Zipcar: cars on-demand

Zipcar: cars on-demand

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  • Current Version: 5.84
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Zipcar: cars on-demand App

With the free Zipcar app, you can find cars and vans in your neighborhood and across the globe–and (if you're a member) reserve and unlock them, too. Gas, mileage, dedicated parking, and insurance options* are included in every reservation. *See web site for details Download the app now. The open road awaits! 9 GREAT THINGS MEMBERS CAN DO WITH THE APP: 1) Reserve a Zipcar by the hour or day 2) Choose from a variety of vehicles—sedans, hybrids, vans, and more 3) Sort cars by available time, make, and model 4) View your upcoming reservations 5) Get directions to your Zipcar  6) Easily locate your reserved Zipcar by honking its horn  7) Unlock and lock your Zipcar  8) Tap to speak to the friendly local Zipcar team 9) Change, extend, or cancel reservations on the go ABOUT ZIPCAR Zipcar is the world’s leading car-sharing network, driven by a mission to enable simple and responsible urban living. With its wide variety of self-service vehicles available by the hour or day, Zipcar brings freedom, flexibility, and convenience to urban areas and university campuses in over 500 cities and towns across Canada, France, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Zipcar is a subsidiary of Avis Budget Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: CAR), a leading global provider of vehicle rental services. More information is available at NOT A MEMBER YET? Download the app to see which Zipcars live near you and learn more about the service. Then join to reserve, honk, and unlock Zipcars with your iPhone. To hear what current members are saying and join the conversation, find us on Facebook or Twitter (@Zipcar). To learn more about Zipcar or to sign up, visit WHAT NOW? Join our million members and give us a try! Let us know what you think, tell a friend, and rate us, too.

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Zipcar: cars on-demand app reviews

  • so disappointed. 1/5

    By Sabellaj
    Never again. Their cars are never where the apps say they are. Zipcar also has the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. 5 calls and they can’t send a simple refund and have overcharged me 3 times for ONE trip. I also ran into an extremely rude customer service agent who hung up on me in the middle of me explaining my situation. I don’t recommend Zipcar unless you want to run into a million problems in one day, problems they create and cant even fix.

    By 엘사♡
    Dirty in&outside and never maintained car(Maintanance alert on speedometer), extremely rude service representative, hard to find car, parked in a paid parking lot WITHOUT ANY INSTRUCTION. Wasted my time and money.
  • Do Not Use - Worst Experience Ever 1/5

    By hello.bgosse
    Rented a car today on 8/15/22 and had the worst experience. First car had a dangerous foot-long crack across the windshield, second car was not at pickup spot, third car was covered in dirt, dust, trash, used gum, cigarette stains, sticky goo on the steering wheel and no had gas in car. when arriving at the gas station we found there was no fuel card. It took 2 hours to find a car and there was no helpful assistance from any representative. We dropped the car off hours early and we're charged 3x the amount it should have been without explanation. No one has been able to give a refund for the missed hours, the gas, or the overcharge. Terrible experience and will never use this ridiculous company again.
  • Worse experience with renting a car 1/5

    By hoggoddess
    At first I really liked the app, it was super convenient when I needed rentals. However they started over charging my card! Multiple times at that. They charged me $50 once and I haven’t had a Zipcar in over a week. When I called to ask why, they said it’s the “taxes for the taxes” which didn’t make sense to me because they automatically deduct that from your card once you press confirm. They gave me a hard time , said they were going to refund my money back after about 4 people arguing me down about it and still didn’t refund me money. After that experience I will never rent a car from them ever again. I DONT RECOMMEND!
  • so buggy 1/5

    By fhejehidfj98
    used to be great, now it’s almost unusably buggy every time you start it

    By Vonney Von
    Zipcar charged me $69.07 late fee because there was a glitch on the app. IT’S USELESS CALLING CUSTOMER FOR ANY HELP. JUST USE GIG CAR OR OTHER SYSTEMS IF YOU HAVE THE OPTION TO.
  • Pricing is completely inconsistent 1/5

