Zocdoc: Find Local Doctors

Zocdoc: Find Local Doctors

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Zocdoc: Find Local Doctors App

Zocdoc is the start of a better health care journey for you. Find and book local doctors, OBGYNs, and dentists on demand. Compare medical professionals near you and instantly book appointments that work with your schedule. Worried about whether a doctor takes your insurance? Use the Zocdoc insurance checker and filter for providers who accept your health care plan. Keep track of your annual check ups and manage all of your health care needs in one, user-friendly place. 3 reasons you’ll love using the award-winning Zocdoc app: • Find and book the best local doctors based on reviews from other patients. • Scan your insurance card and find doctors that match. • Set and receive reminders so that you never miss a future appointment. Take the hassle out of health care. Filter doctors according to your symptoms and find specialists in over 50 categories. From dentists, primary care doctors, pediatricians, allergists, OBGYNs, family doctors, urologists, psychologists, dermatologists, and more - you’re guaranteed to find care that suits your needs! Zocdoc makes it easy to get the right care when you need it the most. Download Zocdoc today for all of your health care needs.

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Zocdoc: Find Local Doctors app reviews

  • Booking Appts. On App 💯 5/5

    By Migazar
    What an amazing app! Being able to see different doctors real-time availability is amazing.
  • [email protected] 1/5

    By H_Texas
    Booked 2 doctors. Both cancelled. App deleted. Go ahead and waste you time/bandwidth to download and experiment only to see what I mean.
  • Love ZocDoc 5/5

    By ashrose28
    Makes taking care of yourself easy!!!
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By Fiz-osaurus Rex
    It would be nice and helpful if you can update your last Dr. visit as manually input the dates. Most of the wellness guides says up to date but are off.
  • Censors bad reviews 1/5

    By E-Rock2010
    I don’t trust the ratings on this app or site because every time I write a negative review after a poor visit the review doesn’t get published. I suspect that there must be censorship of bad reviews happening to artificially inflate the numbers.
  • Absolutely appalled 1/5

    By ride7
    I’ve had to use this app 3 times because I haven’t been able to find a doctor... unless I want to wait 4+ months seeing that I can’t do that I had no other option than to use ZocDoc. Unfortunately I’ve never been so disappointed! Make sure you contact your “confirmed appointments” to make sure they are legitimate! The first and second time both appointments were actually not available in the first place. Not only was I not notified by anyone at either doctors office or through Zocdoc.... neither office could help me get another appt or even see a nurse! Terrible experience. This issues should never had happened!
  • Super convenient 5/5

    By sweet_potato_fries
    Love the ability to make and manage appointments via the app. Finding doctor’s who take my insurance is super easy. I HATE when I have to see someone who doesn’t use Zocdoc now because it’s so much easier!
  • I’m done with Zocdoc 1/5

    By SirSoSoon
    I can’t remember the last time I’ve used zocdoc to successfully submit paperwork to a physician. My last two experiences: 1. I found a physician that took my insurance, according to zocdoc. They called me 2 days before the appointment to say they didn’t and suggested that the out of pocket fee maybe too expensive for me before even telling me the cost. 2. I’m in a doctors office now. I got text reminders from zocdoc to “let the physician know that you filled out all your documents through zocdoc. Of course, upon entrance they “don’t take information from zocdoc.” Done, done, done.
  • My psychologist appointments were cancelled twice on the same day. 1/5

    By zocdocsuckkkkkk
    I booked a psychologist second on Zocdoc. When I arrived on the clinic, the doctor told me there had been some scheduling issues and he refused to honor my appointment. I called Zocdoc, and the customer service suggested me to book another section on the same day with another doctor and even send me a link to a list of suggested doctors. So I booked my second appointment with another doctor. The app told me the appointment was confirmed. But when I arrived, it was cancelled again, since the doctor never received my appointment. I was truly traumatized. Zocdoc should not offer the service if it doesn’t even work.
  • Wouldn’t accept insurance 1/5

    By stuthmann
    Wouldn’t accept my insurance so the app refused to search anything for me.
  • All fixed! 5/5

