Zocdoc: Find & Book Doctors

Zocdoc: Find & Book Doctors

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  • Current Version: 4.18
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Zocdoc: Find & Book Doctors App

Zocdoc is the beginning of a better healthcare experience for millions of patients every month. Find doctors you love, read real reviews, book appointments instantly, and more with this award-winning app. • See neighborhood doctors in your insurance network • Book appointments with over 50 different medical specialties, including dentists, primary care doctors, allergists, OBGYNs, dermatologists, family doctors, urologists, psychologists, ophthalmologists, podiatrists, optometrists, pediatrists and more • Read verified reviews from other patients • See open appointment times and book instantly and keep track of your medical calendar. No phone calls necessary, even for same day bookings! • Our award winning search algorithm lets you search by specialities and conditions, like diabetes, obesity/weight loss, cancer, yellow eyes, bleeding, cysts, sore throat and more. • Check in on the app to complete your paperwork and save time at the office • Receive text reminders before your appointments More Features • Find doctors near your location with a convenient map • Read doctors’ professional statements, learn about their education, and see what languages they speak • Keep track of your physicians and easily schedule follow-up appointments from your Medical Team homepage • Stay on top of important checkups with Wellness Reminders Praise for Zocdoc "Zocdoc makes it simple to find and book doctor's appointments." - Business Insider "The customer service is insane." - SELF Magazine "Healthcare has never been this simple." - AARP "Paging Zocdoc for the future of medicine." - USA Today


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Zocdoc: Find & Book Doctors app reviews

  • Great app. Great Concept. 4/5

    By South_FL
    Zocdoc provides a slick solution to some extremely antiquated practices within the healthcare industry such as finding a doctor and making an appointment. But while I applaud Zocdoc’s mission of modernizing the healthcare industry for patients and providers, I was surprised at the astoundingly broad language within their terms of service which I suggest you read.
  • Excellent and Easy to Use 5/5

    By mountainlover247
    Right from my phone I can make appointments. This is a life saver. Thank you ZocDoc!
  • Excellent !! 5/5

    By jace0830
    Love this app. Easy to use and very helpful.
  • Quick/Easy 5/5

    By johnmark23
    Quick and easy way to find the right doctor for your needs without calling around. Sorted by your insurance. Checked-in before I arrived.
  • Has been a Savior 5/5

    By paperchasen83
    This app has really been a savior for me and my family, being able to book appointments that not even our insurance can. My mom broke some bones and I was able to book her some appointments asap while insurance was just sitting on their a** leaving her to resolve her own issues... Definitely recommend this app
  • Fantastic updated information 5/5

    By Jaybee12347
    This app is priceless. I often turn to my health provider to ask for doctors that accept their insurance. Most of the time I get outdated or inaccurate information. Using Zoc-doc is awesome because the keep updated information about different doctors and specialties. Just give Zoc-doc your insurance information and your address and they will do the rest. I found to doctors that are close to me making things so much more convenient. The doctors are also rated by their patients and are available for your decision making needs. You can also book appointments thu the app and even electronically fill out new patient paperwork. Saving you tons of time. Great app! 😎😎

    By Redgirl313
    I booked a doctors appointment through this app only to have it canceled on me a few minutes before because the time was double booked doctors office said to never book through this app or site as it always causes double bookings they do not recommend it. Took time off of work to go to this doctors appointments and now it was a waste of time. If I could give it zero stars I would plus I did all my upfront registration information which the doctors office said they did not get and I would have to go do again when I got there.
  • The Perfect Yarn 5/5

    By perfectyarn
    Efficient, easy, reliable, and saves tons of time. What more is there to say. 5 stars!!
  • Director 5/5

    By Leila Raza
    Shout out to Dr. Glenn Waldman. Truly a blessing to have doctors who cares above and beyond. Life has many blessings and I am very thankful Dr. Glenn Waldman is one of them.
  • Shady Docs 1/5

