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Zocdoc: Find & Book Doctors

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Zocdoc: Find & Book Doctors App

Zocdoc is the beginning of a better healthcare experience for millions of patients every month. Find doctors you love, read real reviews, book appointments instantly, and more with this award-winning app. • See neighborhood doctors in your insurance network • Book appointments with over 50 different medical specialties, including dentists, primary care doctors, allergists, OBGYNs, dermatologists, family doctors, urologists, psychologists, ophthalmologists, podiatrists, optometrists, pediatrists and more • Read verified reviews from other patients • See open appointment times and book instantly and keep track of your medical calendar. No phone calls necessary, even for same day bookings! • Our award winning search algorithm lets you search by specialities and conditions, like diabetes, obesity/weight loss, cancer, yellow eyes, bleeding, cysts, sore throat and more. • Check in on the app to complete your paperwork and save time at the office • Receive text reminders before your appointments More Features • Find doctors near your location with a convenient map • Read doctors’ professional statements, learn about their education, and see what languages they speak • Keep track of your physicians and easily schedule follow-up appointments from your Medical Team homepage • Stay on top of important checkups with Wellness Reminders Praise for Zocdoc "Zocdoc makes it simple to find and book doctor's appointments." - Business Insider "The customer service is insane." - SELF Magazine "Healthcare has never been this simple." - AARP "Paging Zocdoc for the future of medicine." - USA Today

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Zocdoc: Find & Book Doctors app reviews

  • I love this app 5/5

    By Carly672
    This app is very simple to use!
  • Sticker price scam 1/5

    By bluesheetswhite
    First time using the app. I had to make two doctor visits in a 24hr period. Entered all of my information into the app, opted to select two of my in network providers recommended by Zocdoc which advertised misinformation stating the visits were fully covered by my plan. 2-3 weeks later I receive a bill just shy of $250. When you agree to use the app you also agree to the fact that there pricing calculations can be inaccurate and they have zero responsibility towards providing correct information. Zocdoc is a click baiting, sticker price scam which you should not place your trust. Check out there awful reviews on trust-pilot.
  • Inaccurate 1/5

    By Keka;))
    I have placed several appt thru this app and insurance part of the app is flawed. It doesn’t always find doctors in ur network . It should have more than one slot for insurance. It took me a long time to realize that I just need to go thru my actual insurance app to get the correct list of doctors. I won’t go on Zocdoc again . Time waster
  • Crashes every time I try to open. 1/5

    By l3eer
    I have tried opening the app on my iPhone Xs max and my last iPhone 7. Both times it crashes without opening. All I got was a white screen and then crash.
  • The most convenient scheduling app 5/5

    By MomoSMom18
    The absolute best app for families medical needs.
  • Not working on my iPhone 6s plus 1/5

    By 35296001754464214
    Flash exit and cannot be opened even with he most recent update: iOS 12.0 and Zocdoc 4.7
  • So far, NOT so good. 1/5