    By Rachel S. R.
    I’ve been a little confused as to what is going on with the pricing on the car rentals. I’m in London. Got the £15 membership, first time I rented a car all cars had around the same price range between £6-£7 (even tho the membership I got advertises prices starting at £5.5 per hour…) next time I went and tried to rent the same cars now cost £9 an hour. Went in again today to see if I can try and rent, guess what, SAME CARS but the price is now between £10.5 - £14 for the hour. All these changes within a one month and a half timeframe. I’ve cancelled my membership as I’m paying for absolutely no reason and might close my account altogether as there’s no point having it if I won’t be using it. I’m wondering if this is some sort of mistake? PS: contacting the company is super complicated..
  • You’re risking your safety 1/5

    By srouse91
    Locked out for 24hrs. You’re risking your safety by relying on this app to open your car door.
  • Not great 1/5

    By baconsteakeggs
    Finding stale cigarettes in cars. App doesn’t let me book a car, can only do it though desktop, prices way higher than advertised , cars are usually dirty, I end up returning the car cleaner than when I picked it up
  • ZipCar is a JOKE 1/5

    By KJ$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    My first booking and the website was down so I couldn’t even use the car I reserved. This is why people told me to stay away, I should have listened. The customer support is even worse! This company should be put out of business
  • Stay away from These things in crooks 5/5

    By Kellen jmsd 1998
    After a month of using them and paying on average way more than what they advertise for the daily rate I will never use them again the most expensive rental car the most expensive rental car by far I’ve ever rented and the car was dirty couldn’t see at the windows every time I rented a car from them I’ve had to wash it yes I will never rent from them again stay far away from these guys they will take your money like thieves and not even blink twice what is this world come to one companies like Zipcar can stay in business they are the devil they are evil their Satanic and their thieves and they’re crooked and their crooks I will never ever rent from them again and they should be fraudulent what they do
  • Something went wrong 1/5

    By moorem6
    This is a highly sophisticated app with a broad range of uses. It only has a single feature - a search button that displays “something went wrong” when clicked. Bored at work? Open the app and hit the search button. Sitting in traffic? Open the app and hit the search button. Laying in bed staring at the ceiling? Open the app and hit the search button. Incredible app, looking forward to more updates with more helpful error messages.
  • Not clean 1/5

    By konileaaa
    There was strong smell of drugs inside car. Very uncomfortable to drive for non smoker
  • Cuatomer service horrible 1/5

    By 3rdGenBg
    This is t the first time I’ve had a rental not be available when I arrived but it was in an accident . Both vehicles , the agent told me no other cars in the area or grater la areas…. Oh really , hung up booked another vehicle instantly that had also been in a wreck . Couldn’t grace the vehicle out from behind the garage it was $60…. Because the garage key fob was missing , had three agent who didn’t speak English when I need a rebuttal or had questions but spoke perfecT ENGLISH TO you when thy were telling me why they could help me . No haste , no recourse just flat out deal With it . No reimbursement for having to get to multiple alternate locations because the cars were visibly damaged or smelled or were filthy. Make sure you check car before u book, if possible . Document everything Ans pay for nothing out of your own pocket . WHO CHECK TH CARS WHEN THEY ARE RETURNED . Who Inspects them after every ride , are they cleaned outside of peer cleaning ? No - no one - only after several report to the send a “team”. (Eye roll + KISSES TEETH)
  • No entry car 1/5

    By walliedog
    I set out yesterday to go grocery shopping at Walmart and completed my shopping and could not get back into the ZIP CAR that I rented me and my son stood in a hot garage for an hour trying to open this vehicle so I had to call for a Lyft ride that cost me $19.00 so that all my food would not spoil and then I waited all afternoon for someone To call me back so that I could retrieve this car and return it back to the spot I got it from Waited for the rest of the Day for someone
  • Horrible service with car safety issue!!! They don’t care about your safety. 1/5