    By Gedwards99
    I used this app thinking technology had finally caught up to where I can easily find a new doctor right from my phone. That part did work, but what I later realized is that it also makes it easier for any person who considers themselves a doctor to publish on here and have glowing reviews. I had a horrible experience with a shady podiatrist and will never use this app again, nor will I recommend it to anyone I care about.
  • The healthcare system is broken 5/5

    By Sophiajmartin
    But ZocDoc has found a way to fix it. I’d spend weeks getting sent in circles trying to work with my healthcare provider directly. Now I just bypass them and use ZocDoc and my life has gotten so much simpler and I’m in better health than ever. Thank God for this app!
  • Overall ok service I believe my doctors will hear me out soon and give me the help I need. 4/5

    By Dashawn Carl Esterene
    I’m happy so far with the treatment I have received after our initial meeting it went well he helped me out as much as he could.
  • Christine Rodriguez 5/5

    By ChrisRod73
    Excellent doctor and staff!!
  • I wouldn’t make appointments without zocdoc 5/5

    By Gshlurduoesh
    So simple to use, I can schedule any kind of doctors appointment I need. Completely removes the stress.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By danadanish
    Super convenient and fast!
  • Rate 5/5

    By natalijaxo_
    I love this app. It took a few minutes to understand how to use it but after my first booking of an appointment it came naturally for other appointments or doctor searches I needed to make.
  • Please please fix 1/5

    By Alexia_Sottile
    Love this app, but whenever I change the speciality I’m searching for, the app solely shows me the one speciality I already found; the search results are the same fir everything I search. Please please fix
  • Most useful app in NY! 5/5

    By Emilysdietdiart
    Love it and use it scan time I need a specific care
  • Great 5/5

    By chicgeekcutie
    Love finding the help I need right away. Would love if the app would allow me to save to my calendar like before. Also, a way to save my multiple insurances. Keep up the good work
  • Very easy access. 4/5

    By Igotyobitch
    Got an invite in the mail from amazon and thought I’d check it out. As a young African American male healthcare is expensive and sometimes unachievable if you don’t have a job providing benefits. I am grateful for this aided service. PS: I need my $15 gift card Amazon.
  • One of the best apps out there! 5/5

    By marcowho
    Everyone needs this app in their life - it’s made mine so much easier and I’ve found some really great doctors. Wish I had known about this app much sooner.
  • No way to search for a specific doctor 1/5

    By cb7182
    There is no functionality to search for a specific doctor. Seems like it would be common sense to provide that feature because for many people not having that makes the app useless.
  • Wow 5/5

    By Gave Drohl
    Is goot
  • A useful application 5/5

    By Josh. E
    Provides everything I need and nothing I do not to make necessary medical appointments.
  • On point. Nuff sed 5/5

    By Crashes though..
    I’ve been using Zocdoc for a while now and I gotta day they’re on point. They’ve really narrowed it down to a click, click, click process and boom... you’re appointments are made. No problems over here!
  • Scam 1/5

    By Rus131
    Does not work!!! Booked my appointment twice , got a confirmation , filled out all forms and when I went to see the doc my appointment didn’t even exist !!!
  • 1 flaw 4/5

    By Lily_biltz_91
    Zoc doc is awesome and saving lives. I recommend it to everyone. 1 thing though, I just wish the doctor’s contact information was more readily accessible :(. I have been trying to find my doctor’s phone for 10 minutes on the site. No luck! You have to schedule through the app which is unhelpful when you had scheduled a follow up in person not on the app and need to cancel it. Not great for follow ups, great for first visits!
  • Easy! 5/5

    By TNT Hall
    I have heard so many good things about this app so I decided to give it a shot! It is very user friendly and straight forward. I recommend you download it immediately. It makes finding a doctor and booking an appointment stress-FREE!
  • Constant Errors 3/5

    By FLaBeachQueen
    Every time I try to search I get a message that Zoc Doc had a connection error. It’s quite annoying and has been happening a lot lately. I can search better using the site than the app. I also don’t like how you can view what doctors are available for the month. You have to go based on the day which is time consuming especially when searching for a new doctor. The app also doesn’t seem to work for other cities. I tried searching for doctors in my hometown and told none were available. I could understand if it was a town of less than 10k people, but it’s a city with over 8 hospitals.
  • 0 for 2 1/5