    By ellem33
    It’s already generally pretty difficult for most people to find a doctor that has openings when you need them. Especially when you work a typical 8-5 or 9-6 Monday-Friday job. Most offices are not open on weekends and if they are, hours are very short. I know there’s urgent care offices for a reason, and emergency rooms, but if you are trying to get in as a new patient somewhere, you can’t really go to those places just for a new patient consultation/exam. I haven’t seen a primary care doctor in a few years. I’ve gone to urgent care a few times for minor colds and such, but my last annual physical was a few years back and the practice I went to is no longer there and I’m pretty sure the doctor I went to is retired now because I can’t find her anywhere. I have recently had some concerns about my health and want to get in as a new patient somewhere and have some tests done to see if my concerns are accurate. Because I work Monday-Friday 9-6, it’s been extremely difficult for me to find a doctor that is available outside of those timeframes for a “new patient” visit. I used to work for a doctors office and I know that those appointments take longer and that’s why it’s hard to get in last minute or even within a week of trying. When I downloaded Zocdoc I really liked how I could filter based on date, reason for my visit, I could select my insurance and doctors would show up based on that criteria. I really was excited when I saw there was an opening for today (Saturday) at 10am. Also, this doctor was a primary care physician but he also specialized in the condition I want to be tested for. I thought it was too good to be true but I booked it anyway and it was such a relief and I was so excited to finally get to the bottom of my concerns. Fast forward to 7:30 am today, Saturday, the day of the appointment. I wasn’t 100% awake yet and I received a call. I didn’t answer because I didn’t recognize the number and I was still half asleep. I checked the message and the girl was extremely unprofessional. she was calling from the office I booked my appointment at and she was like “um hi this message is for (my name) you booked an appointment through Zocdoc but we have to cancel it because you are a new patient and the doctor only sees established patients on Saturdays and he’s only in office for 2 hours and he’s booked up so um can you call me to reschedule thanks.” 😑😳 First off, after I began scheduling the appointment it asked me if I was a new patient and I said yes. It still allowed me to book for that date and time. I got confirmation emails, I sent over my insurance card, everything. You really need better communication between your offices and this app. I called them back and the guy that answered was just really rude and not helpful at all... just saying he couldn’t get me in until Friday. And I said “Zocdoc says your office has multiple providers available multiple days this week” and he said “no sorry that’s wrong we are booked up.” I am not the type to just hang up, but I just hung up. So frustrating. I’m not going to use this app anymore because I’m not going to take the chance of this happening again, especially because from the looks of it I’m going to have to make special arrangements to take time off of work to go see a doctor. If I take time off work for an appointment and it gets cancelled, it’s time wasted. I’ll just call around and schedule something the long and hard way. Thanks.
  • Seriously EASY/CONVENIENT! 5/5

    By Isndushdushcunsucne
    Just moved and needed to find and book an appointment ASAP. This app let me do just that in about 5min! I had been googling doctors earlier, but this app helps take care of all the annoying stuff like does this DR accept my insurance and new patients :)
  • Easy scheduling! 5/5

    By SpiceyLynn
    This app is helping me to make multiple appointments with different specialists for check ups that I have procrastinated about doing for years! Thanks for providing patient reviews and for verifying that they are in my insurance network. Also, I would have quit with the first appointment I made, but Zocdoc then suggested I make my dental appointment, so I did. Next I made an eye doctor appointment and then a skin cancer screening. Woo hoo! I’m going to be done in no time. No waiting on hold to check availability, I did it all through the app. I love it and I’m going to tell everyone I know! 😁Lynn
  • AMAZING!! 5/5

    By cristytaylorsnover
    I made an appointment with a new OBGYN through the app, and when I got there they had everything on file and didn’t require really anything from me. I was able to get in very quickly. This was the easiest way I’ve ever booked a doctors appointment
  • It just helps doctors lie 1/5

    By Teacher2367432
    This app is not useful. Some doctors show fake availability on here. You book an appointment for a Saturday, then a few hours later a receptionist calls and says the office is closed on Saturdays, and asks if she can book you for a Tuesday or a Thursday. I booked the appointment on the app because a) I didn't want to have to talk on the phone and b) I wanted an appointment on a Saturday. I'm 0/2. ZocDoc allows doctors to lie like this, and it makes it a useless app. Updated years later: it happened again. The availability shown on the app is false. You make an appointment. The office confirms it. Then they call and say they’re not open when you scheduled it. Useless app.
  • Life saver 4/5

    By OctoVisual
    This app is really great. I don’t have to deal with the typical front desk person here in NYC. Just book right in my PJ’s cup o’joe on hand, no hassles. It’s a real life saver. I use it all the time and despite some interface kinks it works really intelligently. I really recommend it. It always helps me get booked and stay organized with my health team. Best of all I get to look back and track my visits. Really like this!
  • Misrepresented doctor ratings 1/5

    By ihatezocdoc
    They don’t publish negative reviews about doctors - or they push back on ANYTHING negative in the hopes you will not rewrite the review with a more positive tone. I went to a doctor based on the 5 star rating out of 4000 patients but the doctor was a insensitive money grabber.
  • Ms 5/5

    By emalija
    Help? Is It possible to add my son on same account with different insurance?
  • Booked appt on the app that never got to the doctor 1/5