    By Yrez12
    I have been using this app for the past year, and last weekend I met the most scary safety issue with any rental car I had and the worst service ever! After I drive my Zipcar out of the parking lot, I was moving on the road at approx 30 mph, and the car suddenly shuts off all of its electronic systems, dashboard and media. The dash board only tell me that the ignition is off (when I am in the middle of the road). I tested the pedal and the engine is in fact working fine. However, I could not open any of the turning signals, so I had to pull over to the side (without turning signals and there is no parking space). After I stopped, the dashboard told me to check the starter system. I called Zipcar, and told them the problem. Instead of helping me with the issue, they start with asking for my personal information. I spent like 20 minutes listening to the person typing whatever, while providing nothing useful to get me to safely move the car or move out of the car. To make sure I park somewhere safe, I had to restart the car and drive to find a parking place. In the process, I had the same issue twice, once when I stop to wait for a red light and another time when i drive at ~40mph. After the 20 minutes useless wait and I helped myself to move to a safe spot, I was transferred to roadside assistant. However, the only thing road side assistant let me do is to turn off the car and turn the steering, so the anti-theft system triggers and lock the steering, then restart the car. He insist that this will make the car perfectly fine. During these “trouble shooting”, I was told that I will be fined if I don’t do as they say to “fix the issue”. After this, he told me that I am perfectly fine to go, and the issue will not occur against. Note that the issue occurred when I was moving on the road, and the light seems to be affected. If the problem happens again, I might be moving on a freeway, without any light and signals ( it is already past 730). I asked them to tow the car or fix the issue themselves, and pay for my taxi back to my pickup place, but they only insist that the trouble shoot is over and they may have to fine me if I refuse to return the car. The assistant person cannot provide the source of their trouble shooting information, not any case solved by this procedure that can prove its use. Also, they cannot provide confirmed cause of the problem and any reasonable explanation that relate the problem and the trouble shooting. Furthermore, the only speculation they gave me was that the fuel sensor is going wrong and they cannot see the reading on their system. The fact that Zipcar installed a lot of hardware on the car to monitor the car was okay for me, but the fact that they don’t admit that the car could have a issue when a sensors totally failing is astounding. If there is a fuel sensor issue, I could also be reading the status of the car wrong while I was driving. Not to say that the car has an issue occurred that’s not resolved or tested. They are having ME TO TEST THEIR BROKEN CAR in the night. Thats literally nightmare! I am moving away from this app. Zipcar was a good choice of car rental, but it is definitely a TERRIBLE ONE CONSIDERING THEIR CURRENT CAR CONDITION AND SERVICE. AVOID AT ALL COST SO THEY NEVER RISK YOUR LIFE FOR THEIR MONEY!!!
  • Unable to book the car 1/5

    By Sunil Mallireddy
    Worst app. I have an issue with updating my payment details and I have been following up with them more than a week but they have not resolved my problem and not provided an alternate solution. Lot of calls and totally waste of time still my issue has not yet been resolved and I am unable to book the car using the app. I would recommend not to take this membership as their customer service is not good and it’s totally waste of time.
  • Worst experience 1/5

    By Sairahsara
    Horrible customer service. Ridiculous pricing. Multiple charges on one payment and had the nerve to close my account after I disputed the repeated charges.
  • Never use it but keep buckling my money 1/5

    By busgjskhbdm
    Never gonna use it
  • Save yourself a headache 1/5

    By Miya_is_me
    Terrible customer service. App glitches and all they want is the most money out of you.
  • Not Reliable 1/5

    By viniciusprego
    I lost an important appointment because I couldn’t login on the app. Nothing can be more frustrating than being in front of the car that you booked and payed and not be able to use it.

    By TomDattilo
    Zipcar will not refund me my membership fee, despite an agent on the phone telling me I could cancel and get refunded immediately upon my account being accepted or denied… terrible customer service. DON’T USE! The website says “drive within minutes,” but you have to wait several business days. Even then, the $27 application fee is nonrefundable, which you’re not told until it’s too late. DO NOT USE!!!
  • Car without working airbags 1/5