    By Pfbnxxcvg
    The app works amazing, it was an issue with my insurance and not the app. I previously used this before but apparently it was a connective mistake. This app is great
  • Utterly Useless 2/5

    By NoGoodNick
    The service relies on physicians joining, most likely paying a commission, rather than combing public records, meaning large regions will have only a few docs listed. Even IF you find anyone locally, there’s no way to evaluate their qualifications. A local phone book is more comprehensive and more up-to-date.
  • Great app But..... 5/5

    By Michelle Abreu
    It is a great app but i think the developers gotta look more into the “doctors” whom they let in the app. Let tell y’all what happened to me. So I downloaded Zocdoc just to give it a try so i wanted to see the types of doctors that were in my area or close so i found 3 doctors all with 5 starts so im like alright let me make an appointment with each one of them. Well.... I’m thankful to be alive because those doctors look like they could be drugs dealers. The first doctor i went was in this super dark hospital so im like okay should i just go home? But i just fell the thrill to see what i would see. There was nobody in sign not a single soul so i get to her office and the first thing i notice is a woman smoking in the waiting room. No A/C everything broken, no hygiene at all, some blood on the floor, dirty needles, a broken dirty bed for the patient to sit on and a paper where you had to write all your info including your insurance so i just turned around after seeing all that and went home. I got a called from that “doctor” asking me why i left so i had to let her know the truth. The next two doctors were basically almost the same but this time in a small apartment or whatever. Some people who claim to be “doctors” are probably not even certified and could probably give you some bad STD. ZOCDOC PLEASE I ADVISE YOU MAKE SURE TO KNOW WHAT DOCTOR YOU WILL LET IN YOUR APP BECAUSE SOME DOCTORS ARE NOT EVEN CERTIFIED AND THE 5 STARTS THEY GET ARE PROBABLY BY THEM AND THEIR FRIENDS. PLEASE CHECK ON EACH DOCTOR BEFORE SOMEONE ENDS UP GETTING A STD OR END UP DEAD.
  • Kenneth Rabe 1/5

    By Blue Poste
    Tucson Pain Clinic never a Physcian that never looked you in the face when treating you. Been seen by him for two years but if he saw me in a police line up he would not be able to pick me out. Worst bedside manner I ever experienced.
  • Totally dissatisfied shame on zocdoc 1/5

    By E-Man0088
    When I first got the app it worked wonderfully and was a great asset. However as of As of April 1, Zocdoc will no longer support bookings for patients in New York with federally funded healthcare plans, such as Medicaid and Medicare. Which essentially leaves me high and dry. Because of a quote “lack of clarity in decades-old federal regulations regarding pricing models that an online scheduling platform like Zocdoc can use with regard to federal healthcare programs – including Medicare and Medicaid.” So essentially everyone in New York who has Medicare or Medicaid is forced to suffer for something that is beyond our control. Shame on you Zocdoc for your selfish and careless decision to longer assist those of us in New York who fall under this criteria.
  • Love Zocdoc! 5/5

    By Krissy429
    I’ve never written a review for an app but I just had to for Zocdoc. This app is genius. As a young professional in a new city this app has single handedly helped me transition to adulthood with ease. It makes adulting so easy, literally with the touch of a button. Everyone should have this app! 💛
  • Question 5/5

    By aligsuxd
    Does this show me the doctors that are covered by my insurance or is it all round doctors and offices? I’d like to know because I don’t want to show up and have a big fee to pay.
  • Appt! 1/5

    By teemar63
    This is the worst appt app ever! I scheduled an appt thru Zocdoc and the Drs. Office was never notified about my appt. I show up only to be told they couldn’t see me. After going back and forth and showing them the confirmation text and email they were able to “squeeze me in”. I was told that this is an on going problem. Will never use this app again! Horrible!!!!
  • Good app 5/5

    By Bbcfhjjjy
    Great single app to check over every aspect of your health management
  • Wow just wow !!!! 5/5

    By faresalx
    This app is a must have if you are looking for doctors or just hate booking appointments you can book anytime on here when you feel like it and it shows you everything that’s available and just makes life so much easier this is a must have!!!
  • “Technical Difficulties” 1/5

