Zodiac Master Plus 2019

Zodiac Master Plus 2019

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  • Current Version: 1.2.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Hundred Years Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
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Zodiac Master Plus 2019 App

You can get the following functions: • Time Travel Shutter Do you want to know what you look like in the future? Upload the current photo, it will let you see yourself in 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, or even 50 years, and instantly take you through time and space. • Boy / Girl Switcher Wanna discover the female version or male version of you? Let you see what you will look like when you have the opposite gender. With Boy / Girl Switcher Everyone can make up their transgender changement in seconds! Take your chance to see yourself in the opposite sex, and surprise your friends and family • Zodiac Match/ Love Compatibility You can make quick and accurate compatibility checks and find the perfect partner for you or your dear ones. Love is one of the important events in a person life. We help you that how your zodiac Love Compatibility with your partner’s. • Fortune Cookie Fortune Cookies are often used as a form of a horoscope, pointing you towards the right path or letting you avoid problems during your day.Open the fortune cookie and you will discover the answer it holds for your question. • Birth Number Enter your birthday date and get a unique birth number, we will interpret your personality and future! • Yes or No Question Untie the questions in your heart, it will be very mysterious and interesting! Give it a try! • Daily Horoscope Choose three magic cards for your daily love, career and fortune divination. 【SUBSCRIPTION INFO】 In order to provide better content, Zodiac Master Plus 2019 offers the following auto-renewal subscription option: - 1-week subscription with a 3-day free trial - 1-month subscription with a 3-day free trial *The iTunes account will be charged after the trial period ends. *You should be aware that the subscription will automatically renew unless you close the automatic renewal at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. *Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of renewal. *After purchase, you can turn off automatic renewal at the account settings. *Any unused portion of a free trial period , if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription, where applicable. Check the links about privacy policy and terms of service Terms of Service: http://d2prafqgniatg5.cloudfront.net/hundred/zodiac_master_plus_service.html Privacy Policy: http://d2prafqgniatg5.cloudfront.net/hundred/zodiac_master_plus_privacy.html If you have any questions, please contact us in time. Email :[email protected]

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Zodiac Master Plus 2019 app reviews

  • Misleading and fake 1/5

    By LexdWggg
    The fact that this app still charges me after I canceled the subscription is absurd! Also the time traveling option (which is why I downloaded the app) is the worst. For example I have dark brown eyes and when I turned it to 50 years it gave me bright blue eyes with red lipstick. Totally weird. Don’t waste your money or time.
  • CRAPY APP 1/5

    By so not hating
    I hate this app this app is so edited so not real I GIVE HATE TO THIS APP
  • Eh 2/5

    By Gary the pickle
    You can’t really do a whole lot without buying the premium package
  • I hate it 1/5

    By chocolate fun cookie
    When i went on the app I found you had to pay money to do stuff and when I did zodiac and fortune cookie I couldn’t under stand it its a dumb app and when you try to make your face look older it’s not realistic at all I hate it it’s stupid don’t get it boooooooooooooooooooooooo
  • Stupid and false advertising 1/5

    By storie potter slime witch🦄
    I saw an add for this and so I got it for the age thing and that was the worst part!!!! Then the boy/girl transform thingy and that just puts your face on a boys body and I’m like 😒😑 like bruh. DON’T GET THIS APP!
  • Good 5/5

    By #burntchickennugfets
    Game was good a few flaws but a good game overall
  • Not good 1/5

    By BetsyE123
    This app is not good to do anything you have to pay money
  • Stupid 1/5

    By kit1563
    This app is the stupidest app in the whole entire world just because I have long hair doesn’t mean I’m a girl this app should definitely be taken off the App Store this app is so unprofessionally made so don’t advertise it for sure
  • I hate it 1/5

    By bahabzhdbs
  • Wow complete crap 1/5

    By this_app_is_trash_
    This app is by far one of the most misleading things ever! You legit have to pay for everything with a subscription, and the add that I saw completely lies to you!
  • Do not download 1/5

    By 553264373
    It does not work and does not make you look older or younger. I end the free trail and some how it still charged me $8.47. If you see this please give me my money back. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please don’t download or waste your money on this.
  • Read all reviews 1/5