    By danbo083066
    Over the past month I’ve made two appointments through Zocdoc. After the initial confirmation, followed by periodic alerts to the upcoming appt, I felt confident that I didn’t need to call the doctor’s office to confirm. I was wrong. When I got to the office, they had no record of any appointment being made. Fortunately, I was still able to be seen, albeit about an hour after I would’ve ordinarily been seen. Today, I made an appt, specified ‘dermatology” and entered my insurance information. A list of doctors appeared, presumably based on the criteria that I entered. About 30 minutes later, I received a phone call from the office of the doctor that I selected, indicating that the doctor doesn’t accept my insurance. I think that this begs the questions “why enter my insurance information if the doctors that appear don’t necessarily take my insurance? What’s the point in having a filter if there’s no cross-check being made on the entered criteria?” 5/17/2018 Update: Now I’m 0-for-3. I called another dermatologist who appeared in the list of doctors that was generated after entering my insurance information. She actually appears multiple times in the resulting list, with each list appearance corresponding to a different location. This is pretty standard, as many doctors do work out of multiple locations. The non-standard part is that, regardless of which location I selected, the next available appointment date is May 21st. One location is on East 28th Street in Manhattan, another location is on Sullivan Street in Manhattan, and the third location is in Long Island City in Queens. She’s available in all 3 locations on the same day? That’s fairly impressive. Impossible, but impressive. On top of that, and based on my last experience with Zocdoc, I called to confirm whether she actually does accept my insurance, the same insurance I entered in the Zocdoc interface just before searching. Sadly, as expected, she doesn’t take my insurance. I can’t speak to the algorithm being used to generate a list of doctors based on the criteria that is entered (including insurance info), but it is apparently flawed. I’m happy for all the people who seem to have had good or even great experiences with Zocdoc; I only wish I could count myself among them.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Dbrades
    This app was very useful for me to upload all of my medical information. So I don’t have to keep filling it out every time I step in a doctors office. Way to go zocdoc!
  • So Easy 5/5

    By jlz813
    Had no idea such an app was available so this is a real surprise. Takes the hateful grunt work & lets you document it here instead of wasting time in the drs office. I will use this ALL the time. Whoever thought this up was a genius!

    By emma77leah
    One of the best apps out there in terms of user interface— it’s so so easy to use and really keeps you on top of everything!! This is the type of app that I dream about using— everything is in one place (insurance, payment), I can see reviews, book, find info, and be reminded of important check ups! Bravo, Zocdoc.
  • So Inaccurate As To Be Useless 1/5

    By Harvey Dent
    I moved to a New City and needed to find a doctor. My friend recommended Zocdoc and I was blown away. How convenient, right? Being able to easily book appointments with doctors who take your insurance. Fantastic! And it would be if that’s what Zocdoc did. Instead, I’ve yet to show up to an appointment I booked with Zocdoc where the doctor had me in their schedule. Half of my appointments end up having to be canceled when I actually do book them successfully bc it turns out the doctor doesn’t actually take my insurance. Zocdoc is about as useful as going through your insurance to find a doctor except less so (bc you still have to call to confirm everything anyways) and it’s more disappointing (bc they promise features that don’t work). I recently got bronchitis and needed to see a doctor ASAP. Oh Zocdoc has a telemedicine feature now? Amazing! Except despite trying for 45 minutes, resetting my internet, changing to a different WI-FI, reinstalling the app... the call never went through. Fine, I’ll make an in person appointment. Yay, it was confirmed for once! Who is this calling me an hour before the appointment? Oh, it’s the doctor’s office telling me they don’t take my insurance, and asking my to cancel the appointment. So now I’m sitting at the office of a doctor I found through my insurance, waiting to be taken as a walk in. Still better than any time I’ve used Zocdoc. Zocdoc: making patient’s lives more difficult than they need to be. Thanks Zocdoc, that’s totally what the medicinal industry needed.
  • Misleading Searches 1/5

