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DOWNLOAD ZOOSK AND GET READY TO MEET NEW PEOPLE! With 40 million members, we are one of the most trustworthy and best international dating apps. Whether you’re a lesbian, gay or straight, we can match you with singles and help you find love. Zoosk is an international dating app with one goal: to help people connect. Swipe, match, chat and get ready to find your next partner in crime. Whether you're just looking for a casual partner or your other half, we help people live their best lives by providing a fun, safe, and easy way to meet new people and singles near you. WE PRIORITIZE SAFE DATING - Our Photo Verification tool is in place to give you confidence that the person you’re talking to looks like their profile picture. To ensure our members are who they say they are, we also provide phone number and social media account verification. - Use SmartPick™ to discover matches based on compatibility or try our advanced filters to find the one you’re looking for. Once you find someone you want to chat with, try one of our icebreakers, write a message*or even send a gift*! We are one of the best dating apps for meeting someone searching for love online. No more senseless swipes: download Zoosk and get ready, because meeting someone is just a click away. -- It works! In 2019 more than 56,000 singles found love thanks to Zoosk** -- All basic members can: - See members’ pictures - Send Winks and Hearts - See Carousel to discover new people Ready to move on to the serious stuff? Maximize your chances to have fun and meet people with more exclusive features* like: - Unlock Carousel matches - Boost your profile - Send gifts - Get Delivery Confirmation on messages When you are a Zoosk subscriber* you can also: - Chat with your connections - Unlock and connect with people who've viewed you - Say yes to and start chatting with your SmartPicks™ WHY PEOPLE LOVE ZOOSK ‘’ The dating service has made it really easy to start a profile, meet other users, and cast a wide net for potential matches.’’ - Mashable ‘’ Launched in 2007, Zoosk has become the toast of the online dating world’’ - AskMen Want to make your own opinion? Download the Zoosk dating app now and enjoy chatting with exciting people. Fun or connection, love is here! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *ADDITIONAL COSTS AND AUTO RENEW: - All subscriptions and upgrades like coins (including subscription upgrades and upgrades without a subscription) automatically renew at the end of the term for the same duration and you will be charged again for the same amount (plus any applicable taxes) unless you cancel by turning off auto-renewal at least 24 hours before the end of their term. - Turn off the auto-renewal through your account settings. Once you turn off auto-renewal, your subscription and/or upgrades will expire at the end of their term. To learn more, see Terms of Use Agreement at http://www.zoosk.com/tos and our FAQs at http://zoosk.com/help. Also, read our Privacy Policy at www.zoosk.com/privacy and online dating safety guide at https://www.zoosk.com/safety. Prices are in U.S. dollars, exclude any applicable sales tax, may vary in countries other than the U.S., and are subject to change without notice. **: 56,019 users in U.S.A said in their subscription termination process they found love on Zoosk platform. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow us for dating and relationship tips: > Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Zoosk/ > Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zoosk/ > Date Mix: https://www.zoosk.com/date-mix/ With 40 million members, we are one of the most trusted and best international dating apps. Whether you’re a lesbian, gay, or straight single, download Zoosk now and get ready to meet people!

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  • Don’t be suckered!!! Keep your money 1/5

    By POLayDkat50
    I SPECIFICALLY set my preferences to BLACK MEN and you keep sending me matches from WHITE MEN !! I am VERY DISPLEASED, DISSATISFIED AND IRRITATED with your platform and can’t wait for my subscription to be up! This has been the most unappealing, waste of my money and a complete RIP-OFF!!!
  • More than a little disappointing. 1/5

    By J0923
    Well there’s $30 that was not well spent. seems like all they want to do is sell upgrades that I expect should be part of the standard package. Really, you want me to pay extra to see if somebody has read my message. then you take me to an upgrade page and not let me get off unless I sign up for the upgrade. it’s not easy to navigate and at times is user obnoxious trying to refind persons of interest. Then certain suggestions are only available for 24 hours. Find a different app if you’re looking for a date. This one is a mess.
  • Fake 3/5

    By Phillipvr12
    Quit sending me likes that aren’t real
  • Joel 1/5

    By respect the grind
    This is disgusting praying on peoplel’s loneliness. Charging micro transactions to see if anyone even read your comments. All dating apps are horrible but I believe you are the worst. I have nothing good to say about your app.
  • DONT waste your time or money 1/5

    By Tna05
    I honestly think the ones with 5 stars are fake review or paid for. The same 20 guys are always reviewing my profile and the same 20 guys are always coming up in the carousel after I swiped left on them every single time! I wasted my money on this app. There are much better apps that are free.
  • It would be nice.... 2/5