    By caribbean_chill
    So frustrating. I booked am appointment with the app. Then when I called the doctor two weeks later to change my appt time, they never even had the appt. Why did the app give me a confirmation? Or why didn't someone follow up with me? Now I've been bumped to the middle of October This is not a game or shopping app. You guys are taking personal information and booking a doctor's appt. Unacceptable
  • Perfect App for newcomer 5/5

    By carm0041
    I just moved to Seattle. Great city but I found myself with a rash That seem to worsen with each new day. This app helped me find just the right dermatologist and book an appt. Happily the rash has cleared up completely. Dr. James Hu is fantastic and life in Seattle is bright!
  • Does Not Work 1/5

    By JimmyLauf
    Well I tried to make several appointments through this app. Just received another “canceled” appointment. Not worth trying anymore. I will just call the doctors directly.
  • Scam? 1/5

    By mwelker
    I’m clueless how this app got so many good reviews. I put all my information in and it said it cannot search for doctors. I’m not sure if it’s due to my location but this app is completely worthless to me, looks like a scam to get my insurance information.
  • The most amazing app ever!!!!! 5/5

    By song graan
    No more phone calls to doctors office, no more holding time. This is the best thing ever. I can get all these important appointments about my health done even when I’m sitting in a conference. No one has to hear what I’m going to see doctor for. I choose the best date and time to go in. Just absolutely love it!
  • Question Availability 2/5

    This app is not synchronized with many service provider schedules leading to misleading availability and offices unaware of your appointment and unplanned rescheduling.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By RoSe1987BLFE
    Very convenient. Very useful. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  • 5 STARS 5/5

    By #1 Baby Face
    So quick and easy and convenient. I do wish more doctors signed up to use zocdoc though.
  • Don’t bother with this BS app 1/5

    By YourQueen666
    This app is completely and utterly USELESS. I almost feel sorry for whoever designed such a useless app. According to this app there is NO doctor that takes my insurance within a 50 mile radius of me. Funny, considering my current doctors office is less than a mile away from my house. Smh. Smells like bullsh*t to me.
  • A Gift for busy families!!! 5/5

    By EileenNJ
    I love the flexibility and options this site offers!!! Discovered a treasure of a Derm and internal med dr!!! So happy!
  • I love it! 5/5

    By kfischer70
    No more pressing 1 for English, press 2 for labs, 3 for appointments, etc. I literally book an appointment in 30 seconds. Thankfully my Dr is easy to schedule an appointment with in a timely matter and I’ve never had an issue on the app. I will forever use this service!
  • Pushing ridiculous fees 1/5

    By pynkwin
    I don’t know why I’m getting a different experience than other users, but this app has been absolutely useless. There’s no filter for distance, and the app is only showing me doctors prohibitively farther than my location. Oh! But there’s the option for video appointment? Yeah, for more than double my actual copay. This seems like a huge shill for their ridiculously priced video service, and give absolutely no useful information.
  • Best app 5/5

    By Smgh30
    Super easy to use and beats calling the office to schedule.
  • Don’t Trust Its Review System 1/5

    By (..--..)
    Protects doctors - and misleads users - by preventing users from leaving bad reviews.
  • Found a Great Doctor 5/5

    By me & my dog dallas
    And the APP helped me find my new doctor and it was easy to use and to book my appointment as well
  • Found really great doctors 5/5

    By Deellymg
    It’s great to see the reviews and I did find great docs through it.
  • Great for finding docs, terrible for scheduling 1/5

    By C.mor
    Almost every time I’ve used this app, I get to the office and there’s no record of my appt. this has happened at three different offices. Of course I have the zocdoc confirmation email, which means nothing if the office is booked. Zocdoc also offers hours when the location is apparently closed. Even if I fill out all the preliminary information on Zocdoc, I must do it all over again at the office. Great concept, terrible execution. Once their databases are sync’d I’ll redownload the app.
  • Medicine meets technology 5/5

    By tghiuff123
    I love this app. It’s easy to use, streamlined and effective. I found an awesome doctor within minutes and scheduled my appointment within the same day.
  • Able To Find Doctora & Book Apptmnts With Ease!! 5/5

