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Zmodo App

Zmodo is the future of smart home solutions. The Zmodo app is designed to control a variety of smart home products and work seamlessly with Zmodo's cloud services to keep you connected with the ones you care about.

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  • False alerts and Android 4/5

    By Cardinal Driver
    I have two doorbell cameras and two 720P cameras. I get constant alarms notifications from just the wind blowing the trees and bushes and moths at night. I have adjusted the view area to create alarms but it still occurs. The developer should provide a better way to adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor in my opinion. Second issue I have is on android but not IOS. The only way I can see all 4 cameras, specifically the 720P cameras is by creating a group. While this works you can not add the doorbells to a group. Therefore, there are more ‘clicks’ or ‘taps’ needed to see the live views. Again this is something the developer should address. I still rated these devices at 4 because the cameras work great and are relatively easy to install. I was not happy with the cabling because the 720P has a 5VDC converter built into the cable. Would be fine for indoor but more difficult on outdoor activities installations. I had to run wires in the attic and add AC outlets in front the attic, then run the short 6’ cable outside. I could have added outdoor waterproof outlets but it would have been more expensive and left the camera power exposed so it would be very easy to disable the camera. Overall this is a really good system, just needs some refinements in the software.
  • Great system 5/5

    By PastorABS
    Bought this system with 8 cameras to secure our church. Works great for monitoring during service and I love the app because I can view any activity on the premises during non service days. Picture quality is excellent both day and night. I would recommend this system to anyone or business looking for both value and quality.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By MacManMale
    Impossible to connect. I have 12 and I can’t get any to reconnect to internet. App just constantly searches for them. I would never get these cameras again
  • Worst app ever. 2/5

    By fedup_customer
    Latest version told me to scan the device to add to network but didn’t open my camera and just left me hanging. Help function does nothing and so many annoyances with this app. This app still has all the useless features such as sharing yourself and your home. Isn’t this all about privacy? How do you stay in business!?!?
  • Worst security system available 1/5

    By Makoppa 1
    Absolutely NOTHING works. Installed everything exactly as prescribed and yet the entire system is not responding at all. No customer service either. TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY.
  • Zmodo App Needs major improvements 2/5

    By AppPolice54
    It has very limited functionality/control over the camera. 1. Very limited control over motion detection/ranges. No ability to block certain areas of a detection zone. 2. Modes (home/away, etc.) don’t always switch on schedule, they must be manually switched. 3. Motion zone customizations often get lost after an update and need to be reconfigured. 4. Unreliable Notifications. No ability to change motion detection sensitivity results in excessive false notifications. This is a problem if there are shadows in line of sight of the camera, or during rainy days since there are constant notifications to the point were they need to be disabled and basically become useless.
  • Good 1/5

    By Lin2915
    Cameras won’t work at all for me now don’t know if it’s my internet or if it’s the cameras that just won’t work but something needs to be done! It’s ridiculous that I have set up my cameras 1000 times and they will say 90 percent of the time offline! When they do work I STILL don’t get a notification from my camera
  • Ancient tech 1/5

    By MjHart75
    Firmware updating. Going on 7 hours now. Really???
  • Much better update still needs work 1/5

    By BYC fail
    App works but does not trigger if there are multiple movements back to back, seems like there is a 1 or 2 minute cooldown between motion detection. Also a feature to disable IR lights would be cool, would prevent spiders from making webs on the lenses
  • Features to add fast forward / rewind 3/5

    By 10164
    Overall I like the app the motion sensing is good and optional cloud storage is nice. The app is straightforward and easy to figure out. The way is it organized also works well. Being able take pictures and download to your device is a good feature. I would like to be able to fast forward and rewind. At least 4 times speed and rewind in live as well as playback mode please add this to the app thank you.
  • So cool! 5/5

    By Lawahn
    I bought this camera to watch my new puppy while I’m at work. It works great! Thank you!
  • Length of recording 3/5

    By Papajoemaher
    Why does the app keep shutting down? I like to use my iPad to monitor my cameras, (because I will nor purchase your Cloud Service), but I have to routinely re-launch the app. I am sorry to say but I really regret buying your camera system. If I can't rely on the app, how can I rely on the cameras to do their job. That and a mere 10 second record time and then a re-set time of who knows before the camera will record again make your system an "F" in my book.
  • Cams 1/5

    By 67193727829927
    Time and dates are always wrong. Can’t control the recording length. Doesn’t always pic up motion. I’ve had people walk up to door in 3foot range of cam and not pic up. When recording are picked up you receive alerts maybe the same day. Useless.
  • Use to love this doorbell 4/5