    By ALustizdgstye36$,:65xhxdgv
    I used this app to book an apt with an OB GYN. When I showed up for my apt the doctor informed me she wasn’t an ob gyn and would not be able to treat me. She told me she’s contacted zocdoc many many times telling them to remove her description as an ob gyn but they are unresponsive. The point of this app is to simplify booking apts i shouldn’t have to call every office and verify they are in fact the correct doctor I’m looking for!
  • Bad experience!! 1/5

    By Parosh415
    Worst app ever!!!, used it once and last, it found me a doctor supposed to be in-network then later i got billed because its info are inaccurate!!!
  • Made same day appointments that dr office cancelled 2/5

    By Belle_traveller
    I made appointments for the same day on sock dock. The appointments actually did not exist when I called the doctors office to confirm them. Very frustrating.
  • App won’t load at all 4/5

    By AMDNJ
    Been using this app for a 3 years without any issues. It is very handy and useful when you need to schedule an appointment without a wait for the office to be open. Just recently the app will not load at all. The moment I open the app, it crashed. Please fix! Thank you.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Joseebell
    Great website, works much more efficient than the app does though.
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By skytarte
    I used the zocdoc app when it was first introduced and found that the appointments available on the app and what was actually available at the Dr office, were completely different. Frustrated, I deleted the app. Years later, I try it again, only to find the same problem still exists. The appointments being posted on the app are nowhere close to what’s actually available. After my first appointment being cancelled, and my alerting zocdoc to the situation, I received a reply that this was extremely unusual. I booked again, with a different doctor, and it looked to be successful! In less than 12hrs, with no reason given, the appointment was cancelled by the Dr. This “service” is 100% unreliable...two appointments made, two appointments cancelled.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Gawja breed
    I love the fact I can search for doctors and I don’t have to stress myself by me being new here, they do the work for me!
  • Very glitchy app 1/5

    By tanu25
    It is such a good product when it works but it glitches more often than not. Some of my doctors only accept zocdoc bookings and twice I have had to suffer because I couldn’t book an appointment on time. It would show the book again button but when you tap nothing happens. Now I am seeing no internet connection when I am going to the search section whereas the internet on my phone is working just fine. Please get you act together guys, you are in an important field which affects people’s well being!
  • Amazing & easy to use app 5/5

    By Esmeralda1996
    This is the fastest way to book any appointment and I love it.
  • Useless! 1/5

    By xjwlajf
    Second time my confirmed appointments were actually not confirmed. Even though I was sent a confirmation email from Zocdoc. Arrived at the doctors office having the front desk ask me if I scheduled an appointment. What’s the point of the app? If I’m in need of a doctor i could just google the doctors Im in need of without giving them all my personal information. Useless! Sent from my iPhone
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By jbg45678
    Makes my life a million times easier, love it so much and always works perfectly... love that you can check in early on your phone and submit photos of your insurance cards. Also seamlessly adds appointments into my calendar. Convenient and awesome! Definitely download!
  • Easy to get things done I have been putting off 5/5

    By NicknBK
    I feel healthier already
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By kipper1138
    This app makes life so much easier! Finding a doctor of any kind can be very difficult but this app does all the work for you and you are able to preview the doctor read their history and bio read reviews of other patients all on your phone with no petty phone calls or on site consultations. I live this app it has helped me find some awesome doctors and I’ll continue to use it forever. So helpful!
  • Easy to use! 5/5

    By Jabrea E
    Zocdoc is the best way to find a doctor to work with your insurance! It’s fast and easy, the app is constructed perfectly! You can navigate through it and find everything you need !
  • Much needed app 5/5

    By Aln50
    Love being able to find doctors by specialty as well as medical condition
  • love it 5/5

    By PAamy01
    Great site. helps keep me on track

Zocdoc: Find & Book Doctors app comments


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