    By WildEcoyote6
    I have used Zocdoc since 2014. What keeps be coming back to use ZD is the overall ease with which I have been able to find the physicians and specialists I need and book appointments within mins. I’ve tried finding doctors using the apps available directly from medical insurance. Comparatively speaking there are a number of extra steps in these for simply finding the specialists; these steps come even before the actual booking process.
  • Good app with room for improvement. 4/5

    By Vedmochka81
    I really like This all. Makes my appointments easier. However I wish it had more options in their searches and multiple reason for visit selections.
  • Highly recommend! 5/5

    By carmenza.alyssa
    Easy to navigate through & helps so much with picking a trusted physician/doctor! ❤️
  • This app makes making dr appts a breeze! 5/5

    By Lily864
    I love how user friendly this app is! Just move to a new state and needed new doctors.
  • Pointless 3/5

    By IslandGirll008
    I used this app for the first time, at first it seemed helpful. Being able to book through my phone and not having to call, and even picking a date and time after hours. But once I got to my appointment they said they didn’t receive any of my online check in so I had to refill all of my information out AGAIN which of course made it longer. What is the point of checking in online if the office says they don’t have anything?! I even received a phone call to verify my insurance info and the office said they didn’t have anything, so who did I give my info to?! Better off calling and booking myself.
  • Horrible System 1/5

    By Lena2cute94
    This app is TRASH. I booked an appointment with a doctor with great reviews. I got a call the next morning to confirm my appointment I called back the number that left me a message to call them back and they said they have no information on me and asked if I called the right number! So I was on the phone for 15 minuets trying to explain I went through ZocDoc and the lady told me ZocDoc scheduling doesn’t align with the doctors schedule. So I had to make an appointment with another doctor that I have new clue about. Then the lady told me they don’t send confirmation emails for appointments so I don’t even know who the hell I'm seeing for a doctors appointment. This app is getting deleted today! Waste of time
  • Download this app. 5/5

    By acragi
    Navigating horrible insurance sights to find doctors “in network” is over, my friend. Within minutes I was able to take a pic of my insurance card and book multiple doctors appts. Rescheduling is easy as well. It’s brilliant.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Gee 433?
    Easy, informative reviews and great way to find your new doctor!
  • Review 4/5

    By Mikee.....
    Dr. Rashko Maurice is the coolest Doctor ever. When you go to him he makes you feel like you are talking to your old friend. So everything is going to be fine if you follow the he instructions. Like going to visit him. Because he takes his time to listen and talk to you about your problems! Now that’s what I call a visit to the Doctor. Now I give him 4.5 stars because nobody is perfect....... Mike......
  • Serious Bug 1/5

    By Moon river NYC
    I made an appointment on Zocdoc app for an emergency and Zocdoc sent me the confirmation, when I went to the doctor office, it’s closed, Zocdoc has a serious bug in reflecting doctor’s office hours
  • Great idea 1/5

    By gregorythemad
    Would be better if it didn’t keep sending emails and text notifications
  • Not really working for me 3/5

    By Bclaus
    I’m looking for a doctor that practices functional medicine but that’s not one of the options in your filter. Could you add that? This app is a fantastic idea. It is very difficult if not impossible to shop for a doctor. Thank you!
  • Not good for booking 1/5

    By dwrib
    Every single appointment I have ever booked on this app has resulted in a doctor’s office calling me and saying that they don’t actually have that time available and that I have to reschedule my appointment.
  • No negative reviews allowed on app and Dr’s schedule isn’t reliable. 1/5

    By NYC1999
    Wrote a negative review about a recent experience from a Doctors visit. ZocDoc called and was told they can't post any negative reviews on their site. Doctors office was closed when I arrived, extremely annoying traveling all the way for nothing.
  • Not as effective as you would think 3/5

    By Kattttteee
    When searching for a particular type of doctor, you often will not see a full list of doctors/practices in your area. The search function does not work well- it frequently shows doctors that are out of network, or the wrong kind of doctor entirely. I just went to search for a general practitioner and it’s showing me pediatricians. I’ve booked some doctor appointments through the app, which is nice, but I question whether this app is really any better than a google search.
  • Very easy to use 5/5

    By gillyfut
    Really wasn’t in the mood to use this app but so far it has helped me a lot.
  • very useful app 5/5

    By eodyd1130
    very useful app

Zocdoc: Find & Book Doctors app comments

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