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Zipcar App

With the free Zipcar app, you can find cars and vans in your neighborhood and across the globe—and (if you’re a member) reserve and unlock them, too. Gas, insurance, mileage, and dedicated parking are included in every reservation. Download the app now. The open road awaits! 9 GREAT THINGS MEMBERS CAN DO WITH THE APP: 1) Reserve a Zipcar by the hour or day 2) Choose from a variety of vehicles—sedans, hybrids, vans, and more 3) Sort cars by available time, make, and model 4) View your upcoming reservations 5) Get directions to your Zipcar  6) Easily locate your reserved Zipcar by honking its horn  7) Unlock and lock your Zipcar  8) Tap to speak to the friendly local Zipcar team 9) Change, extend, or cancel reservations on the go ABOUT ZIPCAR Zipcar is the world’s leading car-sharing network, driven by a mission to enable simple and responsible urban living. With its wide variety of self-service vehicles available by the hour or day, Zipcar brings freedom, flexibility, and convenience to urban areas and university campuses in over 500 cities and towns across Canada, France, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Zipcar is a subsidiary of Avis Budget Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: CAR), a leading global provider of vehicle rental services. More information is available at NOT A MEMBER YET? Download the app to see which Zipcars live near you and learn more about the service. Then join to reserve, honk, and unlock Zipcars with your iPhone. To hear what current members are saying and join the conversation, find us on Facebook or Twitter (@Zipcar). To learn more about Zipcar or to sign up, visit WHAT NOW? Join our million members and give us a try! Let us know what you think, tell a friend, and rate us, too.


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Zipcar app reviews

  • Customer Service 1/5

    By Santo_NY
    They never replied to my email I sent regarding an ad experience I had
  • Horrible Service 1/5

    By Princesslitta
    I made a reservation for 9:30-12:00 and got the vehicle at 9:15 (according to their policy you can get the car 15 minutes before your reservation). I was charged for 3 hours instead of 2 1/2 hours because, they said I opened the vehicle doors 9:13 and I wasn’t even present in the vehicle at that time. I was disappointed and angry when I received the bill and I not informed of this new policy. They make new rules as they go and it is not written anywhere in there policies. I spoke to one customer service representative and one supervisor they were rude and unprofessional in the way the situation was handled. Customer Service Representatives need a re-training on Star Service to the consumer. If you do not inform your customers about your rules... how do you expect for them to follow them.
  • App is as bad as the customer service 1/5

    By RouseGGG
    A good idea would be to have this thing allow you to switch credit cards so you could toggle between personal/business
  • App is fine cars are meh 3/5

    By bbot9000
    The cars are sooooo strip model it’s difficult. No usb chargers or cigarette lighters means I’d have to blue tooth my phone which would kill the battery so no music on the car ride and no navigation. I rent cars at least once a week and really wish I could plug my phone in.
  • No good service 1/5

    By smbh7192
    I have used their app to reserve the car and the app did not confirm my reservation right away and showed an error. So I thought the car is not reserved and I did not use the car at all. After few days I figured out they have reduced money from my account. I have contacted them and explained how their app showed error and I did not get to know that the car is for sure reserved. They never replied my email and they charged the amount without even trying to explain themselves!
  • Could be better! 2/5

    By Polo380
    The Honda are a lot better and kept WELL CLEAN, since it’s been replace with the Ford Focus it has not been Clean like it should be and don’t ride as good here at 301 Memorial Dr Atlanta Ga 30312 and hopefully they can fix the crack Windshield :-) but other than that it’s reliable.
  • Thank you zip ! 5/5

    By Frankthebank 1215
    Amazing app love it , will forever use it and recommend it to friends and family !!!!!
  • This app does not observe daylight savings 1/5

    By Hey Dum Dum
    Twice in a row now I’ve made a reservation on this app only to be informed by customer service later that my reservation time is for a full hour earlier than the time the app gives. The first time this happened I was locked out of a car when my reservation “expired” even though the app said it was still in progress. After an update was released I tried the app again and the exact same thing happened- this time the car I had reserved wasn’t even at the pod! Get it straight, guys, it’s not like the tech doesn’t exist!
  • Best thing ever 5/5

    By Where's my Pro?
    Why didn’t I think of this? Praise the lord.
  • Worst company ever 1/5