    By Steelcitygirl86
    Upon first using the app, I tried to book an appointment. It was confirmed and then I later received an email that “due to an unfortunate technical issue” my appointment could not be booked and I should call the office. What is the point of this app then? *DELETE*
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By sicksickman
    Great, search Dr.s according to your medical need, shows a list of professionals with a picture and patient reviews, make appointment is seconds and never go through the torture of calling a Doctors office and waiting 30 minutes to find out they don’t take you insurance or they aren’t taking new patients or whatever reason. Just click the available and boom, you’re done. It even schedules the appointment on your calendar.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Daw291
    This app doesn’t work.
  • Fix/update in-network v. out 1/5

    By Jessica Jaunich
    Doctors will say they are “in-network” on the app only go to my appointment to find out they are not. I went to an appointment where they told me on the phone I was in-network and after my appt they said they stopped taking my insurance a few days ago which I have a hard time believing the new office wasn’t just trying to get me into their clinic to pay. A lot of doctors on this app have it listed that they are in-network for your insurance when they are not. Doctors, if you do not accept an insurance please do not say you do on the app.
  • Best Doctors 5/5

    By 22JELC
    I’ve found the best doctors with this app. Seriously.
  • Non functional application 1/5

    By Soubbb
    Could not search for anything with this nonfunctional application waste of my time
  • Valuable App that everyone should have 5/5

    By JQG2019
    This is my first review ever, I absolutely want to thank the team that made this app possible. I need a new therapist because I have been under a lot of stress, I have tried everything to find an affordable or within net work doctor, and nothing worked until I started using Zoc Doc It was a very frustrating journey until I started using this App: I did cold search, I called my insurance company to get a list of in network doctors and called 13 of them, mostly outdated, and then I tried headspace and had a terrible experience, somehow I bumped into zoc doc, in minutes I found several good doctors and have several appointments lined up, I absolutely love love love this app and I really think these guys are doing a incredible job and truly saving lives! Thank you thank you thank you!
  • Location Features Are Poor 1/5

    By HisMommy2015
    This app is terrible for finding a full list of the doctors available in YOUR area. I am in WI & the fact that there were only a couple of family doctors in this app & shows me SEVERAL in IL! Maybe many doctors just aren’t using this now, but it serves ME no purpose when I’m CERTAIN that there are a lot of family doctors closer to me than IL! I won’t use this app again & sorry that I provided my info for NOTHING!!!
  • Love this App VERY CONVENIENT 5/5

    By BaileyyyyRae
    Hey I’ve been using this app for over a year I absolutely love it. I’m younger late 20’s so sometimes calling and being on the phone is too much and takes a long times this app makes BOOKING , cancellations, and just getting information soooo easy ! Definitely recommend! Just don’t cancel more than 10 times in a year ! Lol ☺️ or they have to unlock your account. Which shouldn’t happen it’s Super easy not rocket science ! Love it!
  • Great App but needs upgrade 4/5

    By GucciBrat
    Great app in helping you find a doctor that accepts your insurance and availability. The app should allow a section for notes to the doctors office before booking appointment. Also a pain level option 1-5,. However it’s been a great app for me.
  • First time user 1/5

    By editordre25
    Used this app to find a doctor close by to fill my expired prescription as I recently switched health care providers. When I arrived to apt receptionist told me after running all my info that the doctor is not able to see me and that my zodac apt not valid because doctor is out of the office. I could reschedule for another day if want but zodac is not a real time system so it’s not very accurate. What a waist of taking time off work to go to a dr apt smh.
  • Amazing App 5/5

    By ismail331
    The idea of the app is amazing and innovative, I got a severe fever and tonsillitis and I didn’t know where to go because it’s my first year in the US I had to choose just my illness and my insurance and everything was fine!
  • Made Me Start Going to the Doctor Regularly 5/5

    By solastley
    I never write reviews for apps, but this one is really great. Every feature is super easy to use, and it’s amazingly helpful. I haven’t been to the dentist in years, but I got this app to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist and it was so easy to schedule a dental cleaning I just did that too. So awesome.
  • Mom 5/5

