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Zmodo App

Zmodo is the future of smart home solutions. The Zmodo app is designed to control a variety of smart home products and work seamlessly with Zmodo's cloud services to keep you connected with the ones you care about.

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    By disgruntledMF
    This app is CRAP. We have the security cameras and I wish the app would WORK! It works about 30% of the time, other times it freezes/glitches/won’t load, I’m constantly deleting and redownloading the stupid app and now I’m finally writing a review in hopes THE DEVELOPER WILL SEE IT AND DO SOMETHING TO ACTUALLY FIX IT! It’s terrible I hate this stupid app gaahhhhh regretting buying 10 cameras from them
  • So frustrating! 1/5

    By S519
    Every time someone rings our doorbell I go to the app, open it and it’s a black screen so I can’t even see who’s there until they’ve left. I haven’t been getting any notifications in the middle of the night and I’m always hearing neighbors so I know something is happening outside. We finally get an update on the app saying bug fixes and now it’s frozen on the loading page.
  • Worse and worse and not reliable anymore 1/5

    By Yunzhonghai
    Worse and worse and not reliable anymore
  • Not booting 3/5

    By speedytruck928
    App is not working not letting me in just keeps loading says timeout please fix I need my cameras up and running I live in a bad neighborhood
  • Wish it was better 3/5

    By Mrs. Dbl R
    Have had Zmodo cameras for a few years now. Takes a bit to come up when you need them. Usually have to refresh the app to get them to show up. I recently got the paid version but VERY disappointed in it. The cloud records a picture every 10 seconds. Miss a lot because of it. Doesn’t catch movement very often. Wish the cloud was better at the least. Hoping in time it will improve. Otherwise I’ll look for different cameras.
  • Stops working 1/5

    By J.R. Black
    App always crashes. Half the time it just sits on the starting screen. Hardly ever works as it should. Pure garbage. I’m ready to throw all cameras in the trash, which is where this app and support belong.
  • Zmodo app. not responding as of currently 2/5

    By iPhone user512
    My zmodo app. is not launching, it is hanging on the start screen. I’ve tried to close & relaunch several times, then I restarted my phone. Still no resolution to my problem. I went to support from the app. store & selected to send email to support and it continued to return me to the screen I began on. This is frustrating as I don’t have access to my cameras now when I need to.
  • It’s the app not the cameras! 1/5

    I downloaded the cameras I got today with in 5 mins the app doesn’t work. Seriously this is crazy! Blink is all over my outside house this never happens. But just wanted to test these cameras out cause it does other features that blink doesn’t provide. But if this app doesn’t I won’t be able to use the nice cameras. So frustrating.
  • App 1/5

    By Doesnttake20updatestogetrite!!
    The app is unreliable most days. The alerts for motion are hit or miss. There are times I walk past the camera for the first time that day and won’t get an alert. I’ll go to review the footage and on playback it shows that the camera not only recorded me as I went by but it shows up as motion detected. Also recently I’ve noticed that footage I had saved less than a year ago is still saved, but when I go to play it, the app consistently crashes. Camera systems themselves are good, but the app leaves much to be desired.
  • App is broken, says network connection too slow 1/5

    By Plumber's Assistant
    Well, repeating history they once again broke the app with an update. The app says my internet connection is too slow. My cams are sitting on a 200Mb connection yet my Wyze still cameras work fine on their app. Tech support said try another app but that one only shows one camera, then gives the same error if I try to see any of the others. Zmodo, please remove the fix. It was working just fine before.
  • Playback on app 2/5

    By Kyle8901
    The playback on the app when you manually search through the day is very very choppy. Also the cameras miss quite a bit of motion. Lastly though you can set a motion perimeter the feature doesn’t actually work. You get what you pay for I suppose.
  • 2 accounts 1/5

    By ElChambon
    Can’t help me out fixing my problem . I changed my WiFi password and after that 1/2 of my camaras aren’t working no more . And all they can say is .can I get the barcode . Can I get the box number , can I get the p.o number . Oh wait I can’t see the numbers
  • This update is just to add advertisement 1/5

