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Zipcar App

With the free Zipcar app, you can find cars and vans in your neighborhood and across the globe—and (if you’re a member) reserve and unlock them, too. Gas, insurance, mileage, and dedicated parking are included in every reservation. Download the app now. The open road awaits! 9 GREAT THINGS MEMBERS CAN DO WITH THE APP: 1) Reserve a Zipcar by the hour or day 2) Choose from a variety of vehicles—sedans, hybrids, vans, and more 3) Sort cars by available time, make, and model 4) View your upcoming reservations 5) Get directions to your Zipcar  6) Easily locate your reserved Zipcar by honking its horn  7) Unlock and lock your Zipcar  8) Tap to speak to the friendly local Zipcar team 9) Change, extend, or cancel reservations on the go ABOUT ZIPCAR Zipcar is the world’s leading car-sharing network, driven by a mission to enable simple and responsible urban living. With its wide variety of self-service vehicles available by the hour or day, Zipcar brings freedom, flexibility, and convenience to urban areas and university campuses in over 500 cities and towns across Canada, France, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Zipcar is a subsidiary of Avis Budget Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: CAR), a leading global provider of vehicle rental services. More information is available at NOT A MEMBER YET? Download the app to see which Zipcars live near you and learn more about the service. Then join to reserve, honk, and unlock Zipcars with your iPhone. To hear what current members are saying and join the conversation, find us on Facebook or Twitter (@Zipcar). To learn more about Zipcar or to sign up, visit WHAT NOW? Join our million members and give us a try! Let us know what you think, tell a friend, and rate us, too.

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  • Good customer service 5/5

    By minnesorta nice
    I have called the customer help line two assist with two separate instances (both my own fault) and they were quick, understanding, and helpful. I’ve genuinely had a great experience with this company, especially with the affordability of the smaller compact cars.
  • Dirty cars and the On Street option is unreliable 2/5

    By Luis 0927
    And reserving in advance is a problem since they now charge you when you book the reservation.
  • More Features! 4/5

    By Jaę
    I’d like to see more options on the app. Complaints that can be made prior to driving off & after drop off.
  • App UI isn’t great 3/5

    By KJmoon117
    I haven’t used Zipcar much but I have to say that the apps UI leaves a lot to be desired. I constantly have to cancel trips because the confirm reservation button is pressed when trying to select the times I want the car to estimate the cost. When selecting the time, there should be a done button that takes you back to the screen for a final confirmation.
  • Not what it used to be 1/5

    By saxman2004
    Zipcar is definitely not what it used to be. Here in NYC, the cost for one day could get me 2 days with a rental company, and that’s no exaggeration. Cars are typically dirty and not even worth it. Customer service is Meh. I haven’t used them in a while and likely won’t anymore. fully aware of what you’re getting into.
  • Dirty cars and hard to report them 1/5

    By Bostonian 84
    I have had three dirty and smokey cars in a row. I was able to report one but the app wouldn’t let me write reviews for the other two. It gives the impression that company doesn’t really care about the service: take it or leave it, that is.
  • Worst customer service 1/5

    By hyk1024
    Very difficult to get hold of customer service. No email, service was down the entire day and even technocal error.
  • Can’t complain 4/5

    By Dadem46
    Generally happy with the service apart from on a few occasions I was not able to find the vehicles I booked at the stated location and had to call customer service to locate the vehicles. They have more vehicles near my area than enterprise.
  • Customer 1/5

    By bs zipcar
    Very poor customer service. Ridiculous wait times on phone. My experience
  • The app the needs your luck 1/5

    By brucegk999
    If you are lucky, you can drive zipcar every week When you need. However, if you just a normal person like me, then 9 out of 10 times there will be a problem when you use the zipcar. And the worst thing is they will not pick up your phone call after 20min.
  • Poor app functionality and customer support 1/5

    By Ydhdnw
    I was a member for about 2 years, until I booked a car for more than 24 hours. It turns out here are extra charges, that the Zipcar DOES NOT clearly disclose to the user at the time of booking. These charges of course are explained when you go 2 -3 layers into the app which are part of the “terms”. Had I known this before booking I would have gone with a local renter instead. Very sneaky business practices, which is a shame because this company appears as a very “friendly” company. Every car that I rented during my tenure btw had a major scratch or dent which needed to be reported on a voice mail. Poor vehicle maintenance.
  • Tax 1/5