    By ischgabibble
    awesome. it does the hard work of navigating the health care insurance system. reduces hours of searching into a few clicks. ❤️❤️❤️
  • Exceptional app 5/5

    By CocoGavin
    I love ZocDoc. I’ve been using this app for about 5 years now. It’s super convenient to find a doctor that can you see today! I found my midwife and dentist using the app. You can schedule right on the app and check out their profile, reviews, and services. It’s a convenient way to book an appointment instead of calling the old fashion way and waiting on hold for 15 minutes. It’s easy and painless!
  • Easy 5/5

    By Mcbac
    I like the app , it makes it easy to book appointments and also see how the practitioner was rated by prior patients . When your appointment is booked the app then placed on your calendar.
  • Makes healthcare easy! 5/5

    By Smalls Daddy
    I literally pay tons of money a month for my insurance used to never actually use it until I found ZocDoc! Makes it super easy to find doctors and specialists. Definitely recommend!
  • Most of the doctors listed are hacks. 2/5

    By augustshiver
    Every time I turn to Zocdoc, I end up seeing someone under-qualified or incompetent. I think I’ve had 1 good experience out of 4 or 5. Just call your local hospital and make an appointment over the phone.
  • Finds doctors, but that’s about it 2/5

    By Happyesnyc
    2 out of 3 bookings failed. 1 doctor didn’t even know I was coming bc “Zocdoc doesn’t tell them when someone books.” I live in NYC, and that means I don’t have an hour and a half to waste on some third party app not doing its job. Oh, and save yourself the headache of filling in history, intake papers, and health insurance card. They don’t get it
  • New changes - now useless app if you have Medicare or Medicaid 1/5

    By bexbitters
    Useless now for those with Medicare or Medicaid because the founder has changed the pricing structure for providers. There’s no way to book through the app anymore. Limiting access for those that already don’t have the most resources. Totally disappointing.
  • I don’t like the new update 1/5

    By Yomary Delvalle
    I have Medicare and every since april first they no longer take my insurance. I dont like the new update i would like this app to go back to original.
  • Convenient 5/5

    By CaptSmoke
    Works better than my insurance company’s own website
  • Concerned about their review policy 2/5

    By scooter927
    I really like ZocDoc for booking convenience. But I’m concerned they don’t accept all reviews that are submitted.
  • Love It 4/5

    By theravenmarie
    Easy and convenient
  • You can’t write real review about the doctor 1/5

    By Qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqr
    They only care about money Zocdoc receive from doctors. Do google search before you book through Zocdoc.This is review about the doctor Zocdoc did not allow me to publish because their policy: Dr Lee gave me referral to extract 3 teeth which another doctor treated with 3 crowns. It’s been two years now and my crowns is still in my mouth. Dr Lee told me that it’s not possible to treat those teeth with crowns. Also wanted to put filling on one tooth without a cavity. The doctor who treats my teeth now still had not treated that tooth with a filling and that tooth is still there without any problem. I understand that dr Lee wants to make more money by selling you implants and putting fillings when it’s not necessary but what about Hippocratic Oath? Dr Lee was rude by saying why didn’t you treat your teeth before? I’m answering here now: because I was always been afraid such a unethical doctors. Is it something people should be able to know before doctors destroy your health?
  • Fraudulent 1/5

    By C6372748
    This app claims to connect with doctor scheduling, handles insurance, and handles medical history. For us, it turned out the app wasn't actually connected to anything in our time of need. Healthcare isn't something to play games with if there isn't actually a service connected.
  • Does not work with my insurance. 5/5

    By Gggggggghhutrcy
    Completely useless. Does not work with my very common insurance.
  • So far so good. 5/5

    By Savannahs mom
    I have found a dentist, ob/gyn, chiropractor, and now a dermatologist on this app with no complaints. I highly recommend it to all my friends
  • Great app!! 4/5

    By ModelLiyah
    Zocdoc takes the hassle & time out of booking doctors appointments.

Zocdoc: Find Local Doctors app comments

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