    By soul ale
    This company has the worst customer service and they blocked my account for no reason . After waiting them in the line for almost one hour , They told me that I break the rules but when I tell them to show me what rules and where is the proves for this they keep saying we can't do nothing for you . They did the same for my friend! If I can but zero stars, I will do that !
  • Filth 1/5

    By plenna
    Its s disappointing to get in a car thats filthy! Do something anout this please! Both the last two cars were unbearable and full of dog hair, sticky spills in the cargo area and windows that had dog saliva all over them. So Gross!!!
  • Bad customer service 1/5

    By TiredZipCarCustomer
    While I’ve never had issues with any of the car rentals while using Zip Car, their customer service has been abysmal. Multiple times I’ve been put on hold when my issue was easily solved in 1/3 of the time it took to get in touch with a representative. Offering more options online - such as closing your account - would free up customer service reps and provide a less stressful experience overall.
  • HORRIBLE 1/5

    By Yoki Joi
    Horrible customer service they do not care about my questions or concerns !!!! Zipcar suspended my account due to their mistake they have yet to reach out to me. This is so Inconvenient, due to their unprofessionalism and irresponsibility !! FIX THIS NOW ZIPCAR IM EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED I SPEND LOTS OF MONEY RESERVING VEHICLES WITH YOU GUYS IM LOYAL RESPONSIBLE AND SAFE .. yet you guys have the nerve to ruin my account and not contact me! horrible horrible horrible!!
  • Lot of hidden fees than in ad 1/5

    By aruhaan
    They have a lot of hidden fee . They just say 8-10$,but when try to book the Car it goes up to 15$. Taxes and other fees . So per hour min is 15$ and most of the time you find cars in this range .
  • I hate zip car 1/5

    By Nugftydd
    Horrible customer service.
  • good trip 5/5

    By sheiakdhjeenxndnkrdk
    zip car seems to have got it together finally . they are changing cars last minute a lot less and have become reliable . i had a bad experience where i missed an event as the car was not in garage but lately they have been good with their service
  • I love this service!! 5/5

    By DK-guy
    It works absolutely perfect and the customer service is really in top! I can only recommend signing up for Zipcar.
  • Bad experience 1/5

    By @ttaaggooee
    First of all the key card to the exit did not work. I had to call Ann on the help line to open the barricade. Second, the fuel tank was empty and I had to drive all the way to Shell, off my planned route, to get fuel. This significantly affected my plans and schedule.
  • Give us bacc the old update 2/5

    By Dogwtf
    Give us bacc the old update ! Where we can see what color car we want. ! Plus there is no way to submit a photo !
  • Not a good experience 1/5

    By Hulando
    The cat was dirty & The tire pressure was low in the rear left tire .
  • Worst customer service. No sense of customer retention 1/5

    By cmrobins45
    I have never felt more compelled to leave a bad review in my life. Do yourself a favor and get maven. This is the worst car sharing app and they have no regard for their customers. They don’t check the cars. Before people rent them which cause for me to get a blown out tire on the freeway due to their negligence. Then when I called customer service for roadside assistance they said I may have to pay for it and didn’t care that I was stuck on the side of the freeway in an unsafe place and left me on hold for 20 mins and sent for assistance to come two hours later. Then when I asked them to extend my reservation for the late fee I had two representatives assure me that it was extended then hour later I get slapped with a $50 late charge and then have them tell me it’ll take 3-5 days to come back to me. There was no major apologies no desire to do something to keep me a customer so I just cancelled. Because this company is the scum of this earth.
  • Damage Report Needs Improvement 3/5

    By Cvea274
    Damage report is one of the 6 required steps but doing so is clunky. There's no way to report multiple issues at the same time or attach multiple picture. Each insurance is treated as a separate report and takes forever to report dings and scratches. No evidence is provided (by email or via the app) that the report was submitted. Unclear how one would prove a ding already existed and was properly reported should there ever be a dispute.
  • Zipcar is amazing. 5/5

    By Boston christ
    I use Zipcar all the time and
  • Latest app update is a mess. 1/5

    By 👩🏻‍🚀👩🏻‍🔬👩🏻‍🌾🕵🏻‍♀️
    What in the world happened to this app? I can only see cars that are currently available. As far as I can tell, making a reservation for anything more than a couple of hours in the future is now impossible. I’ve been a user for 5+ years and this is the worst version of the app I’ve seen. Also, last year I moved from a city, where the cars were nice and clean, to a college town where every car is disgusting and barely serviced. I’ve complained about this multiple times and had the cars booked up for a day afterward for “cleaning & maintenance,” only for them to be in the exact same condition the following day. Zipcar is no longer the convenient option it used to be, and I plan to buy a car in the next few months as a result. Bummer.
  • It’s good 3/5

