Zocdoc Doctor Dentist Telemed

Zocdoc Doctor Dentist Telemed

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Zocdoc Doctor Dentist Telemed App

Zocdoc is the start of a better health care journey for you. Find and book top-rated local doctors, on demand. Visit them in their offices, or video chat with them from home. Compare medical professionals near you and instantly book appointments that work with your schedule. Worried about whether a doctor takes your insurance? Use the Zocdoc insurance checker and filter for providers who accept your health care plan. Keep track of your annual check ups and manage all of your health care needs in one, user-friendly place. 3 reasons you’ll love using the award-winning Zocdoc app: • Find and book the best local doctors based on reviews from other patients. • Scan your insurance card and find doctors that match. • Choose between an online video visit or heading to a convenient, local doctor’s office to get the care you need Oh, and did we mention the app is free for patients? Take the hassle out of health care. Filter doctors according to your symptoms and find specialists in over 50 categories. From primary care doctors, pediatricians, allergists, OBGYNs, urologists, psychologists, dermatologists, dentists and more - you’re guaranteed to find care that suits your needs! Zocdoc makes it easy to get the right care when you need it the most. Download Zocdoc today for all of your health care needs. Right Doctor, right now®

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Zocdoc Doctor Dentist Telemed app reviews

  • Re: My appointment was’t confirmed by Doctor 1/5

    By luba35
    who said his office is closed and he does’t have any appointments scheduled.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Career Minded
    Love 💕 the App
  • This site is legit ! 5/5

    By sohasdead
    When I first heard of Zocdoc I was worried there was some sort of catch but there really isn’t ! It’s been such an amazing and useful app, I’ve been able to get doctors appointments next day which and easily. Really highly recommend it !
  • Consistently being matched with out of network doctors 2/5

    By DevonRZG
    Time and time again, the app populates professionals that are out of network for me regardless of my correct insurance information that is uploaded, which prompts the practice to call me directly to confirm my insurance information; they will either flat out reject me for insurance issues or accept me out-of-network (which is not an option). Stop pairing me with out of network practices! This is the opposite of what this app is supposed to do.
  • Relevance search needs work 4/5

    By BranHolm76
    Looking for a specific specialty? The search is not your friend, especially when filtering by relevance. Was looking for a cardiologist, got internist, family practice and OB-GYN. Had to augment the search just to find a cardiologist. Other than this issue, app is good.
  • They should have done this years ago! 5/5

    By Tottot89
    Quick easy efficient
  • such a useful app 5/5

    By fc1122
    So easy to book an appointment with a new doctor. Process is seamless. Never had an issue with appointments.
  • Good doctors, buggy unreliable app 2/5

    By MapReston.com
    The doctor should not have to say “ erace and download the app again, then try and make an appointment.”
  • Great idea 2/5

    By Republican hater
    I live in a small city. There are no doctors on any list that I could find even in my county or a neighboring county despite there being a very large medical center that is connected to a relatively new hospital about 1 mile from me. If you live in or near a big city then this would work well but in more rural areas ; it really needs to update.
  • Telehealth and Medicaid 5/5

    By NewYorkNewYawk
    They have doctors who take Medicaid and doctors who do telemedicine and virtual health care. I like finding a doctor on demand who can see me in person or get a video appointment.
  • Fantastic for relocation! 5/5

    By monachopsis12
    I moved twice to different states in different time zones and was clueless as to finding a doctor. ZocDoc was very easy and both doctors I’ve met have been so fantastic. It was great the second move because my previous physicians info was easy to pull up. I’m trying a video appointment for the first time due to Covid19. Great to have the options while Stay at Home is affective. Thanks for this great app!
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Trailboot
    I have used this app for numerous doctor visits- from pediatrist, to internist, to chiropractor, to dermatologist and all Drs have been great. The app makes it so easy to search for what you need . It’s especially good when you move to a new town and have to set all your Drs back up.
  • Won’t allow negative doc reviews 1/5

    By ap48499295942
    1. This app works with providers to ensure negative reviews are unable to be posted. 2. None of the "call doctor" buttons ever work. Edit after developer response: emailed your team twice last week - no response. How about you give me a call instead?
  • Brilliant App 5/5

    By MattLanning
    Highly functional, great user interface and terrific customer support. Now a go-to app for me!
  • Crappy app that falsely say out of network dentist as in network 1/5

    By Herotan123
    Used this app twice and had the same issue (I had different insurance).
  • Great app 5/5

    By Tyler Pullen
    Making a appointment and researching doctors is so easy with Zocdoc. Glad I found this
  • Simple 5/5

    By Lourde BBC
    Honestly so glad a app like this exists. It’s literally too simple to use. No more calling a doctors office and being placed on hold for 15mins.
  • Easy Appointment Scheduling 4/5

