Zombieville USA

Zombieville USA

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  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Mika Mobile, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
32,992 Ratings
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Zombieville USA App

Zombieville USA - one of the biggest hits on the app store! Over 1.5 million players and counting! Try it out for yourself and see why Zombieville USA is the definitive zombie experience on the App Store, spending more than 500 consecutive days in the US Top 100 charts! For the latest on what we're up to, you can follow MikaMobile on Twitter! http://twitter.com/MikaMobile =^.^= ---------------------- Welcome to Zombieville USA! When your town is overrun by the walking dead, there's only one thing left to do - go through their pockets and look for loose change! As the lone survivor of a zombie apocalypse, it's up to you to battle legions of the undead in a never ending fight for survival! How long can you hold out? Scrounge for cash and ammunition, and buy up to 15 upgradeable weapons as your inevitable doom closes in around you... Zombieville USA combines the timeless appeal of classic arcade games with stunning graphics you have to see to believe. FEATURES: - Defend yourself with 15 different weapons, from shotguns to chainsaws, even rockets, katanas and flamethrowers! - Deceptively simple gameplay, with more depth than meets the eye. Manage your cash and ammo carefully, or become zombie chow! - Be amazed by some of the most spectacular graphics and animation ever seen on a phone! - Intuitive touch-screen controls are easy to pick up and play. - Conveniently auto-saves your progress after each level - play at your own pace! Be sure to check out the eye-popping trailer at www.zombievilleusa.com!


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Zombieville USA app reviews

  • Best game 5/5

    By Fake copied from other game
    Best for ios😁
  • LISTEN UP 3/5

    By 1234tac
    Zombie USA are pretty old games and have almost out grown its reputation, people dont like spending money on old games and games that should be free. Like Zombie USA and USA 2... Please make them free and also this game is fun
  • Ruined a great game 1/5

    By Curetonian
    The newest update has enlarged characters and objects; thereby, limiting the lateral field of view. A player can only see a target shortly before that target attacks that player.
  • Finally 5/5

    By 1404986100
    Thank you for updating it a minute ago I loveeeee this game
  • Yes an update 5/5

    By Javier74 gamer
    Finally its about time that they update the game to support newer devices
  • Best zombie game on the app store 5/5

    By aidanfreeman
    i have never found a better game for just plain out fun only thing i would say is make some new characters
  • Most unexpected update ever 5/5

    By mythrenegade
    It's been six years and suddenly Zombieville is back! The old version still pillarboxed for iPhone's original screen size. This looks perfect on my SE. This also feels like they upgraded the graphics for retina displays. Zombieville is the best and this update is amazing. Thanks devs!
  • Version 2.0 released 8/28/17 is not good 3/5

    By 荡叔
    On iPad, it's like zoomed in iPhone version, everything became big and the buttons they are not at the place they were at. Look at the provided screenshots. Do not upgrade.
  • It's been a looong while 5/5

    By Rasta.hhhh73
    I know this game is really old but I love it so much and now with the new ios it says that the app does not support it and I would love it if by any chance the developers of this game could release an update and make it compatible with the new ios if possible I would love it thanks.
  • Update 3/5

    By jon64656
    Needs to be updated soon
  • Always a classic 5/5

    By Zoeg7329
    I've loved this game for years, but the new zombieville is just not my taste. Please, please. Update the app so the appstore doesnt delete it in the next update.
  • No music 4/5

    By Jajdhdhhzbxbxh
    Good game use to play it a cupple years ago and it's fun but the screen does not fit the iPhone 7+ it has black around the game and also there is not music just the guns plz fix all this
  • Skip it 1/5

    By bennytheblade
    Repetitive and boring.
  • Great game 2/5

    By G Fed
    App needs to be upgraded tho it's slowing down my iPhone 6s
  • Good but... 4/5

    By el phylos
    We need an update! For new smartphones!!!
  • Simple 5/5

    By Cookieman0157
    Very simple game but probably my favorite.
  • Great game to play on iPod. 2/5