    By whythisbadgamehuhmate
    First these ads are so bad then you have to pay for everything and there so lazy on the future cookies
  • Don’t download 1/5

    By Kxng Kuba
    Not worth it. if you’re trying to see what you look like older they try and photo shop a old persons face on top of yours the photo shop is horrible though
  • Total scam 1/5

    By Dad1119
    Do not use this app. You will be subscribed and charged weekly, however there is no way to stop or unsubscribe. Our credit card company is now helping. Just awful..
  • It’s ok 5/5

    By Lauragirl345
    Other then the fact u have to pay $8 its great!
  • It was a major pain and. And I had to pay for everything 1/5

    By kittycatjammer42
    It was a pain and I had to pay

    By Tacotown34129
    This app is terrible. I know this isn’t 100% accurate but when ever you see how old you will look it uses the same filter on every face
  • Billed without authorization 1/5

    By ericf 72!
    We were billed for four weeks and we never subscribed to the app. Nobody in my household signed up and we were charged for four weeks. I was able to contact apple support and get the subscription removed but I am still out $32.
  • Don’t get this terrible app 1/5

    By africangirllife
    It said a free trial and I was gonna do it but the gosh darn thing asked me to pay for it worst app ever just don’t get it😡😡😡😡

    By Ididn'twantareview
    I wanted to see what I looked like in a few years so I got this app thinking it would be good. All they did was make fun of my face by putting drawn on wrinkles. I HATE this app. They don’t even show me how my hair would have changed. Its a disgraceful app DO NOT BUY.

    By brytonthepotato
    when I did the the time travel they just switched my face with a ninty year old! ITS SO STUPID AND THEY EXPECT YOU TO PAY FOR THAT!!!????i did one star cause u cant do 0
  • 👎🏻 1/5

    By tw230000001/
    I got this app to see what i would look like when i was old and i sighed up for free trial and when i did the turning old thing it was terrible i looked fake so i wanted to unsubscribe and in the app it was extremely difficult you have to go to app store hut games then go to your profile and hit management subscribers you hit the game and hit unsubscribe do not get this game it is a scam!!
  • This is a rip-off 1/5

    By ghubuhhni
    I took my picture and it wouldn’t let me see my aging. I would not download this app, like the others it is a bad app to install
  • This app really stinks 1/5

    By AlexisToTheMax
    Not to be mean to the developer(s) but, its not good. You have to pay for E͟͟V͟͟E͟͟R͟͟Y͟͟T͟͟H͟͟I͟͟N͟͟G͟͟!! Its annoying, Im not paying $22.99 a month just to see what I look like as a boy. Also, I don't Think its safe putting in your birth date. I'm not sure if you have to put in the year you were born but I wouldn't do that. I hope the ratings get read first. I didn't read them and was truly disappointed.
  • Maddie’s review 1/5

    By madie22679
    This is fake it makes you pay do not download
  • I don’t have money 5/5

    By i love moster legent
    Can I have my fortune

    By rileyP5679
    I aged myself and it put a random old rinkly face on mine and said that’s what I would look like when I was 60💀 DON’T DOWNLOAD IT IS TERRIBLE!
  • Do not get 1/5

    By Kuhnabird
    The predictions are poor, the app is sheet, it’s hard to cancel the subscription, and the thing that makes you look older is blurry and more than disappointing.
  • Face 5/5

    By jalelunney22
    I love my face because I look so handsome
  • Worse app 1/5

    By T5 Banger
    It says free but then is 7.99 a week that’s some bs and it doesn’t even work well at all terrible app
  • Thinly Veiled Scam 1/5

    By Nrh001
    This app is nothing but a thinly veiled scam. After downloading this app it began charging me $8.50 weekly for the most bland and basic features available. This is either a scam or a very bad ploy to make money of a worthless product. I encourage everyone to both delete this app and anything else they own by this developer.
  • A total waste of time and money 1/5

    By ur moms boiiiii
    The only people who give this app 5 stars are probably bots

