makes things easier! I will always be a customer and will recommend this to all my friends and family.
  • I wouldn’t use the app 1/5

    By Tekprincezz
    There return policy is ridiculous they won’t give me my money back for 14 days vs klarna I can get it for a day I would recommend them there customer service is higher satisfaction.
  • So awesome 5/5

    By jgas11
    Love love love this option! I have personally run into a couple of problems with not being able to afford to fix my car and buying groceries with the same paycheck! ZIP allows me to do both and not be totally broke. I am so grateful for this app! It allows me to break down large orders into smaller affordable chunks! So grateful!
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By DeeniiseeVee
    Love to use ZIP!
  • QuadPay 5/5

    By ms.head
    This is a great app I love the fact that you can get your purchase before it’s paid off it reminds me of a layaway plan without having to pay it off before you receive your purchase love love love this QuadPay it’s also great because if you don’t have the full payment for the groceries or the bill that you were trying to pay they will take it out every two weeks this is just awesome awesome app I love it
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Texasbabe5
    However, what I don’t like about it is at one point…I got my available spending limit as high as a kite, now I have it as low as a Joe blow…due to the fact that this program debits your account like sooooooooooo early in the morning….not all bank accounts credit your account that early….resulting in my limits lowered by having failed payments. Change it to where it debits the account at exactly two weeks from the exact time we make the transaction. Not first thing. :(
  • Could be great but it’s not 2/5

    By cole tater43
    When i first downloaded app I was given a potential spending limit of $1,200 immediately. Made two purchase requests with one being paid off early and the other never finalized so no payment due. Leaves me with 2 completed orders with %100 on time payment. Went to pull up zip today and, given message that I am not approved.
  • So many issues 2/5

    By ThaliaBoy
    I hate it. Before I never had any issues with (Quadpay) but now there’s always something going on when I’m trying to pay . Error messages to call customer service and blah blah. I hate it. It used to me so easy before.
  • Dont expect an increase 1/5

    By Blah!scam
    Zip says you get an increase with good payment history and length of membership. Blah blah been a member since 2019 never late good credit…they must discriminate cause i still haven't gotten an increase.
  • Amazing service! 5/5

    By Raqui920
    Zip has made large purchases so easy for me! Love that you can use it anywhere. The customer service from Support has been so responsive when I’ve needed them. Thank you Zip!
  • big stores 4/5

    By Heatherann724
    The best part of this service is that they offer it at the retailers that I shop the most, Walmart and Amazon!!
  • Ok 5/5

    By joeimarie13$
    Liking it so far… not much u can do wit 50 bucks though ……… No
  • A computer decides rather or but you can use zip mobile 2/5

    By Chanelb08
    Not reliable. Can’t even use the mobile app and when I get help via chat I’m told a computer decides if you can use the app or not. Crazy right? Not only that but they were unable to tell me when I’ll be able to use the app. Needless to say I never had issues when it was formally QuadPay. I also use the merchant side for my website and I’m curious how many of my customers have this same issue. Considering no longer using them as a shopper or a merchant.
  • ZIP is #1, love it. 5/5

    By Coast3rd
    ZIP is truly my go to app. once I hit 30% of charges on my credit card for certain items, I then turn to Zip for my other necessities. Thank you ZIP for your help. JC.
  • Amazing 🥳🥳🥳 5/5

    By BiGGHEAD75
    A Real Life saver😎
  • Can’t even buy anything with this app 1/5

    By Ian and anthony
    No matter what store I use, no matter how low the price is. I can’t buy anything using this app (note: I used this app with stores that allow quad pay) still it won’t allow me to purchase anything. This app used to be good and now I can’t buy anything what is the point!!!! Im very frustrated and upset!
  • Easy & Great When Works 4/5

    By JloveSav
    I’ve used the app a few times it is is pretty easy and convenient. It definitely helps out! I did however have one instance where the amount was fully charged to my acct instead of the partial amt do that was a bummer, but great when it works 👍
  • This app is literally so useful! 5/5