    By F3lix85
    I really liked playing this game on the previous Gen iPod. Just tried playing it on the iPad Pro 12.9" and it is unplayable. The onscreen controls do not work well. The hit box for the controls are not where they should be. You have to touch about 1.5" below where they should be and it isn't consistent.
  • Fun 5/5

    By Liflan25
    Best zombie game on the App Store so fun I think it's better than zombie ville usa 2
  • Endless Runner You'll Love To Keep Playing 5/5

    By .Dan79.
    One of the few games I've played for weeks on end. Many games I'll download and get annoyed or bored with within a day. But Zombieville isn't one of those. I keep playing it, despite the fact that it is by design an endless runner so if you die you're playing the same levels over and over again. Maybe it's the graphics, the weapons. I don't know. But it doesn't get boring!
  • Not for kids 2/5

    By Dinodude800
    I don't normally get gruesome games for my kids. When my 8 yr old asked for it I put it on her iPad thinking it would be like plants vs zombies or something. But this game is very gory and graphic and not something I would normally buy for a kid. You shoot a zombie in the head and it explodes shooting out blood and splattering onto the sidewalk with chunks of brain like a r rated movie. My son loves the game but I regret letting him have it. I played the game once though and it was pretty fun. That's what got up to the 2 star review. If your 12+ it should be appropriate. If my son was eleven, I wouldn't feel as guilty. If your not a kid, it's an ok game to waste time with
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By Kelley 1977
    Paid for this game. It won't work. I can't shoot the zombies or even move. The buttons do not work. Instantly killed by zombies.
  • Need an update 3/5

    By Addreoryn
    If only Mika Mobile, Inc. update this game for iphone6/6s and lollipop..... I still this game everyday ever since i downloaded it on my iphone 4
  • Good game but.... 4/5

    By ArthurChuvik
    Please fix the resolution to fit the iPhone 6 screen!!!
  • Fantastic game, but... 3/5

    By llonky
    One of my favorite games. However, I just got an iPad pro and it looks beautiful on there but none of the controls work on there once you get into the game. Entirely unplayable from iPad pro. Needs a bug fix.
  • Needs a simple update 3/5

    By MKeaton
    Guys-- I realize this is an older game, but I did pay for it and keeping it up-to-date is a reasonable expectation. Does not work on iPad Pro. Movement and other controls don't work. As mentioned, I did buy this quite a few years ago, but keeping it working is a reasonable expectation.
  • Update 5/5

    By EJets21
    I know this game was made years ago, but if the developers are still out there, they should include a new feature where you can have multiple games occur. I hate using the police guy, and having to kill myself to use another player. I wish you could have three or four games to choose from so you don't get bored playing with one player. Thanks for reading!!!
  • Nostalgia 4/5

    By PuntThePikachu
    I remember this being one of the first games I ever bought on my old 2nd gen iPod touch. Downloaded it again, and it's still really fun! It holds up well, but I don't think new players will enjoy it very much. Compared to what's out there now, it's really barebones and extremely simple (for better or worse). If you're a newcomer, this isn't really a game you get immersed in and play for extended periods, it's the kind of quick game you play when you're waiting for the bus, car rides, etc. It's the best pick up and play game out there, but it gets really repetitive after a while. Would still recommend
  • Pretty Fun 5/5

    By MrFernus
    This is a fun game, but Zombieville 2 is even better in my opinion.
  • Bad game 1/5

    By Chuckles638383859
    Worst game I've ever bought. Exploits the zombie genre for a horrible, simple, boring tragedy of a game
  • 3 problems 3/5

    By Arrest this Creator
    1.There is no shop in the menu! 2.There is no left or right button! 3. It does not keep Your money when you die!
  • Not fair 1/5

    By Only commercials
    Even if you are good at shooting/ running, the app keeps you in place so you can't move. What is the reason for that! Allow people to play using their skills.
  • Very Glitchy 1/5

