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Zmodo App

Zmodo is the future of smart home solutions. The Zmodo app is designed to control a variety of smart home products and work seamlessly with Zmodo's cloud services to keep you connected with the ones you care about.

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  • Used to be alright. 1/5

    By Kashmir.
    I have to constantly force close this app to see if it’s working. I her motion alerts for literally nothing and one of the cameras that came in the pack I bought will not sync to app. This app is frustrating and I wish I had bought higher quality than Zmodo. I’ll add this to my review on Amazon, as well.
  • Notifications 3/5

    By Lin2915
    I still ain’t getting all my alerts from my cameras like I should. Keep getting failure request
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By WheelerWalker
    My husband shared the App more than once and I have never been able to log on - using my phone number, email, his number, nothing works. Obviously, I’m not a fan.
  • Cloud subscription 1/5

    By laurrraaaa_
    Recently, they changed it to cloud subscription, which you need to buy the service in order to watch the daily recording. It used to be one day recording for free, then the next day, it gets deleted automatically. I really liked it before. But now, it’s just trash! What’s the point of using it.
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By PauRichardson
    Terrible app and services and devices, you end up with cameras that always go offline without reason, then you spend hours on the customer chat service , asking you that you have to put the camera just right next to the modem so you can’t mount your devices to walls , you’ll have to resetup cameras every other week is exhausting not worth it, is a waste of money
  • Good camera & quality, however 3/5

    By Chris & Sam
    Good quality camera for the prize. Night vision could be better. The camera connected with no problems, then had to reboot modem. Now cameras won’t connect with the WiFi. Spoke with help support but they were now real help.
  • Can’t buy Cloud service!!! 1/5

    By dave3756
    I got my first 4 cameras 2016 then got 4 more in 2017 and loved them so then I got 4 more in 2018 but there getting worse they’ve been slow and support takes like 2 hours to respond. And I’ve been trying to buy the cloud service for 2 months now and it still doesn’t work. You haven’t lost me yet zmodo but please fix these bugs!!!!
  • I was happy at first 2/5

    By Nekosenny
    I was happy at first then suddenly it went off-line. And I tried to revive it several times and tried chatting with customer support and no one came to reply after 7-8 hours . It’s sad. It worked really well for nearly a year or so. And then “boom” everything disappeared even help from the other side. I was about to order the full set because I was so happy but after these 10-12 attempts to connect and chat with them I’m giving up. I guess I’ll have to try a different brand. Sad though.
  • Just bought and F this app!!!! 1/5

    By wsquantum1
    Can't get camera to read QR code, app gets stuck on support page, and the app won't let me log in to my account.
  • Great value. Quality product 5/5

    By GHill24
    I have 5 zmodo cameras. I think they’re quality cameras; and, when considering the cost, they are a great purchase over the more expensive options. I gave a 4 Star to the app because you cannot view more than one camera at a time (that is, no picture in picture) within the app. I hope that’s something the developers change with an update, as it would be great to have! Update: I don’t know if I missed it or if it’s part of the recent update, but viewing multiple cameras is now available, and it’s great. Thank you for the response within the review! 4-Star changed to 5-Star!
  • Needs Some Work 3/5

    By jayemarie222
    Works well most of the time. Occasional glitches render the camera-app system useless. The motion sensor stops working or the camera goes offline for no reason, so you think it’s been working via the app until you realize it hasn’t. Would be nice to have the option to change the notification sounds. Customer support is helpful. just wish it all worked a bit better.
  • Go with Wyze 1/5

    By Uniquer2
    Zmodo is a sad company. Check out Wyze cams, better cams, better support

    By ZMODO Doesn't Care
    Okay, I’m a an optimist, so I tried the app and product. BELIEVE THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS. The customer service is non-existent. I never received a notification after 3 days of setting it up. I reached out to support multiple times and only received a couple of responses. I truly believe ZMODO does not care about their customer base. You have been warned....don’t fall for the false hopes that I did.
  • Fed up 1/5

    By All nicknames or used up
    Unable to get any help from Zmodo, no answers to emails, an now their web site says my computer or network may be sending automated queries.
  • Running in background. 4/5