    By tax unfair
    Don’t charge the tax that you should pay to your customer!
  • App is mediocre 3/5

    By peetssake
    It’s slow and keeps crashing. Prices are expensive. It’s gotten a lot easier to find a car than before though.
  • Poor customer service 1/5

    By eigodvjdogbs
    Pretty self explanatory, car was broken into despite it being locked and I was banned from the service. When reporting the issue they said I wasn’t at fault, but still banned me anyway. They’re a cheap service to take advantage of sometimes, but don’t expect any decent treatment.
  • Horrible app/website functionality 1/5

    By Des Em
    Honestly booking and then finding a car is more trouble than just walking to my destination. The app has some of the worst functionality I’ve ever seen. I have yet to be able to actually use it to book a car because it’s perpetually stuck in a loop of asking me to validate my device despite my having done so multiple times. The website honestly isn’t much better.
  • Terrible experience start to finish 1/5

    By AbsoluteMonstr42
    To begin, when I was applying, they pulled the wrong driving record and denied my request. I have had no accidents or tickets since getting my license, yet was denied for a bad driving record. I fought with them on it for a few weeks, and finally got it straightened out because I don’t have any other options for rentals being under 21. The FIRST TIME I reserved a car, they gave me access to the wrong vehicle, and only informed me because I made it an hour down the road and the car wouldn’t start again. They then told me the car I had picked up was reserved for someone else later that day, so I had to return it. To do this, they moved my reservation from my original vehicle to this one. Drive an hour back, just to find out they had rented my first vehicle to someone else. They then tried to charge me for a second reservation for a truck (which I have never driven) 5 miles down the road. I told them to save it, I’ll just be taking the train next time. Customer service is abysmal, and I seriously dissuade anyone from using this service if they don’t want to deal with Comcast level bulls**t.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Daddyjay3
    Zipcar is amazing
  • Bad smell and dirty car 2/5

    By MichaelMZA74
    I got my zip car and again I had to put up with a dirty car outside, some debris inside and intense smell of pot. It’s my second time in just a couple of months that I get a dirty car. Next time I might Uber my way around instead.
  • Not to happy with my last reservation 1/5

    By roberto730
    I need a car for a while weekend there’s always a conflict my last pick up in Brooklyn took a whole hour just to get the car to open
  • They will still your money. 1/5

    By ChrisoGonzalez
    Even if you don’t active the account, they charge you a anual membership of $80. Don’t do it. This company is TRASH.
  • Don’t waste your time with them!! They are Horiible 1/5

    By Jayvee Gonzales
    Vehicles and customer service are alright sometimes but most of the time they are both HORRIBLE! I recently closed out my account due to the fact that I was being charged for toll chargers that I have never taken on that specific time of reservation. I had called customer service in regards of this toll charges and was told they will be contacting membership services and will be receiving an email from them in regards of this matter. I was also told that I’d be receding the email in a certain amount of business days however I have never received such email. Called Zipcar’s customer services multiple times and spoken to multiple agents including their amazingly VERY disrespectful supervisor Patricia, who by the way don’t have anyone that’s hire than her to help you out with this kind of problem. It is now February of 2019 and this issue occurred in November 14,2018. I received a collection letter in regards of my balance called the company and still the same issue. So I called the collection company for them to investigate this issue for me because I AM WASTING MY TIME WITH THIS PEOPLE.
  • Still missing key features from old app 3/5

    By andrewed
    The time graph in the reservation screen still doesn’t allow you to actually select a reservation time, like the old app and website. By default, it only displays cars that are available at the current time when you open the app. With a few taps, you can set your time to ‘flexible’—maybe I’m an outlier, but rarely am I reserving a Zipcar for immediate use. I wish there were at least an option to set the default view to flexible, so I could use the map to select from all nearby cars to reserve for future use. Finally, everyone’s experience would benefit from an optional post-ride check-in survey of some sort, so people would actually report minor issues, like non critical error messages displayed on the dash. It doesn’t seem like Zipcar routinely inspects these cars unless someone takes the time to call in.
  • Good for reservations 5/5

    By RedPalaceBullEagleSox
    The Zipcar app makes reserving a Zipcar very easy. The lock/unlock feature is a bit hit or miss & requires patience.
  • Done trying to sign up 1/5