    By M Grafs
    I resigned up for Zipcar recently and was shocked at how bad the service has become. I rented one car ($21/hr) and when I got in it, it had 47,000 miles and definitely showed it from all the abuse. Additionally, the dashboard had warning lights on because the car was out of washer fluid — so there was no safe way to clean the windshield. I reported this in the app as soon as I ended my trip. I rented again the same car a few weeks later and again had no washer fluid. A few weeks later, I decided to rent a different car and the car’s AIRBAGS were not working - the dashboard had error messages and everything. I reported this to them and the people on the phone said they could not refund me the $17 I paid for rental because I drove the car any distance. The cars they are renting are poorly maintained, unsafe, and they couldn’t care less about making anything right with the customer. DO NOT USE ZIPCAR.
  • Terrible customer assistance 1/5

    By shdsjrhdhshshdhsisudheshsh
    I got a yearly zipcar subscription at my university but the zipcar is never present. Thrice now I have scheduled trips and had to cancel them because the car was not available. When I called customer service, they just promised a refund and encouraged me to cancel my membership. What an awful service provider zipcar is!!!!!!
  • Scam Artists at Best 1/5

    By Otzzy
    Like many other reviewers. You won’t ever get this to work and they basically charge you a setup fee and disappear. I was in NorCal in San Jose and thought this was a great idea to temporarily get around as I needed to run some quick errands near my hotel in downtown San Jose. The app never allowed me to reserve a car and then I tried calling their support and it would put you in a queue for 30+ mins. I just took my loss and cancelled the sub. Worthless app and scam!
  • Fuel Card did not work 3/5

    By luckylugan52
    Location- both exiting & returning had to buzz for help, gate would not open. Tire pressure light is on.Due for an oil change.
  • Beware. Do not get. 1/5

    By caseeyyyyyyyyyyyy
    Reps are trained to make you believe help is on the way then before its too late, they’ll offer a full refund instead of sending help for roadside assistance. Dependability is not worth the accessibility.
  • Dirty and filthy 1/5

    The App itself is fine, but don’t expect to get a car with clean interior from them, it’s always dirty and filthy😱
  • This Service is ok!! 5/5

    By Sandy2388
    As I see a lot of one stars I will speak from my experiences with Zipcar, I have been using this service for several years now and the only problem or incidents I had is when the person didn’t returned the car on time, or when the signal service was bad to open the car but overall everything was fine, I see lots of reviews saying that customer service was terrible and I’m sorry that has happened to some but customer service has been very nice to me and understood my needs, even paid for my Uber when I couldn’t find the car on site. Let’s not forget to see the positive side of things sometimes, is not all negative! Hope this helped!
  • App still won’t let me book or connect to car. 1/5

    By EvL Get Rite
    For weeks now I’ve been having issues with the application where it won’t let me book a car through the app. I’ll get a message saying to call for further assistance. I can book a car through the website, but when I get to the car’s location - the app won’t let me connect to the car. This has been going on for weeks. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the application, even downloaded the update you guys put out a few hours ago for the same thing to still happen. On top of that; the company sent letters out months ago saying we’d only need our phones to connect & get into cars rather than the zip card itself, so we wouldn’t need the cards. Now I can barely use the app and it’s beyond frustrating to the point where I’m ready to cancel my account if this happens one more time. This is a huge inconvenience.
  • Nice car but…. 4/5

    By RoseIfe
    Someone before me had a pet in the back trunk area and the seat was ripped in the back and pet hair was all over the trunk. The repair light kept coming on. Do you all have enough people to do maintenance on the cars
  • BEWARE!! 1/5

    By ShawnaStew
    The worst service and the most useless customer support. Really consistently unhelpful. The worst app experience. Useless trash. This review is based on multiple negative experiences including recently being unable to re-activate my subscription because of their poorly designed user experience. I spoke to support and they could not help as per usual. So I ended up having to book an alternative method of transportation.
  • This app is a SCAM!!!!!!!! 1/5