    By gallupsl
    If we could removed all the inactive accounts or signified when the last time they were online. Remove all the fake accounts. What type of relationship we are looking for? Sometimes I feel I waste time here. It’s ok most part. Also nice to know who is a subscriber from the free accounts!
  • No functionality without paying 2/5

    By jsivhbesk
    The service runs like any other dating app, but you can’t send messages to anyone unless you have paid. Unless you don’t mind, I would spend your time elsewhere.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Cody7806
    It’s free to download. That’s about it. If you want to like the profiles and smart match, if you want to message someone, if you want to see who is viewing your profile, if you want to even read the message that was sent to you. You gotta pay. You literally cannot do anything on this app without paying. On top of that if you try to put your ig or any other way to get in contact with you outside of the app they will remove it to force you to pay or not be able to talk to anyone
  • Trash 1/5

    By odins father
    The app itself is garbage. For two days now I haven’t been able to login. It keeps saying I need to subscribe even though I’ve done it 3 times now. I highly won’t wasting your time or money.
  • Ugh... 1/5

    By CorinneyJ
    Purchased a subscription for 3 months for “unusual activity” to keep me out after 4 days. The people seemed all right, but there was no was to block someone entirely after you turned them down, so this one guy kept popping up in my messages. It’s not user friendly and their customer care is mediocre at best.
  • A Shame that Zoosk is a Scam 1/5

    By Fourcue too
    I signed up with Zoosk with good intentions, however, as a previous subscriber to the app In past years, my experience isn’t new or unusual for this particular dating site. Unfortunately, as you are making connections with some wonderful people who have the same intentions, to meet other engaged in meeting nice people, Zoosk makes a decision that you are fresh meat to be unable to open their app due to being rendered it unattainable. Ah ha; Zoosk conveniently has the remedy to alleviate the problem that all subscribers at some point are affective by the same scam. When a person calls Zoosk customer service, you are greeted by an expert who magically can solve the problem with a charge of $14.99 a month, every month. This is why I won’t subscribe to Zoosk anymore !!!
  • Like chatting with dead people! 3/5

    By KWOool
    This site doesn’t allow to you chat with non paying members. But it’s never clear who is and who isn’t. So you’re texting people who never respond. It’s like standing in a room filled with dead people! Their accounts are visible and they have posted photos of themselves but no activity from them, kind of like an obituary. I’m not going to renew my subscription. For me this has been a waste of money and time.
  • Too spammy and non-functional unless you subscribe. No thanks. 1/5

    By Joe Reviewer 29
    Too spammy and non-functional unless you subscribe. No thanks. Deleting the app.
  • Yeah no thanks 1/5

    By Eternalreaper123
    I’m not giving you money because you locked talking to people you match with behind a pay wall. No thank you. Also I would never pay money for something like this and hope other people in my area are paying as well just to even have the chance to talk to anyone. They also make it so you can’t delete your account so my workaround was to post disgusting pictures I found online and make my bio inappropriate so they terminate my account. Good riddance, you will not be missed!
  • Scammers 1/5

    By skybona
    There was a scammer name Morgan Jones Amund who is a Norwegian marine electric engineer. Be aware of this scammer out there!!
  • Awful 1/5

    By Matt31415
    In order to cancel your subscription they want you to MAIL in a form. Plus all the women are busted and I’m quite sure are fake. Don’t download.
  • Mr Larry 1/5

    By owenlarry
    I can’t access the app Don’t know what wrong?
  • Password issues in app 1/5

    By SmurfyMagoo
    Cannot login to my account, does not recognize my password. But this is only happening on the app, website is fine. I’ve changed it many times and still can’t. This is really annoying and no more Zoosk if this doesn’t get fixed! I will also not recommend this site to anyone I know.
  • All issues and the same people 1/5

    By Cupcake4649
    I had issues with this app from the start... it showed the same people over and over again even when I would say no. I felt like I wasted time and money... because yes you have to Pay to use this app at all. There were also several days it just straight up didn’t work. So yea I’m out.

    By loyaljacks
    I don’t want to discredit this dating site entirely, cause I do catch on to it's objective. It’s to meet your possible “significant other” now what I’m sensing from this site as I’m using it, is that either: #1 I’m talking to a robot that is just trying to lure me into continuing a conversation. By requesting for me to submit more money, so I could find out if the other person read my message. Or: #2 The person at the other end is not fully registered to the site, and are fully unable to respond to messages. Idk guys... it feels a bit scammish;/
  • Won’t load 1/5

    By ejb*^+
    Fix your app. It won’t load and shuts down. I’ve deleted and re loaded it but nothing.
  • Doesn’t let you deactivate. DO NOT register! 1/5