    By D.Mose
    If you ever leave your card home by accident, it would be great to just unlock the car with your phone... who knows how far away the zipcar destination is compared to your home 😒... I do like that gas is free and they give us Honda's to drive
  • Filling the gaps 5/5

    By rickdirck
    Zipcar has been a great way for me to fill in the gaps of public transportation. If the public schedule doesn't fit my needs or if public transit just does not drop close enough to my destination... I just look up the nearest available zipcar which is almost always within .2 miles of my current location. I recommend Zipcar. It has totally been worth it.
  • Saturday, April 14, & Jam 21, 2018 1/5

    By timeyoutake
    Customer service is abysmal. Service design is thoughtless. I was treated with disrespect, put into dangerous situation that caused me physical injury, and no one apologized, or thought to make sure I was safe and okay.
  • Color of Car 1/5

    By KingLuii718
    Please update the app so we can see the color of the car before we reserve them.
  • So far so good 5/5

    By L Horton
    I joined Zipcar in March of 2018 and I have to admit so far I have not had a bad experience. I read the reviews before joining and I have to admit it had me nervous but so far so good!
  • Love it 😍 4/5

    By SeXyDIVA_1
    I love the convenience of being able to book a car from my phone whenever I need to!! Yea, it’s a little pricy, but considering you don’t have to pay a deposit AND the gas is included.....hey 🤷🏽‍♀️ Now, if only they would include the mileage 🤔
  • Good idea, bad business model 3/5

    By 13542misssixty
    The whole point of zipcar, as far as I can tell, is to hook people up with cool rental cars for cheap for quick point to point trips. I'm excited for what'll come two-five years from now, when hopefully they develop one way driving in suburban areas and have more flexible cancellation and return policies. Cars need to be more well maintained as well - non-dangerous damages and issues reported with cars are just as important as unsafe and dangerous issues!
  • Complete Trash! Don’t ever need Customer Service! 1/5

    By R Chryss
    They all give up different information! Emails with Fax Machines that don’t work and then when you call to confirm they hang up! They claim the calls are recorded to better the service! All lies!
  • Makes Zipcar Easy 5/5

    By U-Shin
    Love the app.

    By e.mhbr
    I used to be able to see when the car is available so that I can work around the availability of the car. Why would anyone get rid of this feature? I don’t see any benefit on that. I haven’t had an issues with their app since the beginning until now. April 2018. Also the car feedback option is gone where you can send reports on current reservation. Total downgrade. The cars though? That’s a totally different topic. It used to be cleaner. When it was still a private company, they used to have it cleaned at least once a week. I don’t know if it’s us, the members, are to be blamed for it. But sadly, there are members who just don’t care for a clean car. Car selection has changed too. I loved the tons of Honda Fit selections in mg neighborhood especially in my building. It was cheap. It’s what I need for occasional driving. But for some reason, they got rid of most of them and changed the one in my apartment building to a minivan. A minivan??? A minivan in the city. Smh.
  • Great Service, Bad App 4/5

    By Jasonblevs
    The redesigned app is a mess. It looks nice but it’s overly complicated. All apps need to be refreshed over time but the functionality should not be hindered for aesthetic improvements. Functionally, what used to be capable of being quickly modified (like extending rental time) are now overly complex that it’s difficult to do at a red light, if needed. Don’t know what Zipcar was thinking but the old design was more sleek and focused on delivering a better user experience. That aside, still a happy user and glad the service exists... disappointed they don’t still offer one-way Zipcars in the DC area.
  • Terrible filters 1/5

    By sholl97
    Zipcar updated its app recently and frankly it's a disappointment. First of all, the filters are terrible. You can only filter by specific car type or location. It seems ridiculous that there is no way to filter nearby cars by price, number of passengers, or or even car type (SUV, sedan, minivan, etc). I don't care if I have a Honda Civic or a Ford focus. It seems that this update has taken a step in the wrong direction. I hope they update soon.
  • Was great, now it's garbage 1/5

    By The Token Square
    Zipcar itself is awesome but the new app makes it harder than ever to find a nearby car. We're to be able to see a list, now only one at a time with any attempt to scroll being interpreted as a trap/select.
  • Grey boxes 1/5