    By emmanuele22
    I just moved to LA and without an actual car I decided to give Zip car a chance, boy if I knew this was going to be the worst decision ever! First of all, the website advertises that the daily rate for a car are $80 but with fees, taxes and insurance the actual cost per day is $180 (minimum). The second issue I had was the actual car, which was left by the previous driver in DISGUSTING condition. One of the doors had actual wax threw inside of it and the floor was full of dirty hair/crumbs/used water bottles. Plus the outside of the car was full of scratches. Safe to say they don’t check the car after is returned. But whatever, the car still worked so I didn’t made a big deal out of it and I needed the car so it was too late to cancel at that point. The cherry on top of this joke of a service came when I needed to put gas in the car. Zipcar usually provides a gas card since the price of the gas is already charged to you when you book your car. Well, the gas card was disabled from their end and when I called their customer support team for assistance the agent told me to put my own money and send a receipt so that they can send me a refund the following day. When I finally go to send my receipt my request is “denied” because I used cash to pay for gas. The receipt literally has all the information they needed such as the date, price, location, time (which matched the time I called their customer service), etc. The agent NEVER mentioned that we needed to use a credit card to purchase gas and assure us we were going to get our money back. Please do yourself a favor and avoid this service at all cost!!!!! UPDATE: They responded to my review asking to contact them smh I should’ve mentioned that I’ve been in contact with their customer support for TWO WEEKS saying that it takes 3-5 business days meanwhile it’s been almost 15 business days. At least talk to your support first. LAST UPDATE: How convenient to ignore me for two weeks but the moment I complained publicly you guys were magically able to finally give me the refund I was owed. I will upgrade my review to 2 stars for refunding me but I am still cancelling my service and I will never ever use a zipcar again
  • Super dirty car with pet hairs all over the place. The brakes were creating a lot of noise 2/5

    Not satisfactory a
  • Customer service went from bad to HORRIBLE 1/5

    By Scott Alabed
    I called into support because the vehicle I rented had no gas card. I was told that even if I went out of my way to add gas with my own money and take up my own time to go get money then go to the gas station and add fuel that they would NOT even compensate me for the time I used during my trip to do all of this even though their vehicle didn’t have the gas card like it supposed to. ZipCar has gone to crap over the last year. They recently offered me a $5 “compensation” and acted as if that were a respectful compensation offer…. ZipCar is not worth it anymore. I’ll be using their competition from now on. They lost a customer who has been spending money with them for years but now it’s just a joke of a company and they totally have thrown out any respect for their customers. Now when anyone ask me about ZipCar I will strongly advise them to use another rental car service.
  • Scams subscribers 1/5

    I have cancelled my Zipcar account and subscription in Aug 2021. Still, they charged me for subscription again July 2022. They have no clue what is happening. Please be mindful for charges even though your subscription is cancelled.
  • Muy buena app 🤗 5/5

    By llui12
    Excelente app
  • Bait and Switch 1/5

    By Spittingchicken
    UPDATE #2: They keep raising prices on the cars too. A couple of months ago, the same Honda Civic was $11.50/hour. Two weeks ago it was $13.50/hour for the same car and today it’s $15.50 for the same Honda Civic. The next cheapest car near me is $18.50/hour. These rates are before collision damage protection, taxes and fees. ———- UPDATE #1: It gets worse. I’ve booked a Zipcar 8 times now since signing up and twice they have changed my reservation in the dead of night just hours before my trip. That’s 25% of the time! They changed my reservation to a more EXPENSIVE car and MILES away from my original car’s location. Zipcar doesn’t even offer to credit the difference between the original car you reserved and the more expensive car they swapped in. You’re just left to scramble at the last minute before your trip and either take a bus or cab to the new car’s location (at your own expense) or cancel your trip altogether. To paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld, “they know how to take the reservation, but they don’t know how to hold the reservation and that’s really the most important part”. ———- ORIGINAL REVIEW: Before I signed up, I checked out the prices for cars near me and read ALL the documentation on pricing. Car nearest to me showed as $9.75/hour. That would make a 3 hour trip just under $30. Renting that car for a full 24 hours would be $91 total. Sounded good so I signed up for the $70/year plan to save some money over the monthly plan. After I created my account and paid the annual fee, the next day (today) I went to book that $9.75/hour car. But now that SAME car is $11.50/hour. Now my 3 hour trip looks more like $35. When I went to book a car for a couple of weeks in the future, suddenly all the cars near me are $12.75 or more. A 24 hour rental is $150! Also, nowhere in the pre-sales info do they mention the absurd fees your state mandates for each rental. $10 convention center fee. $2 police training fee. My 3 hour grocery shopping trip has gone from less than $30 up to $47. Once I saw these fees on my booking, I had to google for several minutes before I even found the well-hidden page at that lists the state fees. There’s also an insulting $25 “application fee” just to sign up for a Zipcar account plus state sales tax every time you book a car. Zipcar isn’t as affordable as the pre-sales info makes it sound.
  • Customer service representatives who take your money why are you wait for a core 1/5