    By laurthecollegestudent
    What a horrible website. I have tried signing in on both my computer and iPhone and neither works. A new problem occurred every time I have tried to get in the past three days. I can’t even get past the basic info section... On my computer I would fill out all my credit card info and then hit submit just to see everything deleted. I tried this three times thinking it would work but it never did. On my phone it won’t even let me sign into the page anymore. I am very disappointed with this service. You have lost a future costumer.
  • Done trying 1/5

    By Wasea
    I’ve tried for weeks to sign up and I can’t get the app to work. I’m trying to give them money to be a member and the app is so terrible that I can’t even make it past the user info for my profile; it just clears all the fields when I hit the submit button. I tried calling and was on hold for 45 minutes. I’m done even trying.
  • Could be much easier to search cars 2/5

    By drabghost
    Really not user friendly. I wish I could just look up the nearest car to me for a set time period and be able to check off multiple car type filters at once. Instead I have to do multiple searches and swipe thru each car to find one at the parking spot near my location. It will show me moving vans first by default when I have all car types selected and cars that are over a 15min drive away from my location, when there is a hatchback available 2 min down the street. Doesn’t make any sense.
  • Zipcar is awesome, app has lots of kinks 3/5

    By stillerect
    Would love app to give direct link to garage with reminder to call as a courtesy, maybe 1 hour before reservation or a half hour before. Also geo locating car would be an incredible feature so you aren't waiting around for people who may be returning late. Lastly a gas station map would be soooo helpful. The app has a ton of bugs. Often saying no car reserved, not showing current reservations and directing you to old reservation locations, etc. We use for business and there should be a way to “report” others vi the app using images for things like excessive pet hair, garbage, etc without having to call. Calling is hard from garages especially when you need to get on the road and can’t speak.
  • To finish your work on time 4/5

    By Faisal Yaaqob
    It’s great and flexible rental car application I like it and I hope you do too

    By XEternalxAngelX
    Trust me when i say these people do not care about you. The cars are most of the time never where they need to be and if they are parked in a different garage they gunna make you walk to that car and still charge you for the distance you traveled to get the car!! See but the thing is i haven’t had any issue with the people you speak to one the phone my issue is with there service management team. These people do not care how long you been with the company how much money you spent on the company. If they feel like you did wrong in any way shape or form they gunna close your account and still charge you for anything you have for that month they just recently closed my account but still charged me for the car I was supposed to rent and when i tried calling they hung up on me!!!!
  • One small step for a person, a giant leap ahead for all 5/5

    By Walker in the City
    Using Zipcars helps us get around with 1 car between the 2 of us. And I walk more than otherwise, so it’s healthier too. A step in the right direction. The hustle is an American habit I’ve let go of. Walking to work meetings, I think over what’s going to need to be said & done. After meetings someone who’s going my way often offers a ride back, and we get a few minutes to talk. One thing I’ve given up is a spontaneous overnight road trip. Unless it’s somewhere that Amtrak or Bolt bus serves. But we have to start somewhere. Zipcar's a visionary invention that’s been smartly brought to life. It allows people maximum freedom and uses cars smartly. Did you ever think how dumb it is to own an asset that spends 75% of its time sitting in your driveway? Or how much of our cities are given over to asphalt parking lots? Imagine a leafy park everywhere there’s now ugly asphalt, and you’re looking at a vision of the future.
  • Horribleeeeee if you can find another place 1/5

    By dont download this appp
    I complained about constantly having to pay out of pocket for gas and not getting my reimbursements . After complaining to the manager and asking to be compensated for my out of pocket expenses he told me would and that he would credit my account because of all the problems i was having with the car. A few hours late i received an email saying my account was closed after asking for MY MONEY BACK . Long story short they owe me over 100$ in charges and rather than pay me for it they closed my account . When i spoke with a manger again he said they would be contacting their department that handles refunds and they would contact me .
  • You’ve thought of everything! 5/5

    By G-Man490
    You’ve thought of everything! Very convenient for short trips.
  • Customer Service is Terrible 2/5

    By HKChris
    I have used and loved this company for a long time but in the last few years prices have increased, cars have been missing or filthy, and customer service (wait times and people) have been terrible. It’s a shame - it’s a valuable service that really gone down hill.
  • Cannot login 1/5