    By Broundnproud
    When I pull down my notifications or my control center or exit the app. And go back to it. It does not stay on the camera view. Or when I get a text message I can’t reply quick cause it exit the camera view. Please fix that. It’s really annoying
  • Fix itttt!!!! 1/5

    By jamn4gzus
    Can’t select categories on the events tab on my iphone X. It disappears when you tap to select category or camera
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Bvrf
    I don’t know where to begin with this system. The framework of everything would be great if it functioned correctly, but it does not. I’ve gone as far as to scanning all of the wireless channel transmissions in our area and selecting the most open channel. Dropouts and cameras offline are a constant battle, and will leave you feeling hopeless. I’ve been wanting this system to work, hoping a firmware update will fix everything, but I’m not sure it will ever perform like its designed to. Sad.
  • Unstable on iOS and Android 1/5

    By Updating1
    App is unstable on both current iOS and Android platforms. Recently purchased zmodo NVR with 8 cameras. Installed and downloaded app. After moving cams from different ports of the repeater, the app still recognizes the ports they were originally in. The app won’t refresh and somehow has data stored. Deleted the app and reinstall with “no success”. Reason for reduced review rating: 1. Unstable app and crashes during a recorded gallery playback. 2. Preview pane shows incorrect still images of cams. 3. Phantom images of previously installed cams on 2 channels. 4. Alerts are random at best. I believe zmodo needs to design an app specifically designed for their devices. This all inclusive app only makes sense if you have multiple products. Developers should spend a little more time patching the camera portion of this app. The list of problems continues to grow the more I use the app. Live view is nice, but anything more results in app instability and interface issues. 01/14/17 Thanks for the dev response. Ive used the app chat several times for assistance. That’s actually another problem area as the chat doesn’t refresh unless you back out of the support page and then go back in. Even then it’s hit or miss if support responded. It doesn’t automatically refresh though. Something that should be considered. 12/26/18 app is still garbage. Trying to install another camera is absolutely ridiculously difficult. Zmodo box shows the viewable screen but doesn’t show cam as available on list.
  • The app has very limited functionality 2/5

    By Scoot1ng
    For instance, why can't I edit the NAME of the pre-installed modes. I don't need or want a 'Wake Up' mode but I would like to rename it to make it more user friendly, instead of having to try to remember what options and schedules I have set for each mode. I can't believe such a fundamental thing like changing a mode name has been omitted from this. Overall it's adequate. If i get a notification that an alarm has been ripped, the app can take upwards of twenty second to connect to the camera. I could run downstairs, go outside and physically check in a shorter amount of time. The connection needs to be way faster.
  • Really Nice BUT...... 4/5

    By zzzmodouser
    I like all about the system but i really dont know why there is no way to separete or divide the ones you have in Private (home) from the ones you have at the office and security can see all of them.... the password doesnt work!!!! So you cant have mix cameras in the same account.... hope this works soon!!! I like to buy more cameras but not with this problem!!! Support told me to open a new account but cant have two same apps....
  • Notifications do not work 2/5

    By Gorden Baloch
    The whole notifications on iOS is a joke, they work at will and not per setting. Fix it guys, do you even do a cross platform testing before releasing the app?
  • Don’t waste your money 1/5

    By Bob wisenhimer
    Absolute garbage security system, the cameras break and the app that runs them is riddled with design flaws. They keep saying the bugs are fixed but still just as flawed before. Do not waste your money, get a more reputable security system instead.
  • Super easy! 5/5

    By ashleys56
    Ordered 2 outdoor cameras! Less than 10 minutes to set up and install! Everything synced up great!
  • Notifications 2/5

    By More stickers
    I have tried every which way to ensure notifications - via notifications on IOS and via Zmodo notifications! It just doesn’t work!!!!!!
  • No Problems works perfectly 4/5

    By The LuckyDog
    Why do all these people have such a hard time with this system? I had the whole systems up and connected in less than 20 minutes, took longer to get the screws installed on the camera holder . I’ll be honest, ditching the cloud is the best bet it will recover video for . When I receive a motion alert It will stay in your event file for a couple days you can save it to your pictures as a video and still shots to pass along to law enforcement.Wish the app had more options, plus sound,I have a fairly large properties with Wi-Fi extenders haven’t figured out how to have cameras to different Wi-Fi networks for stronger signals. So far we busted 4 scum bags, this video got them a boy friend named Bubba, and a place live for 4years
  • Zmodocrap 1/5