    By GarlicBreddit
    I love Zipcar, but the gray boxes they use to show you when the car is booked is awful. Please bring back the old method, only showing every six hours and putting vague blocks in the middle of them is an horrible way to show me if the car is booked or not.
  • Don’t like the new UX 3/5

    By Diego Romera
    Last year version was actually better, the experience as a customer was easier, I was able to see all the cars even though they are not available but that let me know what kind of car I could grab the next time. Now, it’s a bit frustrating to understand also the availability time bars
  • Overall reliable app 4/5

    By a docile racoon
    Very good app. Gets me where I need to go. My only gripe is that the user interface is a bit clumsy (hence 1 star knocked down)
  • Almost great, one fatal flaw 1/5

    By andrewed
    The slick new interface is great, except that Zipcar has made it unnecessarily difficult to discern when cars are available—which is the entire point of the service and app, if I’m not missing something. Even a basic indication when using the flexible time option that the selected time is unavailable would save time. I would trade this beautiful app for its predecessor’s time selection tool (which was like the web interface’s) in a heartbeat, and I’d probably use the Zipcar more, too! Until then, I’ll be breaking out my magnifying glass to figure out when cars are available only when absolutely necessary.
  • My reservation 1/5

    By yizhars
    Last week I ordered a car and one hour before I got an email to change spot. I got Honda CRV without fuel and the gas card was expired on Feb 2018 ( month ago) I called to Zipcar and the man was rude.
  • Hard to find 1/5

    By Mjmpolo
    One of the drawbacks to Zipcar is that let’s say that it is 1029 and have a reservation for 1030 it will not allow you to get into the car until 1030 that’s pretty annoying when no one is using the car. And it’s very hard to fine cars on the app as well as find cars.
  • Serviceable app, not as fun as previous version 4/5

    By LMLee49
    Been using Zipcar for nearly five years. Wished the cars were more evenly distributed. No cost estimate reflected in reservation confirmation. Price featured is not always the price you get. (Unrelated to app, but my experience with customer service by phone during business hours was professional and super.)
  • Drop off at different locations 4/5

    By ozofawesome
    It would be awesome if you could drop of cars at different parking garages. I live in NYC and there's THOUSANDS of ipark locations. It would be convenient.
  • Available vehicles not always visible 4/5

    By nobodysrib
    Frequently I find that the less expensive vehicle at my closest location does not show up in the app, but will remain undriven for the duration of my trip with the other vehicle. I allow the app to search for all vehicle types. It’s frustrating to to pay substantially more while the car I actually needed sits in the spot the whole time. My neighborhood could use more vehicle locations as well, frequently I find myself resorting to your competitors. I can also open the car from my phone with them, a feature I am still mildly shocked Zipcar doesn’t offer. Thanks, Dawn Marcotte
  • They’ve been good to me 4/5

    By LikesFreeMusic
    It’s going well. I’m a student and zipcar is on my campus. Which means it’s almost never available unless you reserve it the previous day or you reserve the ones by the freshman quad. Other than that I really like zipcar and customer service is cool. The gas card was missing from the car one ride and they told me to pay for it and keep the receipt and take a picture of it and I was reimbursed. Also once, I made a reservation and the person before never brought the car on time and I got one free hour as a result. I haven’t experienced anything bad like the other bad comments 🤷🏾‍♀️
  • Filthy cars 1/5

    By Unouhu
    The most unreliable service I have ever had!!! Rented multiple times and only once the car did not reek like cigarette, had filthy carpets or stained seats, dents on hood, rims fenders and there was even one that the dashboard was coming apart! Every time I rented I had to waste 15-30 minutes inspecting the car and calling customer service cause “everything has to be reported before driving”; customer service had me walking several blocks once to get to another car and didn’t even bother to change reservation time, so I payed them to walk me (...thanks Zipcar!!!). Have never been so disappointed with a service in my life
  • the app is horrible 1/5

    By kvngbwoy
    Every time i try to sign into the app, it tells me my password is wrong and i would have to reset my password. As am writing this review, im not able to login and have to reset my password. A friend recommended zipcar to me, but am not signing up for the membership till the app is fixed.
  • Good service 4/5

    By Cuzinghost
    Needs discounts for frequent user or deals/coupons ,happy hour etc.

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