    By Deewam
    It’s so bright I can’t see beyond the porch there is no adjustment for this I’m disappointed
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By ehkceuodjptvb
    Horrible and worthless!! 10 Second towards the video and it stops. Even if things are continually moving. Even if it comes out it moves again this camera is junk! Constant updates required and when you download it you don’t know where it’s going if you don’t belong to the cloud. Save your money!
  • Greet Pro Doorbell 4/5

    By phiredrop
    Using with Zmodo Greet Pro doorbell. The app works well for what it’s expected to do. But guys - there needs to be an option to turn off the cheap toy sounding chime on the doorbell itself. It sounds so bad! At least an option to turn it off, or upload our own sound to it. Please! Was also disappointed there’s no Siri shortcut integration. Hopefully these features and capabilities can be introduced in future updates.
  • Worse than having nothing 1/5

    By Juststupid89
    DO NOT TRUST! Can not be trusted for the most important things. The live feed lag is abysmal. We thought the app was passably useable when we were just using it for security, even though you have to force close the app EVERY TIME you open it because it cant reboot itself if you’ve been out of the app for even a few minutes. But when my son started having nocturnal seizures that cause us to need to watch him constantly at night, we put a baby monitor on one side of his bed and a Zmodo camera on the other side so we could have a clear view of his face no matter what side he’s flipped to. The baby monitor is real-time feed and we have come to notice that he will be moving, often times for up to 60+ seconds, while the security camera shows no movement and makes us assume he is sleeping soundly. This is a LIFE OR DEATH matter so we will be changing the camera out immediately. We have extraordinarily expensive and quick internet due to our at home business that runs up to 5 large gaming devices, all our phones, internet streaming TVs, computers, all at once with zero lag and a very quick internet upload and download speeds and we are extremely confident it is not an issue with our internet. The quality for application in our situation is so awful that it is entirely a “safer to have nothing at all” reality because at least it wouldn’t have given us a false sense of security over and over. There is no capacity for continuous viewing with these lag times, which you might not notice if aren’t watching the cameras as close as we are in live mode. It literally looks like he magically glitches from one position to another. Dangerous for medical use and not safe for minding children in other rooms.
  • New update 1/5

    By Princekingprince
    The latest update made my unit stop working for door and windows accessories . Shame on Software Engineers to release the update without Control and lacks of checks
  • Slow 2/5

    By Jscairono
    I’ve had these cameras for over a year now. They work well for the most part. However, the most frustrating thing is when I open them to view the live feed, I ALWAYS have to force close the app at least once and reopen to view. It will say connecting and then not connect until I close it out and go back into it. This delay has caused me to miss several important things such as a suspicious vehicle driving by that I needed to view immediately. The app needs to load more efficiently without me having to go out and back into it. Also, the time stamps are off on several cameras, and I don’t see a way to fix that since it’s supposed to be automatic with the time zone. Sometimes, some of the cameras go offline for no reason and then randomly go back on which is also frustrating. I’m going to miss something important because of that one day as well. Other than those things, they are great quality and affordable. I’d raise my rating if the company would fix those issues I’ve mentioned.
  • Screen black out 2/5

    By GaConmd
    Why from time to time that the screen will black out when viewing, i can see the time moving and hear the sound, but just not the viewing screen. Had to do the reset every time.
  • Over it 1/5

    By 321ThisGuy123
    What is so hard about allowing users to view multiple cameras at once? I have 4 cameras, and I can’t even group them because it says grouping isn’t supported for my device. Come on, Zmodo!!! Don’t make us beg for something so SIMPLE!! MULTIPLE. LIVE. CAMS. —- Update in response to the developer’s response: As I mentioned in my original review, it says grouping is not supported for my DVR. How about just updating the app to allow for multiple cams on each page rather than insisting customers use a workaround...?
  • App leaves a lot to be desired 2/5

    By Brainded79
    Cameras work but the app is not very good. Can’t control NVR recording length of a clip, notifications are unreliable very often missing clips when two cameras record at the same time. Cameras are not smart - record when leaves and cobwebs move, lights go on and off etc. could use some better image recognition models.
  • Happy but unhappy 2/5

    By Chevy die hard
    Can’t view playback on app always says error can see notification videos but very late live works fine
  • Update 4/11 now system does not work 1/5

    By michaelj945
    So apparently there was an update today to “fix bugs” and now I can not view any of my notifications.
  • Reply never been working 1/5