    By Retxed70
    Zocdoc makes it easy to find a doctor and schedule an appointment. It’s simple, easy and convenient.
  • What’s the point? 1/5

    By Nyernnj
    2 appointments 2 cancellations
  • Widget issue 3/5

    By Boogy23
    The widget does not come up when I activate it. iPhone 8 Plus
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By elenasimic
    I scheduled an appointment and I’d get several confirmation emails/text. I’d arrive at the office but then the receptionist would tell me there was never an appointment scheduled in the first place. I showed her the email and text but there was nothing they could do. Be weary the app can seriously waste your time.
  • Great App!!! 5/5

    By Sylvixen
    I highly recommended it’s very efficient, it’s so easy to look for doctors to fill your needs. Every doctor I have found on this app have being amazing ,and they have remained my medical doctors.👍
  • A must have 5/5

    By lmk449
    This app is so good I’m writing my first App Store review ever for it. I recently moved to a new city and was so lost in my search for basic care. Then I found Zocdoc. Zocdoc completely removes all anxiety around booking appointments and finding new physicians. I’ve been very happy with the doctors I’ve been connected with through their directory and booking is SO simple. They save all your insurance information and only show you doctors in network and near a location of your choosing. With the help of this app I am more on top of my health than ever!
  • All their appointment slots are fake 1/5

    By fhhiokno
    I have had 4 different appointments booked and then been called to say the calendar is full and they actually don’t list accurate times on zocdoc.
  • Wonderful and easy 5/5

    By NiaNYC
    Calling each doctor and asking their availability and rather or not they accept your health insurance is nothing anyone should have to do in 2020. Thanks to this app, that i have been using for years, i am able to book an appointment and see doctors ratings @ my own leisure.
  • Best ever 5/5

    By Ccfourcats
    I was waiting for my dr’s office to call me for a cancellation. I decided to check Zocdoc and I found my own appointment much sooner. Love that you can just see all the available openings for *most* physicians. Some physicians don’t seem to participate but they definitely should and get with the times!
  • Stellar - Healthcare Made Easy 5/5

    By quaysocheesey
    Wow what an app!! As a massive cynic of the healthcare industry, with one aspect being how difficult the physician search process can be, this app is a glimmer of hope. This is an excellent example of where apps actually make life easier!! Finding an in-network doctor with your availability takes minutes. Wow- what a dream. Plus as a classic care-adverse millennial, it takes the anxiety out of having to call and wait 3 months at whatever is closest to you. Love love love.
  • Easy to book! 5/5

    By Phil Deardorff
    Much quicker than calling in to book.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By xamuda
    The best app ever.I was trying to make an appointment almost 3 month through my insurance company and could not rich any provider.I found this app randomly even didn’t believe it is so easy to make an appointment.In 5mnts I made appointment and after 2 days received confirmation.It is awesome and time-saving!
  • Works like a charm!! 5/5

    By QueenEmee
    Don’t think I’ll ever use antiquated methods to make an appointment ever again.
  • Easiest way to book appointments ever! 5/5

    By its_lindss
    If you have anxiety when it comes to making phone calls like me, this app is PERFECT! It’s super easy to use, just type in what kind of doctor you are looking for , where, why you need the appointment, when and upload your insurance and it’ll find in network providers , show times and their location. It was such a smooth and easy process, they confirmed and reminded me over text and email! . I went to my first booked appointment on the 5th and have 2 more booked ! This app is great!
  • It has potential 1/5

    By MoisesZPineda
    I like the idea but my insurance is always showing as out of network whenever I search for doctors; sometimes they’ll show me doctors that are hundreds of miles away which is insane. That and some of my doctors that I know are in my network are shown as outside my network. It’s extremely frustrating.
  • Amazingly Easy 5/5

    By JLavin4
    Absolutely wonderful having this app! I love that I can chose ANY doctor that I want, just based off of their availability. There is absolutely nothing worse than having to Google “doctors near me” and having to call each individual one to find out who can or has time to see you immediately! Oh, and if you don’t make an appointment with each one at the very moment, by the time you call back bc you wasted all that time calling every single doctor, just to realize that one was the soonest appointment and doctor available even though they are booked 3 weeks out at the moment, then by the time you call back to schedule that appointment, it’s already been taken!!! So now you have to wait 4 weeks to be seen! So, basically, like I’ve said, this is an absolutely great app for SO many reason other than just what I’ve mentioned. I recommend this app to everyone I know for it’s easy convenience! Also nice that I don’t have to deal with calling and as soon as someone answers the phone, I’m not being thrown on hold before I’m even given the chance to answer them back as to if, “it’s okay to hold!” So take it from me, this is a MUST HAVE app!!!
  • Needs some help, but very helpful 4/5