    By reallyannoying1234
    Downloaded the app and I can’t login. The loading indicator just spins forever.
  • A great Idea 5/5

    By sjgonzalez20
    It is a way to use efficiently all resources resources: automobiles, space, traffic, etc.
  • Best Company Ever! 5/5

    By Yeshe23
    I cannot explain what an amazing experience I’ve had with this company! They have the best staff that very quickly helped me each time I’ve called. The app is extremely easy to use and the cars are honestly pretty nice, not to mention how economic it is. I have no complaints and can not recommend it enough.
  • The app is deceiving 1/5

    By pironio
    Prices shown on the main reservation page is not what they will actually charge you. I am not talking about adding taxes. Just got to the main reservation page and notice that when you click on any car the rate changes on the new page. I’ve called and asked about this, because I was deceived, and they blamed it as a bug in the app. Zip car has been around for a while. How has this not been resolved. My only logical conclusion is they choose not to fix it.
  • Terrible company 1/5

    By Patrickm624
    I was a member for years but recently cancelled. They have terrible customer service and ended up charging me over 600 dollars in violation of their own contact for an issue with a car that I had no control over. On top of this, zipcar never returned my phone calls or emails for weeks at a time and only then after I called several times to complain about the lack of transparency and communication. They make it difficult to cancel things or appeal decisions, and make it difficult to know who to talk to in order to avoid responsibility for their own cars.
  • Do not get 1/5

    By hshfad
    Complete scam Bad company
  • Never disappointed 5/5

    By Allyse E.
    Never disappointed, personally believe Zipcar is a life saver compared to 2019 bus and gas prices you can’t beat it for commuters that can’t afford a monthly insurance and car payment, that only need to get from A to B. The cars are always super nice as well! Great job zipcar keep being you 😊
  • Really good helper 5/5

    By chiezook
    Easy to reserve and record my driving experience!!
  • Do not sign up. Not trustworthy 1/5

    By sg_1
    I signed up Zipcar few weeks ago. They were supposed to send me the card with 3-5 business days but I didn’t received any cards till 2 till weeks. They ve already charged my application fee and annual fee. I made several calls and they told me to send the new card twice and after 3 weeks, they made me compelled to close the account. Not trust worthy and I have received my money back yet😂
  • Zipcar bs rentals 1/5

    By Amp bigavelli
    Zipcar is the worst car rental company to go to they never have gas cards they don’t reimburse your money I’ve been in multiple cars where they blame things on me and I reported it I will never do business with zip car there always dirty and smell like smoke
  • So expensive 1/5

    By Mariem Alqatan
    Zipcar is an expensive car rental company specially for students , I hope there will be some offers for students
  • Terrible, impossible to cancel, billed for months for a cancelled subscription 1/5

    By Clustermagnet1
    Have been a member since the very beginning. Received an erroneous cancellation. Was quite mad about the fact, but whatever. There are alternatives For past 6 months have been getting charged. Unable to cancel Furious. Zipcar customer support rivals ATT bs. Use at your own risk The app is ok btw, maybe deserves 3 stars
  • Experience 5/5

    By Adolfin15$
    Zipcar is such a great system! Driving only what you need and nothing more! Super flexible and super reliable, I have made several trips with Zipcar! It’s always a good option to have a Zipcar nearby in case of any emergency
  • Reliable and convenient 5/5

    By Epic__Miller
    After a 4 year hiatus of not using zipcar due to owning my own, it’s nice to see Zipcar has remained as reliable and convenient as it was back before 2015 and their acquisition. Cars are always clean, the mobile app UI is much better, have had no major or minor issues.
  • Zipcar Has To Do Better 3/5

    By p_keith
    All the vehicle I get into is dirty(Pet Hair)
  • $60 late fee? 1/5

    By pleasefixthisbugig
    I’ve use the car on several occasions to get around and run errands as needed. Recently they have changed an option on their app. Before you would be able to extend the time 30 minutes for your current ride recently they took that feature off. And a result I was charged a late fee. Which I agree is very reasonable, but I don’t agree with the fact that the late fee is $60. Why would you charge a late fee that is more than the amount of time that the car was past due? It’s an outrageous amount and completely ridiculous as a result I will no longer be riding with zip car. Not to mention when I called zip card to resolve this issue the representative was extremely rude and pushy, what happened to “ The customer is always right”

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