    By Taco 1234
    I have Zmodo for like 5 years now and replay mode never been working right. If I remember only one time I was able to replay back in my phone but that was it. Now on every update I check if that is fix and nope. The replay back still not working. And cannot pick any day to watch a replay . The app needs to be refined and updated more often. It takes way to much to barely keep it working. And it needs more. We are in 2019 we have powerful phones and can hold a simple online reply back to watch it on our phones. Other than that. The system works totally fine in the main console. I have 8 cameras around my house for around 5 years and they are awesome I fully recommend it. Just the technicians needs to refine the phone app for WiFi. Hope to help anyone to decide. They are good and durable. Just the app in your phone is the one the don’t get much attention. But the system it self at the house works great. You can watch the replay back on any day the is pass and is stored on the memory .Just not able to see it in your phone. Let’s see if they fix this so I can change my starts . So till they fix it only 1 ⭐️ for now
  • Installed zmodo 5/5

    By Joeeee91
    Great products, bessssttt product for the money let me tell yallll that they great great event better then what you believed. Easy to installl. Thanks zmodo! I may need to replace the eye cameres with regular ones because, i have them outside so i could get a better view. Try it your self not going to regreret.
  • Does its job, most the time 3/5

    By Rachelrooticuz
    Cameras inside and outside the home. Decent quality, very odd playback windows. 10 seconds of a 40 second activity. When constantly viewing live the feed will freeze until you touch the screen. Would give another star is there was an APPLE WATCH APP. You can get notifications but cant view the footage.

    By Thepuppy562
    I’ve had the Zmodo cameras for almost two weeks. This are the best cameras I’ve ever purchase I install 14 cameras in my house and none of them have ever gone disconnect or offline. Man the thing I like is when I ever have a question the customer service is super fast to answer your questions. The app is super quick and this are the best cameras I’ve ever purchase. I will give it more then five stars is one of the best cameras I’ve ever purchase I’m so grateful I run in to this product. I will be purchasing more for my parents house and also my dads business. Thank you so much Zmodo. My wife has a you tube channel and I did I review I had people has me were can I purchase them and several of them said they love them. So more then five star for Zmodo
  • Customer support 5/5

    By Seamus D
    I installed three cameras, I messed up the third that was added after the first two were operating. The addition went well but I accidentally deleted it from my app. Customer service sent easy to follow instructions and now it’s back up and running. The outdoor cameras in particular can be a little sensitive but I have learned to fine tune it. Thanks for the help.
  • It no longer allows me to view my cameras 1/5

    By Graylen2
    Worked great for a few months. Now it wants me to sign up for some 50% discount and I cant get passed that screen. There is no (X), there is no other option besides “enter”. I deleted the app from all my devices. I no longer trust the vendor. I’ll move on to something better. ... you get what you pay for, and this was free... pay attention to the reviews, there’s a reason this app is rated 2.4 stars out of 1,546 ratings...
  • Unreliable 2/5

    By Khfdtgbdeul
    Cameras are decent at best but the triggering of events is totally unreliable. How can they pick up the motion of a leaf blowing across my driveway but not a 5000lb vehicle until it’s almost past the field of view? I see flies and spiders all the time in the events, but not a vehicle? Then, all of a sudden, I won’t alerts sent to my phone for two weeks. Then it starts working again. Then it stops get the picture. The system isn’t horrible if you don’t mind sporadic triggering but spend a little more for something more reliable imo.
  • Would give 5 stars if motion detect was better 3/5

    By Awilson40
    My only issue is the motion detection is too sensitive with no way to adjust. Bugs, traffic light reflections,rain drops, even switching from night vision will trip a motion event. Developers, please address this.
  • Really does not work 1/5

    By Slmink123
    Signed up for cloud service and the app does not let you play anything back. Very frustrating.
  • Deletes events 1/5

    By **RacerX**
    Since last update, events are deleted. I get notifications on my phone and when I go to check them they are gone. Ive tried searching for settings to no avail. Total garbage and now completely useless.
  • Motion detection 1/5

    By awfulttuthmind
    Y’all definitely need to fix the motion detection I need more options... does not work well at all iv walked pass my cameras with no notification please fix
  • 3 years and Still Great 5/5

    By Hunglow60
    Cameras are rarely spot on for install, application and visual. I bought one camera a year ago and returned it. Just couldn’t get it to work. The little 720 I bought 3 years ago still works and Zmodo is still in business, meaning they didn’t disappear after selling a bunch of Trash on Amazon. Today I tested the support in the middle of the night and someone responded live in just a few seconds. The cloud service is only $5 a month per device.
  • Needs improvements 3/5