    By Moparmattu
    Yup advertisement for their cloud service and my god they post it everywhere. I keep on trying to my their product work better but at best there cheap china 🇨🇳 off the back bottom shelve. Did I state this up date is to put their I cloud ☁️ advertisement all over the place😩. Even where your looking through your events to see what happened if the camera recorded instead of a snap shot of the motion you see their advertisement. Advice put money into you product and you service to work better so more people will buy it so you don’t have to do more way to try and make money. Have a great day guys.
  • Always stops working 1/5

    By Crazy Irish mouse
    This app is terrible. I’m super bummed because I can barely check my cameras. It just freezes and when I try to reload, it gets stuck in a loading loop then kicks me off, has me log in and gives me an error and just plain won’t work at all after that. I have to shut my phone off to have it work again. But even after that it does the same thing over and over again! I’m really upset about it.
  • Last bug fix has led to offline 1/5

    By More stickers
    I tried to problem solve, turned off my WiFi, unplugged device, turned back things, but no luck. This last update has resulted in the device being offline
  • Mixed 3/5

    By Imstills0ber
    The camera works great live, I had a cloud issue where it wasn’t recording for a period of time. I also got double charged this month, one payment through iTunes one through PayPal and can’t resolve it through them so their customer service definitely isn’t so good.
  • Features needed 3/5

    By Justin.Alvarez
    Request: customizable notifications. I want to be able to set what I want to be notified for. I don’t need to be notified for things in my back yard, but I DO need to be notified if my camera disconnects for some reason. Request: provide the camera URL in the app so that if a user wants to use is in another viewer they don’t have to “code” it themselves. Request: provide a way to scrub flashback video and provide video speeds. It’s currently just play and pause. No way to move the video back and forward. Flashback is the best way to determine if/when something happened & it is REALLY HARD to tell when it happened when it flys by so fast.
  • pretty good for its price 5/5

    By Maria (Phandirection)
    not the best cameras but it does the job for what it costs haha
  • Notifications 2/5

    By Lin2915
    I still ain’t getting all my notifications from my cameras like I should. Keep getting failure request
  • Always resetting 2/5

    By greywolff0127
    At first the cameras were great, after a month gone by we were unplugging them to reset all cameras now some work some don’t, still resetting them after a few days gone by, can’t go to work and check on house because they say no network or device off line and I had just reset them day before, so I’m not sure they are worth buying any more, there has to be a simple way of watching what goes on at home when the pooch has run of the house,
  • Can’t save video footage. 2/5

    App needs geofencing to automatically switch modes from home to away and back as you come and go from your house. Seems like a simple thing to do. The app no longer has an option to save video to my phone. I imagine they did that in an effort to push sales of their cloud service, but it’s a dishonest business practice as I bought the unit with that feature that has now been removed.
  • Why is the app not working well?? 2/5

    By Lovethearts
    I’ll open a camera and I won’t have the option to press any of the buttons. Or I’ll open the camera and it will forever say “talkback initiating” and never go to “now talking”. I constantly have to go back and forth out of the cameras to get the buttons to work. I never had a problem before the redesign. I just want to be able to watch my kids from the camera and use the app like it was advertised. Now I tell people not to buy the camera because this app is so glitchy!!
  • WARNING!!! 1/5

    By Montolio
    These work ok but know this: If you ever change routers or internet providers YOU ARE SCREWED!!!! The cameras have to be right next to the router to use the QR code to change the connection. If the cameras are mounted, like mine were, they will not connect AT ALL. You will have to un-mount every camera.
  • Absolutely Terrible!!! 1/5

    By Mel.hates!your!system!
    If someone gave you the whole system with 30 cameras & you paid 5$ to go pick them up. You’ve paid entirely to much for this whole jock of a system!!! Day vision is bad. But night vision is a total joke. This whole system & customer care is awful!!!! No instructions nothing to help you set it up!! Thankfully we know how to do it. The app is a train wreak!!! I’m threw it all in the trash. In hopes a homeless person would find it and take it to a scrap yard. Maybe they get 10 cents for all of it. We’re down everything thing we were told to do uninstall the app, do this & do that!!! BOTTOM LINE IS ITS GARBAGE!! BUY A BETTER SYSTEM TO PROTECT YOURSELF & YOUR FAMILY LIKE WE DID!!! We’re 100% happy with our new one!!! They actually have a caring customer service!! I gave you a 1 because 0 was not an option!! For goodness sakes don’t buy this or install their app!!!
  • It works!!! 5/5