    By mad dawd
    this game is terrible I mean TERRIBLE the readings aren’t even close they just randomize it and you can barely do anything because you have to pay and also it looks like they just change your hair to gray and give u wrinkles I mean if that’s a transformation for you that’s fine but it not really realistic cause some people’s hair would get thinner and plenty other things I mean I get its hard to predict someone’s look in the future but still I just wouldn’t get it but it that’s just my opinion and you are free to download what ever you want

    By mia29bravo
    This app was not worth my time at all it is honestly useless and it took away my precious time that I could’ve using to take care of myself but instead it was wasted in this terrible app my experience was not pleasant I have no idea why someone would need to make this app.
  • 🤮 1/5

    By bobby calniuldg
    I hate this app because you have to pay moneys!
  • I am so offended 1/5

    By finnybiskets
    This app says I will never be successful in life when I have a great path in front of me I am really good at sports and basketball it’s jokes on them because I have a great path in front of me I’m talking to a girl that I might be in love with in a couple months I have a great path in front don’t let this app stop u for doing what u want to do their not Evan any scans for it or like taking a picture u just click ur zodiac sign and then u watch an ad and it tells u a lie don’t let this app take over don’t let it tear down ur past😔 keep going in life 🙂🙂
  • Can’t do anything without spending money 1/5

    By deborahs2019
    Tries several times to get you to sign up before offering a video for results. Will delete immediately.
  • Don’t Buy, Scam 1/5

    By lil skittle123
    Well first of let me address that i got this on a youtube ad, i knew it was bad but I wanted to see how bad (it was really bad) like who will pay for this if they receive the photos. Like almost all of them are fake, i got my friend to do the ugliest face possible and plus you even amid it he was not the prettiest in the whole friend group and actually it came by as a pretty woman and in the in the gender swap, it’s pretty bad and not to even talk about it when I went to ager they thought I was a girl like I’m done I’m actually how how can they be that actually mistake a guy as a girl
  • How do you cancel this crap 1/5

    By Andre Ralu
    I have to lock my cc and dispute the charge made before the end trial
  • Not a great game 1/5

    By djffjiggxbhd
    It is not a good game but I think it's the video (ad) that's what how people a get the game .bye guys
  • Pay to do anything 1/5

    By chixe69
    U can’t see anything without paying or watching an add it’s pretty trash
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By svci ensj
    This app is horrible and doesn’t wanna let you cancel your subscription, definitely not worth it.
  • RIP OFF 1/5

    By 143648o user
    I downloaded this app to see how I would look in the future or what I would look like as a boy but YOU HAVE TO PAY!!!! It was so annoying they should at least say in the app description that you have to pay! Unless you want to waste money, DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP😡😡
  • Don’t get this unless you like Apple support 1/5

    By Autumns mommy
    Don’t download this app!! Every other app in the App Store is very easy to cancel the subscription this one is NOT. We tried the free trial and definitely did not want to keep it for $7.99 per week. I make sure to check my settings at least once a week but usually twice to make sure that any app my daughter or I purchased or downloaded as a free trial was canceled. This app did not show up on my subscription list at all. In fact, it showed I had ZERO open subscriptions on my account so it wasn’t that I just missed it there were none in there at all. Then I started getting notifications from my cc saying that iTunes tried to Bill my account 3 times for $7.99 and 3 more times for $8.59 but luckily they were declined because that card is not active right now and I had a freeze on the account for a separate issue. I had to contact Apple Support to find out what app was trying to bill me because it doesn’t show up anywhere as a reoccurring subscription like all the other apps do. It’s not even really a great app when it’s free so it’s absolutely not worth paying for it weekly. That’s absurd.
  • SCAM 1/5

    By CodAsh2016
    Seriously it doesn’t work and they want you to sign up for a free trial so you forget to cancel and get charged.
  • Trash 1/5

    By bharcus
  • Ok 3/5

    By AlllllllllleeeeeeeeeXxxxxxxx
    It’s kinda complicated 😐🤷🏻‍♂️
  • Stay away from this app 1/5

    By fjww11222334412
    It will do auto renewing and charge you even if you just want to evaluate it with free three day subscription
  • Not very good 1/5

    By stonecold2004
    Only does eyes nose and wrinkles needs more work

Zodiac Master Plus 2019 app comments

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