    By Rktmtnman
    Dec 2018-Cheap Chinese garbage. Outdoor 1080p Cameras work ok but motion detection is a joke. They scam you on their site offering 50% discount then charge you the full amount. I've tried getting help from customer support but they just deny deny deny. Hardly speak English. I wish I would have paid more and bought ring. At least ring always works and always picks up motion but there twice the cost. Wishing I could send back for full refund but I can't get Zmodocrap to refund my money. Sending dispute to PayPal.
  • Usually crash on WiFi network 1/5

    By 10086sx
    First time or second time open the App that usually crash and force exit in Wifi network. I test different WiFi network that there is same issue. However, if use cellular network, there is no this issue.
  • So hard to connect!! 1/5

    By Brandonjoco
    Crazy hard to link!!!! That’s just one downside. Outdated!
  • Horrible Customer Support 1/5

    By 1bad choice
    I’ve had 2 cameras for several months and the cameras have worked great. I had to get a new internet router and needed to re connect the cameras, customer support was horrible!!! He gave very vague directions and when I kept asking questions he said “you can find that”. I can’t get them reconnected and can’t get any help doing it.
  • So bad, they don’t even want your money 1/5

    By 2livelife4
    Has this company gone under? They make it entirely too difficult to sign up for the cloud, then they don’t accept payment on any card even though that’s one of two options. Tells me the username and password I created three minutes ago don’t match, won’t let me sign in as guest to bypass, then doesn’t take any cards anyway. Is this Zmodo or ZeroMoney?
  • App is garbage and so are their products! 1/5

    By Peque pineda
    I cant for the life of me connect my cameras to the app! It’s been a frustrating few days and honestly at this point I just want to return this crap. Fix your stupid app and make pairing actually work! Update: After a few hours with their customer service I was able to pair them and can see them fine now. They really need to simplify the pairing process that was a lot of hassle to connect them to a network.
  • Poor Service! 1/5

    By Gnturbo7
    I have had nothing but problems with my system lately. I have a doorbell camera, a beam, and two outdoor cameras. The outdoor cameras are offline most of the time. And can’t get anyone to respond on support chat line. I am very disappointed in the service at this point. I am going to buy Ring brand with hopes of better success.I think a recent app update rendered my app totally useless! I don’t have any devices linked to my system now!
  • Great cameras! Need better app! 3/5

    By Bailey Shelhorse
    I have been using zmodo for about 8 years now and love the cameras, but the app needs some work. When trying to record from the app it says fail, and when I try to play recording it just shuts the app down. Hope they get this fixed.
  • stop working after a month 1/5

    By 07songoku
    Last about a month
  • Horrible 1/5

    By greenbeen
    There are so many problems with this app it is hard to find limit it to a few points. First the Q code installation doesn’t work. Tried it on 4 different devices before I gave up. Second, the firmware wont update and there is not a way to manually update it using the app. Third, customer service doesn’t exist. I think they just include it on the app for show, but no one responds. One star for the price and quality of the actual cameras. If they had an app to go with it there would be no stopping them.
  • HORIBLE!!! 1/5

    By susieo66
    I use this camera when I'm away from home It's off line WHY!!!!????? I'm sending it back! I Got this camera off of Amazon I paid to much for this app not to work!!!!! Your CRAZY!! The person who came up with the new version fire him please!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • Not working great 2/5

    By Evedallas323
    I’ve had the pivot camera for three years and an outdoor camera. Worked great, even caught a porch pirate stealing packages and I was able to give the clip to the police. However I can’t hear the audio on my indoor camera anymore. My phone volume is on all the way and not in silent. I can still talk through it so it’s weird. I hope it’s only a bug.
  • Crashes. Very hard to setup with new WiFi 2/5