    By Richard “Filthy Rich" Williams
    My kids aren’t in my account, they’re an afterthought when making an appointment. So I looked everywhere to add a kid and eventually found it. My son has different insurance than me, so we apparently have to have separate accounts. My son and I have similar names, so after I added him, I didn’t know which one was him, or who was who. Since I had to create a new account for my child, on account of the insurance and name thing, one of him is 107 and the other of him is 7. So the app is seriously missing features for single or married parents with one or multiple kids who may have different insurance plans. I work in tech and I would attribute this glaring bug to a likely lack of diversity in the software life cycle. Diversity isn’t just about ethnicity. Developers with kids would have never let that slide. A competitor with kid-friendly and partner features could easily take market share from this otherwise novel app.
  • This app is hit and miss 1/5

    By crissy.xo__
    Yeah they find doctors but their sight is out of order like if I look for dentist they add a list of maybe one or two but then put random other doctors on there and most their doctors are white males i want Hispanic doctors black and just about anything other then a white male and the few white female as the only option and they don’t have all the different doctors in nyc they have very few doctors list I think I’m just look for what I need the old fashion way and use my doctor’s references and my community recommendations 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Could not have been easier! 5/5

    By TorrediCalabria
  • Life saving! 5/5

    By j'adore H
    I downloaded zocdoc after moving to a new city and starting a new insurance plan because I was looking for a new doctor in my new location with my new insurance company. After I created an account, it creates a "well guide" with appointment suggestions based on my age and gender. I obliged with their suggestions and scheduled a skin check through their app. At that appointment, my new dermatologist discovered a suspicious mole that ended up being stage 1 melanoma! It had grown enough that I had to undergo surgery to have it removed but I can't imagine how much worse it would have been if zocdoc didn't remind me to get a skin check. Well done to the developers of this app! I'm so happy I downloaded this app.
  • Inaccurate 2/5

    By ppull
    My first time using Zocdoc was for a therapy appointment, which I needed badly at the time. I put in my insurance and it showed me who was supposed to be in network; so I booked one who happened to be sponsored but had awesome reviews, showed up to my appointment, and was told sorry, we don’t accept your insurance, but we can see you for $350 an hour cash. So Zocdoc is allowing this doctor’s office, who doesn’t accept my insurance, to pay them to falsely advertise that they ARE in my network, and then trying to get people to pay nearly $400 anyway. SO shady. I tried again for a different kind of specialist, and it will show me 2 specialists and then 3-5 completely unrelated doctors, followed by another specialist and then 5 more unrelated doctors. Will not let you filter out the unrelated ones, will not let you filter distance, and when you sort by distance, you get a ton of unrelated doctors. This app is such a great idea and has so much potential, but for now is honestly pretty trash.
  • Good starter app 4/5

    By WhyHelloThereItsMeACat9090
    I am constantly afraid of calling professionals without knowing where to go, who to call, what to say. This app made it a good starting point for me. I need a physical? Made an appointment, got referrals for things I needed - now I just had to call people with all the info I needed, so I had way less anxiety. I wish there were more doctors though. That’s really my only gripe I think.
  • Works for appt but not for documents 4/5

    By Margishk
    Easy to book appointment but paperwork completed using the app links was lost
  • Love Zocdoc 5/5

    By Honeywind
    I have been using ZocDoc for years. Now even my grandkids use it. It’s so easy.
  • Great app. Easy to use. Needs some tweaking tho. And some add one 5/5

    By Punjabi sher1988
    Awesome apps. Needs a few things though.
  • Deleted 1/5

    By Qzxccvnm
  • Easy but not reliable 3/5

    By tripplev
    I’ve used Zocdoc multiple times and although it is very easy to use and makes life easier with it’s simplicity, but is very unreliable when it comes to appointments. I’ve made multiple appointments through this app, and roughly half of the time the doctor calls me saying my scheduled appointment will no longer work, which makes it annoying when you’ve been waiting for days to see someone.
  • God Sent 5/5

    By MDCoak3
    I just want to thank the creators and developers of this amazing app. I’ve struggled for so many years trying to make appointments to the point where I just stopped making appointments and hoped for the best. I love that you can see the pictures of the providers because that’s so important to me and more than half the battle when trying to coordinate your own care. I also like that I can make the appointment without having to call and hope the receptionist isn’t on break. It’s been an amazing experience Thank you !
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By eKevin
    Made it so easy to sign up and book and appointment. Wonderful experience.
  • I’m getting healthy! 5/5

    By JonnaM
    It’s so easy - and even kind of fun - to book appointments and get healthy. Thanks zoc doc!
  • Zocdoc doesn’t accept some insurances 1/5

    By Ex-TD
    I think it’s discrimination to reject affordable health insurance
  • Doesn’t show every insurance 5/5

    By YoungWaveJay
    It doesn’t show every insurance. I had a hard time finding Humana. I had to pick what was closest to it.

Zocdoc Doctor Dentist Telemed app comments

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