    By Princed19999996
    I love to split payments up over time. It’s more manageable and allows me to make larger purchases. It’s like a credit card without all the hidden mess. Really great app!
  • Great Customer 5/5

    By Ms King hun
    Zip app is easy to use and customer service is awesome! I had an issue with my check and needed to change my due date for my payment. ZIP’s customer service reached out really quickly and changed my due date. I will continue to use Zip.
  • Loving this new app 5/5

    By A1 LEXOLA
    I am enjoying your app and the benefits of zip it’s remarkably fair and I like how easy it works I am happy with this app surely this was needed since pandemic. Really appreciate this
  • Easiest App Ever 5/5

    By swaggboss1
    When I saw this app at a local store I decided to check it out. I found out I can use it EVERYWHERE! It’s so easy!swag
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By LoveMe0117
    I am a small business owner trying to get my business off the ground and this app helps me with large purchases I’m not able to get at that moment. So very thankful for it.
  • My first time with zip 2/5

    By gdhjkgd es bbcg
    I purchased from the zip and I like it because it helps pay monthly and my orders didn’t come so far but I’m expecting them to come
  • Second time I used zip pay. 5/5

    By armywifeshopper21
    I am new to this 4 payments site and I wished that by continuing using this will give me some small additions to my spending limit.I am not sure how and when is that but I’m hoping that overtime it will gets better.Thank you so much Zip pay from making this happen.
  • Beat app ever 5/5

    By Hurricane Florwnce
    When I needed it the most. Using this app to make my purchase was a life saver. It was easy to use and I already had a spending amount to use. Love it!!!
  • Versatile payment option to use ANYWHERE! 4/5

    By Its That End User Again
    This app revolutionized the BNPL boom with its unique ability to be used at any merchant, instead of being restricted to a pool of participating merchants only. It really also showcases the Apple Pay ecosystem in it most optimized form; by generating on-the-fly virtual credit cards in Apple Wallet. Talk about convenience! I’ve generated Zip cards in-store at brick and mortar shops, ranging from getting groceries at major chain stores to even local mom-and-pop stores! It’s an easy work flow that you can do while standing in line. Once the cards are generated I’ve never had any declines or issues. Amazing. This is a life saver. My only qualm is that my spending power constantly fluctuates, despite my on-time repayments. One month it could be $200; the next, $50- with no explanation as to why and how they calculate your limit. I know it’s an industry thing but I wish they were more up front and transparent as to how your spending limit changed.
  • Buggy when processing payments 3/5

    By Batwang
    Since 2 upgrades ago almost every time I try and process a payment it stays in queue. I think the longest I waited just to see if it would clear up was 3 minutes just forced quit. So I rebooted but the plan is still there with the option to pay. So I’ve learned if it does this wait an hr or so and you’ll see the charge in your bank statement and it eventually clear off you zip account sometime that same day.
  • Use Another App (this one doesn’t work long) 1/5

    By adriver007
    Made a couple of purchases and paid them off early. App locked down and said “can’t approve you”. Concerned I emailed support and it has been weeks now and all they do is respond that they are working on it. This is the second time it has happened so I just deleted the app and used Afterpay. There are plenty of pay in 4 apps out there. Use one of them if you don’t want a headache.
  • Love zip 5/5

    By Hottheadprince
    Love zip and the installment payments. It allows me to get all that I need or want with out the pain of getting hit with one big lump some. My only negative feedback is I which I knew how to increase my borrowing power been a member for a 2 years now and my buying power is still the same and I pay everything on time
  • Trustworthy and helpful 5/5

    By Stacey A K
    I’ve been using Zip for about 3 years and continue to use it for large or unexpected purchases.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Cloud City Art
    Awesome service and so easy to use
  • Awesome service 5/5

    By 85Jelly
    They responded very quickly to my request to change my payment date :)
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Burnettski87
    No complaints. Great options. Great service poppa John’s