    By Coreyp87
    The latest version of this app crashes a lot when I open it on iOS 12 iPhone 7 Plus. Also anytime I get a new router or change my WiFi password it’s a pain in the butt to get the cameras to sync back up. It’s near impossible. It takes days of trying over and over every diff way possible. The app also has lots of false alarms and you can’t adjust the sensitivity. Also the app loads feed very slow and sometimes shows them out of order and then re orders them. Also sometimes alerts don’t even show up and sometimes they do. Very buggy app that needs improvement. It used to work great and I had no issues until the last update
  • Constant “Device Offline” error message. Worthless tech support! 1/5

    By luv2fish54
    Cameras drop offline unexpectedly. Their customer support is very poor. Cameras will sometimes come back online if power is connected and reconnected. Now if your using them to monitor your house while gone or to record anytime there is motion you can’t always power cycle them for those events. Notified the company. Their response was to discuss these issues with the product developers and they will email me when they have a solution. Update: Six weeks later after redundant suggestions from “lack of any reviewal of previous tech support suggestions” tech support keeps making the same suggestions over and over that are in the user manual. Those steps I completed with no success several times prior to containing tech support several times. (Hey Zmodo, I actually did read the user manual and performed the suggested troubleshooting.) The cameras continue to remain offline. Zmodo has ignored my request for an RMA. I will never buy anything from this company again! FYI: I have all the emails and tech support scripts to support my above review. Update to the above update: Still getting the useless troubleshooting suggestions that we’ve tried over and over. Zmodo is still ignoring my request to return the two cameras that continue to give me “Device Offline” error messages. Both cameras are within 20 feet of the router. I cannot believe the extremely poor customer support. Last time I tried to call in on tech support, there were 19 callers ahead of me. Go figure. I must not be the only one having troubles with their products. Update 12 weeks later. Cameras still drop off the majority of the time. Both cameras are line of sight and within 20 feet of the router. Tech support has been useless. Still no RMA as I had requested. I will never buy a Zmodo product again.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By justin18mc
    Service was terrible and with the new update made it so much worse. I would have better luck with a 3 year old taking pictures with a 35mm camera! JUNK!!!!
  • Many issues 2/5

    By TheEricZ
    There are many nuances with the app. But a recent update led to notifications every 12 minutes, which basically rendered that feature useless. Also, there are other things that simply never worked, such as the motion detection area: I have two small windows on my garage door, so the headlight from traffic often triggers alarm, this feature could be handy had it worked. But sadly it didn’t. This seems to be simple in implementation, even for a bargain camera there is no excuse for it not to work.
  • Needs update 1/5

    By Magicmaker159
    This app is horrible. When I drag the tool bar to fast forward or rewind to see certain circumstance it goes to another time. It’s frustrating. It just needs a lot of work. Also if it would stay in HD mode with high speed Internet that needs to happen.
  • did update fix it? 3/5

    By HerbS2urnerves
    i wasnt hearing the notifications. hopefully this update will fix it.
  • Do not trust 1/5

    By sjehutch
    I got to thinking , with an app this terrible the only thing that makes sense is that we all bought cameras that monitor our homes , that data is sent back to China 🇨🇳 to do with whatever they please . It’s very scary .
  • Adding another device 1/5

    By Pooks77
    Trying to add another device doesn’t work. With the newest update, it made it sound so simple, but it’s a waste of time.
  • Love the cameras hate the lag 3/5

    By Jak3_YT
    So I have Zmodo everything installed at my home I have 7 cameras and the ding doorbell the only issue is that it has real problems with the live video playing as well as some of my magnetic sensors not working at all also you can only group cameras into groups of 4 it would be really nice if you could group them into 6s and 9s like every other camera system out there zmodo pls fix these 2 problems and I’ll happily give 5 stars
  • Where are the settings? 2/5

    By Grilledfishstix
    I’ve been using these cameras and the app for a couple years but I cannot seem to find the settings to adjust the time zone (it’s showing the incorrect time) and where you can toggle between night vision and regular. Not very user friendly
  • 1 out of 2 cameras will not stay connected after recent update... 2/5

    By Funkybj
    ...the blue light is solid but won’t stay connected...have to unplug the unit then plug it back, will work for awhile then goes off line again!
  • apple tv 3/5

    By Lucky+Lucian
    would love to see this app on apple tv. espiclly since its for home security

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