    By yolandaRose473
    I am very upset and I’m satisfied with the service that I received when Wednesday, July 28, 2022 after I reserved a vehicle and paid for the for the fee for the car I want to go to the vehicle to pick it up and it was not in a location upon call and customer service to report it the person I talk to you named Victor told me a possible second vehicle in another location that I had to walk to for 19 minutes and when I got to that second location there was not a vehicle there to pick up that I could actually have access to I want
  • Logging out 4/5

    By Time2Pose
    The app keeps logging me out every single day. It wasn’t doing that before but now it is. Super annoying

    By DonNotReccommendd
    Is 2022 and whoever decided to launch this ad was more green even concerned I live in a city where people are just now finding out about this at yet they have been frighting a car to cars as a matter of fact being maintenance throughout the week so all of the college kids and adults who would like to use it to get stuff done I have to wait for the weekend and then have to wait and see who’s booked what for how long I definitely don’t recommend this app anymore ever
  • Can’t book car through app 2/5

    By britzzzzy
    Ironically, I can’t do the main task in the app which is booking a car. I always get “oops something went wrong”. No problem on their website. So basically I just use the app to report damage and messy cars which ends up being every trip. Too bad they are the only real option for last mi Ute car rental.
  • Seamless 5/5

    By ste champ
    Seamless booking and affordable fares for small errands or weekends.
  • Extremely bad customer support 1/5

    By SatyakiChakraborty
    My application review has been pending for a few days. Every day I call them they say if it is not processed by end of day they will escalate it next day and this goes on a loop.
  • It’s a scam 1/5

    By Not the developers friend
    Ordered a car 3 weeks in advance and the day I enter the airport they notify me that it’s no longer available. The only person I can get on the phone is “Hector.” Even after multiple call backs I get the guy who barely speaks English or understands his job. Unprofessional and trash company.
  • Bizarre account issues 1/5

    By Highgreg
    I had a zipcar account for 3 years with an annual subscription. I cancelled this annual subscription last year, and the subscription expired in June 2022. Instead of just requiring to pay for a new subscription in order to begin using their service again (like Netflix, HBO, or literally any other service that likes to retain customers), zipcar deleted my entire account without notice. I had to book a car on short notice this week and was surprised to learn I had to create a whole new account and get my license verified to rent a car, which takes multiple business days. For a service whose entire business model is premised on getting cars booked quickly, this completely defeated the purpose and I now have to Uber 2 hours instead. Customer service was incredibly unhelpful except in repeatedly trying to sympathize with me for how frustrated I must be. I will be deleting my account and not using them again.
  • Terrible UX 1/5

    By hosoriiiiiiii
    I can’t even look up the cars near me because it keeps giving me the error messages and nothing else.
  • On 5/5

    By byssshe
  • Horrible 1/5

    By sahil0407
    I'm a university student in Boston and I booked a zipcar for an hour. I was stuck in traffic and came 18 mins late. Zipcar then charged me 61 dollars more without telling me. Apparently they have done this before where they charged me around the same for coming 20 minutes late. When I called Zipcar support, they were very adamant on not budging from this policy. There were no bookings of the car after. While I understand, there are policies on punctuality there should be some leeway. Not only have they taken money from me without my prior knowledge and consent but they have not been adaptable at all. When I asked the customer service agent to transfer me to her supervisor she continued to tell me she understood my issue but wasn't willing to do anything about it. I am truly disappointed with the company and the app. I urge all potential users and current users to consider alternate methods of car sharing as I've had a terrible experience with zipcar.