    By IPhone6Plus1
    I have been having these cameras for two years now and the app has gotten so much better I can log in and at anytime view footage... There was a problem with connection in the past but I have not had that problem in about a year, however ,I think this is the best update yet.. I have no problems at all and I love how it records continuously so I can go back and look.. Love this app.. Keep up the good work..
  • These would be decent cameras if you didn’t have to pay a huge amount just to record 2/5

    By Kimberrn74
    It was easy to set up, but the reason for the 2star review is because it is way too expensive for the cloud and if you don’t pay, you can even get a look at the last 24 hrs. You only see the alarms if it happened to catch a movement. You also have to pay for EACH camera. For 4 cameras, that’s $200 a year!!!! And the features of you pay are not that great. You either have to watch in real time mode or super fast forward and you can’t see much in the super fast forward mode. There should be an option for a slower fast forward. I guess you get what you pay for.
  • It’s useless if you don’t join their cloud service 2/5

    By !(O_O)?
    The app is not that bad, but it automatically deletes the footages after one day. So, this app is just displaying a live camera. To me, it’s useless and wasted money and time.
  • Notifications 2/5

    By drd6!
    I no longer get notifications when the camera picks up movement or when one of the sensors is triggered. Very frustrating!
  • I understand 1/5

    By Used Yahoo since 1997
    I understand the bad reviews. I have been working on set up all day. Had it set up, it told me it had a new firmware so I started that. That’s was 5+ hours ago. Dumped the app and reloaded it but now it will not connect the doorbell to the app. Not happy at all with this
  • Cameras are fine, app is terrible!!!. 1/5

    By Amanda963269
    Cameras are fine, app is terrible!!! Not easy to get customer support, no one responds. Tried three times to pay for cloud subscription and their system has been down every time. So now I have four decent cameras that are useless because of the app and lack of technical support
  • No push notifications on iOS 2/5

    By Red44432
    Read multiple how tos, followed directions to the letter, reset and reinstalled. Still not one push notice for movement.
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By Mattiekitty
    It actually worked very well at first. After the free cloud trial was not renewed it suddenly stopped recording most things. Now it pretty much will record wind blowing and me leaving by the front door. People coming up to the door, not so much. The night vision is ridiculous, but if you have a light next to the camera it will at least work a little bit. But the worst thing that ever happened to me was changing my WiFi name and password when I upgraded to a faster service. Cameras stopped working and there is apparently nothing you can do to just change the information in the app. No. You have to take the cameras down from where they’re mounted (real fun after weatherproofing and snaking cords through tiny holes) and drag them inside to set them up all over again. And yeah, that doesn’t work either. It’s been a week now and I got one of them to work for about 45 seconds before it stopped working again. And the customer service is appalling. Rude and not at all helpful. Did I say rude???
  • No Bluetooth support 1/5

    By rool12
    Your app doesn’t support audio through Bluetooth??!!!! Your app can only output audio from the iPhone internal speaker!? If a Bluetooth headphone or the iPhone is connected to car audio through Bluetooth the audio will only come out of iPhone speaker!! Shame on you. Zero star if possible! How can such an important feature be missing!! Please fix it to get 5 stars.
  • Just have issues 2/5

    By kirk ict
    I updated my wireless connection and now nothing connects. Have called support and nothing works... tried to reload and reinstall and nothing works. Have useless cameras on my home and ready to scrap it all! Frustrated!
  • Amazing for the price 5/5

    By dave3756
    I got my first 4 cameras 2016 then got 4 more in 2017 and loved them so then I got 4 more in 2018 I now have 24 cameras around my business and I couldn’t be happier.
  • Great app 5/5

    By FrostedFreeze
    Best camera app I've ever had to use. Lots of features included which is amazing given the low cost unit price for the devices themselves. Easy enough for the family to use. Very pleased with my camera.
  • Garbage! 1/5