    By Thskangela
    I want to deactivate after I saw that the app allows anyone to message you. Just random people you never match with and don’t meet your criteria. Whenever I tried to deactivate, it kept saying something went wrong and try again. This is a huge violation of user rights by not allowing them to deactivate with the repeated “something went wrong” error as an excuse.
  • Can’t use at all unless you pay 1/5

    By single4e
    Set up a profile and received a message - can’t reply until I subscribe and pay. Not worth it with all the free ones out there. This app isn’t particularly special in any way
  • Stupid and useless 1/5

    By korror1
    It is the worst app I have ever seen It keeps on telling me (my action can’t be completed at this time) when I try signing up
  • Amazing 5/5

    By KateHamlin1
    Just got off Zoosk because I’m pretty sure I met the man I’m gonna marry! Thank you!!!
  • A truly dead app. 1/5

    By SpaceMonkey777777777777
    Pay to see and send messages and most profiles are fake, definition of a dead app.
  • Charged for membership without my consent 1/5

    By Lyriquelle1
    I have been charged for “membership” without having this Zoosk app. It seems I’m not the only one this has happened to. Although I am leaving this message Zoosk undoubtedly will delete this.
  • Just As Bad as Facebook Dating, But... 1/5

    By rsb97080
    ...actually worse because you have to pay to use Zoosk! Almost all of the women are every bit as insincere and disingenuous as they are on FB Dating. The app itself is not that great. Chats and messages are infrequently instant, so you are left wondering if you did something wrong, were blown off, or if it’s just lagging again. Zoosk is a textbook example of caveat emptor. I do not recommend it if you’re looking for REAL connections.
  • I’m tired of dating apps trying to squeeze every cent from people 1/5

    By nickojeda612
    I’m not paying just to “use” this app. I’ll try a different one.
  • Be honest 2/5

    By drkstr1000
    This is going to be a very short review, now I’ve been on and off this app for the last few years, i’ve sent a lot of messages to people and gotten very few responses, The problem I have is, i’ll send a message to someone and it will show message sent, I come back six months to a year later and that same individual who I sent a message to will show that I sent no message to them (when I actually did send a message to them) this site will delete your messages that you sent to individuals and make it seem that it’s the first time that you send messages to them, also after being gone for a while from the site, The site will send you emails saying that individuals are interested in talking to you and that you have messages from them, when in fact you do not, The site will also send you emails saying that you have 10+ messages from individuals when in actuality you have none, they will try their best to lure you back to the site to check your messages (for a fee of course) I understand that the site Has to make money, but the falsely say that you have messages when you have none is completely wrong, I feel that this site should indicate when was the last time a person on the site, whether it be a few days ago or a year ago, that way you’ll know whether or not to send this individual a message, also I’ve paid for a monthly premium and found out that I can only send a limited amount of messages to people, and the site tells you to come back the next day to send more messages, for my monthly premium the site indicated that I have unlimited messaging, but yet still my messaging ability is limited, that is false advertisement, also to find out if someone has read your message you have to purchase coins just to see if someone read your message for a monthly premium I think that should be free, this site also sends me emails telling me that an individual likes me or has sent me a message when in actuality they did not, again, this site will do anything to try and get you to re-subscribe to them, we are all adults here trying to find that right person on these sites, This site should understand that and not try to gouge us for money, also this site rotates the same women over and over again, they should let us know who is new to the site and who has been on this site for a while (ie three months or more) that way we will know who we should and should not message, also I have seen other sites who have the same women from this site, same pictures, same profile, this is supposed to be a dating app where “real” people want to meet other “real” people, not people who are paid to send you messages or paid to have their photos placed on these sites, if this site want’s our “real and honest money” they should give us “real and honest women” Who are actually interested in meeting someone..
  • Pointless app 1/5

    By Cam.2244
    its pointless to charge money in order to message someone! will NOT be spending any money on this garbage app ill spend it on a dating app thats not trying to charge for every little stupid feature
  • Useless app to be free 1/5

    By Jack23tek
    There’s no point if you can’t even use at least one function normally. It’s a paid app with a forced subscription to do anything. So... not wasting my money on this system of dating.
  • Useless 1/5

    By flintchick
    Crashes after a minute or two with every use, total manipulation of likes and views and they don’t want you to block people you’re not interested in, even though ‘not interested’ is one of the blocking reasons you can choose. If they don’t like how many people you’ve blocked, that function gets disabled, so you have to repeatedly scroll through hundreds of useless profiles. And if you cancel your subscription forget seeing anyone remotely in your area during your remaining days. What a scam.
  • What a pain! 1/5

    By Kathrina A
    Hello, I was interested in trying Zoosk. I signed up for it a couple of months ago, and I didn’t complete the sign up process quickly enough. So, the Zoosk administrating team blocked me. I’d still be interested in joining, but I guess I’m blocked for life now. Really, I just tried, and I’m blocked without ever having a chance to use it. I recommend that if you’re interested in trying this, be prepared to complete your profile within 24 hours, or you’re toast.
  • What out for the scam 4/5