    By Kfizzlez
    One of the downfalls for this app is not being able to zoom in on playbacks. When we didn’t have the cloud subscription you were able to zoom in on live footage and on the playbacks, since getting the subscription you can only zoom in on live footage. Not very helpful... If you don’t have the cloud subscription then you don’t have access to the playback option. One of the reasons we did the subscription, just so we could have access to the playbacks. When we didn’t have the playbacks we would only get the short event not the full thing. So you would see the motion of someone going out the door and then the video would stop, never got to see them coming back in the house. We have the doorbell, but it doesn’t always pick up motion in the front yard. It seems to be hit and miss in certain areas.
  • App broke 1/5

    By Fun funding
    As of today March 20th the app no longer works in my phone or wife’s.

    By disgruntledMF
    This app is CRAP. We have the security cameras and I wish the app would WORK! It works about 30% of the time, other times it freezes/glitches/won’t load, I’m constantly deleting and redownloading the stupid app and now I’m finally writing a review in hopes THE DEVELOPER WILL SEE IT AND DO SOMETHING TO ACTUALLY FIX IT! It’s terrible I hate this stupid app gaahhhhh regretting buying 10 cameras from them
  • So frustrating! 1/5

    By S519
    Every time someone rings our doorbell I go to the app, open it and it’s a black screen so I can’t even see who’s there until they’ve left. I haven’t been getting any notifications in the middle of the night and I’m always hearing neighbors so I know something is happening outside. We finally get an update on the app saying bug fixes and now it’s frozen on the loading page.
  • Worse and worse and not reliable anymore 1/5

    By Yunzhonghai
    Worse and worse and not reliable anymore
  • Not booting 3/5

    By speedytruck928
    App is not working not letting me in just keeps loading says timeout please fix I need my cameras up and running I live in a bad neighborhood
  • Wish it was better 3/5

    By Mrs. Dbl R
    Have had Zmodo cameras for a few years now. Takes a bit to come up when you need them. Usually have to refresh the app to get them to show up. I recently got the paid version but VERY disappointed in it. The cloud records a picture every 10 seconds. Miss a lot because of it. Doesn’t catch movement very often. Wish the cloud was better at the least. Hoping in time it will improve. Otherwise I’ll look for different cameras.
  • Stops working 1/5

    By J.R. Black
    App always crashes. Half the time it just sits on the starting screen. Hardly ever works as it should. Pure garbage. I’m ready to throw all cameras in the trash, which is where this app and support belong.
  • Zmodo app. not responding as of currently 2/5

    By iPhone user512
    My zmodo app. is not launching, it is hanging on the start screen. I’ve tried to close & relaunch several times, then I restarted my phone. Still no resolution to my problem. I went to support from the app. store & selected to send email to support and it continued to return me to the screen I began on. This is frustrating as I don’t have access to my cameras now when I need to.
  • It’s the app not the cameras! 1/5

    I downloaded the cameras I got today with in 5 mins the app doesn’t work. Seriously this is crazy! Blink is all over my outside house this never happens. But just wanted to test these cameras out cause it does other features that blink doesn’t provide. But if this app doesn’t I won’t be able to use the nice cameras. So frustrating.
  • App 1/5

    By Doesnttake20updatestogetrite!!
    The app is unreliable most days. The alerts for motion are hit or miss. There are times I walk past the camera for the first time that day and won’t get an alert. I’ll go to review the footage and on playback it shows that the camera not only recorded me as I went by but it shows up as motion detected. Also recently I’ve noticed that footage I had saved less than a year ago is still saved, but when I go to play it, the app consistently crashes. Camera systems themselves are good, but the app leaves much to be desired.
  • App is broken, says network connection too slow 1/5

    By Plumber's Assistant
    Well, repeating history they once again broke the app with an update. The app says my internet connection is too slow. My cams are sitting on a 200Mb connection yet my Wyze still cameras work fine on their app. Tech support said try another app but that one only shows one camera, then gives the same error if I try to see any of the others. Zmodo, please remove the fix. It was working just fine before.
  • Playback on app 2/5

    By Kyle8901
    The playback on the app when you manually search through the day is very very choppy. Also the cameras miss quite a bit of motion. Lastly though you can set a motion perimeter the feature doesn’t actually work. You get what you pay for I suppose.

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