    By Tiana-f
    Won’t connect my camera!
  • Zmodo 1/5

    By bulakbill
    Work less than a 6 months and quits. I try to hard to reconnect but didn’t work. Waste of time!
  • Connector not good 1/5

    By Wftyj
    I have try many time to connect to WiFi but camera want connect. Try customer support but they would not respond.if you need support from zmodo you will have a hard time getting it. I’m sending it back from we’re I order it. This apps is no good at connecting to WiFi.
  • A waste 1/5

    By BlckSnShyn
    Had one camera in one room at first. It took hours to get the camera to work on wifi. Once it was all working the camera performed well for periods of time then requiring refreshing of app to view the camera images. Had the other cameras come in and worked to set them up. Out of 4 cameras we have only 2 operational. The system just won’t keep them all running or able to be seen (“off line” always). No not one camera stays on. Not one! This is one of the biggest wastes of time and money!
  • Almost perfect 4/5

    By Richard Samul
    Would love to see the addition of geofencing to auto-switch to Away mode when leaving, and back to Home mode when arriving.
  • Display shows sideways portrait on Ipad mini4. 2/5

    By kolffan
    The ZMODO app display will not auto-rotate to landscape mode with ipad mini (4) as do other software products. I contacted (tech) support to submit a software update request and Billy kept asking me to uninstall and reinstall the software before they would help me. This would have disconnected my chat session, and Billy did not acknowledge reinstalling software would correct the problem. Tech support is not helpful and argumentative. Off hours the tech support goes offshore and they don't respond in a timely manner. I have 18 cameras and 2 of the external versions constantly disconnect network signal. I used to like ZMODO but I am planning to switchover to fewer NEST devices as my NEST rarely disconnects, is reliable, and also has person vs object vs audio sound discretion notifications and multiple regions whereas ZMODO has only one configurable region. I have several ZMODO cameras whose night vision is broken whereas NEST works perfectly day or night, no issues. I spent almost $1k on all these ZMODO cameras but am finding if they aren't reliable, paying more for fewer quallity cameras is better. But ZMODO is better than DLINK, I spent $1k+ on those prior. PS the NEST ipad mini app auto-rotates for portrait/landscape mode.
  • Would be better if it didn’t exist 1/5

    By 2livelife4
    But I’m even worse for downloading AND paying for it. Doesn’t work, especially when you want to watch movement. It has literally worked zero times, but works when you just wanna check live when nothing’s going on. It’s like an alert crashes the entire company. #reinvesttherevenueintomakingthecompanysuccessful
  • Still buggy 2/5

    By Dan Anselmo
    When trying to pull-up recording (connected to home network), it gets stuck on the calendar without showing the option to pull up day specific recording.
  • Zmodo 5/5

    By Thepuppy562
    I have purchase this ZMODO CAMERAS. These are the best CAMERAS IVE EVER purchase don’t let those one star reviews fool you. You will not REGRET PURCHASING this CAMERAS they are the best and number 1 cameras I’ve ever purchase. I will be buying more for MOM SISTER AND MY BUSINESS. The cameras are awesome with the night vision and they are very clear with the HD mode. These cameras are very good on the price and they are eyes when you are away from home. PURCHASE them you will NOT REGRET YOUR BUY.
  • No way to bypass ads to get to camera feeds 1/5

    By NorthTexasRedHead
    Today the app won’t let me in to see my cameras. There’s a huge ad in my face with no way to bypass it. Why would I ever spend any more money with this creepy company if they’re always going to be in my face????
  • I love this 5/5

    By bebrthsev
    We have a German Shepard that is getting upon the years. I work out of town and my girlfriend works in town. And we use the camera to check on him several times a day. Love the app and the camera
  • Great for the price 5/5

    By AirPlane305
    I have purchased two of these cameras and might I say I’m very pleased with the results.
  • Look to another vendor 1/5

    By Son Of Arcaman
    Install was rather simple. Features are good. THEN we had a brief powered outage and all the IP addresses / MAC address / channels .... something got messed up. Lots of people with the problem but does zimodo put a solid way to fix it on their support page. NOPE

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