    By Xoxoxoxoxoxo132($8
    There is a huge message that goes out about a friend who seen your picture and they want to meet you. Don’t follow it. I did and my account got hacked
  • Impossible to leave the app. 1/5

    By Runawayluv77
    I signed up for this app and ended up not enjoying it. There was no option to delete my account so I paused it and selected the option “until I come back.” However, I randomly received an email that said my account had been unpaused. I did not do this. So I went back in and followed the same process and I almost immediately got the same email. Just now I decided to unsubscribe from the email notification hoping that even if my account was active, at least I wouldn’t get notifications. Again, almost immediately after clicking unsubscribe, I still received two email notifications. It’s honestly dumb and I’m annoyed. Don’t waste your time here if you think you might want to leave this dating app/site one day. There’s no escape.
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By stangman666
    Very plain waste of cash
  • Would love to give a better rating 3/5

    By Mst1217
    Met a couple of nice guys but the app itself was a big source of frustration. For the most part, I had to try 5 or 6 times just to get logged in. Usually I have up and waited a few hours. It’s simply not a user friendly App.
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By kevin123123123123
    Zoosk isn’t worth any time, money or effort. I get notifications that someone likes me and wants to chat. I go on, say something, and then she disappears. I get that happens on other apps, but with this one, I’ve not had ANY meaningful conversations. I also wonder how many of these ‘matches’ are real. The same thing happened on POF.
  • Don’t waste your time or money!!! 1/5

    By rdwin212
    Not sure who is “loving” this app, but they must have a sad life. Worst app EVER! The same people show up over and over even when you say you’re not interested. They want you to buy coins and extra add on’s. Why? Because the app is soooo poorly made it’s impossible to really meet someone. Went to delete my info and they only let me “pause” my account. Ridiculous app.
  • Messages getting deleted 1/5

    By Licious4life
    I don’t know why but I can’t send any messages. They all disappear when I hit send so I can’t respond to anyone. I already tried deleting the app and reinstalling it and I restarted my phone. I’m gonna have to delete my subscription if this continues.
  • Absolutely terrible 👎 1/5

    By trayvon94
    Ya know I had this app few years ago on my old phone and it wasn’t bad so I decided to download it again and wow big mistake. I was looking through people close by and I was wondering why there’s nobody besides desperate people and fake profiles and then I realized.. you can’t even send a message without “subscribing” so i thought “ok, maybe” come to find out you charge $60 for the least amount just to send some desperate or fake person a message like are you serious? Nobody who isn’t desperate to find someone(which you won’t on this app fyi) would even CONSIDER spending money on this terrible app. Deleted forever and to everyone else do not waste your time or your money on this sad joke of a dating app.
  • The site baits you. 2/5

    By Mrclean621
    I had initially spent the money for the first month to be able to use all the features. While I met a couple women and had brief conversations most of the women did not fit what I am looking for. I decided not to let the subscription renew. Lo and behold as soon as I cannot message back anymore (because you have to pay to send messages) suddenly I’m getting these extremely attractive women that “want to meet me”. I cannot respond to them without paying again. Where were these women when I was paying for the extras? Trust me... They try to bait you into paying.
  • Won’t let you delete account + cat fishing galore 1/5

    By gsdub30
    App is built on old platform, won’t let you delete account per the instructions and experience on mobile is rough.
  • Couldn’t even sign up 1/5

    By hnbonnick
    So I can’t give this app a full review because it wouldn’t let me sign up. Some error kept popping up regardless of signup method where it wouldn’t process the request. Please fix this bug!!!
  • Not good 1/5

    By Blink74747474
    Not a very good dating app I would say more than 50% of the people on there aren’t even real people...these dating sites do this they put up fake profiles of good looking people to make it look like they have beautiful men or women on their site but they’re not active profiles.
  • Fairly new paying user 3/5

    By BoeMarie
    So it’s been up and down so far. I like that most of the users actually look like average, everyday people and not picture perfect fakes. However I’m getting matches from people 400 miles away and there isn’t an option to see the distance when I’m deciding if I like the guys or not on the carousel. Since I’m paying to use their service I don’t want to be duped into liking a bunch of guys who are over an hour away.
  • Not for Everyone 3/5

    By Sparky Lewie
    I deleted the app, yet when I go to the App Store it is not showing up as deleted, and is still sending me notifications. I’ve never had this issue when I’ve deleted the Zoosk app before.
  • I want to lodge a Complaint about zoosk on my phone 5/5

    By Jamieco5596
    I have download zoosk and it not open on my phone I don’t know why