    By Seliephone
    Bad game very glitchy waste of money
  • OK game ... 4/5

    By mason Allred
    Zombie vile USA is fun, but it dulls after playing for awhile and the action is repetitive. The survivors and vehicles are a nice touch, and it's also great that when you start a new game from a high level, you are given upgraded weapons. It's without a doubt that mercilessly murdering undead monsters is fun!
  • One of my All Time Favorite games! 5/5

    By Cody Gammon
    This is so fun and addicting. I play for 15-30 minutes every night until I fall asleep! Haha. This and Zombieville USA 2 are really fun games.
  • Zombievivle 3/5

    By Cameronlabbe
    I'm mad because I love this game a lot! And I went to play it and I went up to level 25! And I just went off of it and closed down the app and it maid me restart to level 1!
  • Upgrade for iphone 6++ 4/5

    By Hiramjosemaldonado
    Need to upgrade to iPhone 6 plus Great game but needs upgrade desperately
  • Worst game 1/5

    By Mikes file
    When ever I walk a zombie comes out off the ground and I hit and I'm dead
  • Awesome 4/5

    By Walter Elias Disney
    I think the game is awesome except it needs multiplayer.
  • Best Game Ever 5/5

    By LuckyTiger7130
    For 0.99 cents it's the best game ever! Very simply, it only has 4 buttons! Both arrows for Walking left to right, one for shooting and he other for hitting them. I enjoy killing off zombie with my spare time. The only think I would change is adding more options. More options on choosing your character maybe even making your own. Adds some girl characters at least. And of course add mor weapons!!!!
  • Great game but... 4/5

    By Jen2091
    This game is AWESOME me and my fiancé love playing this but what we would love the most is if when you run out of ammo on one gun it will automatically change to another gun. This would be highly recommended!! Hopefully they can change this, overall great game ! 😁👍
  • Great app 5/5

    By Meeee duh
    This is a great app and I enjoy definitely worth it, there should be more weapons although I'm not complaining. I just feel like once the rounds get high enough u only use the rocket launcher so if u could add maybe one stronger gun that would be good
  • One of the most underrated games on the App Store 5/5

    By mileslwayne
    So many games on the App Store are over complex or try to hard to live up to console graphics. What makes this game better than 99% of all these other iOS games, is its simplicity but still manages to be a progressive addictive game. Not to mention ZERO in app purchases and ZERO ads. Easily one of the best mobile games out there.
  • V 4/5

    By Ninjaturle32

    By ~(motormouth)~
    its a good game. but the black lines on the annoy me and I need more room! Plz fix this and I will suggest this to everyone i know
  • Update Please! 5/5

    By Kai fan!!!!!!
    I would really like to get another update on zombieville. The last update occurred in 2011 and I would like to get some new content. I had some ideas: 1. Make it possible that you could heal your partner if they take damage. 2. Add some grenades. Explosive fun! 3. A 4th weapon upgrade. 4. And whatever else you think would make the game better. Thanks! :)
  • Favorite zombie game 5/5

    By Rivas1300
    I love this game but it needs more melee weapons and has to have a multiplayer mode!

    By TNTBOOM10
    My favorite game BEST GAME EVER.i give this 5 stArs
  • OK for a short burst but ultimately limited 3/5

    By GOPGambler
    A typical 2-D shooter. You walk from one end of the level to the other shooting a small variety (I counted three types) of zombies that are coming from both directions. You have a variety of weaponry, but most of them are relatively similar in effectiveness if not in killing method. Other than walking in a straight line and shooting zombies, you can loot houses along the way. It is odd to find 20 rockets in a one-story rancher, but then none of this makes sense. After all why is your bank account rising simply as you shoot zombies? Who is paying the money? Who are you paying money to when you buy upgrades? There is gameplay mechanism without any reason for it existing. Graphics and audio is simplistic, but serviceable—sort of like the game overall. Too bare bones and simplistic to be great. Enough fun to warrant 99 cents. Somewhat recommended.
  • A good simple game. 4/5

    By Cactus Master
    This game was very fun, although it becomes boring after a while.
  • AWESOME game 5/5

    By TylerBrotz
    I got a glitch a little after I got the chainsaw and it let me have the flamethrower!

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