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DOWNLOAD ZOOSK AND GET READY TO MEET NEW PEOPLE! With 40 million members, we are one of the most trustworthy and loved dating apps. Discover and match with interesting singles and make more meaningful connections with fun, social dating features like Zoosk Great Dates. MORE WAYS TO MEET We have one goal: to help people connect. Swipe, search, chat, go on a date - the opportunities are endless on Zoosk. Discover features designed to forge more meaningful social interactions with other singles. Discover a better way to date virtually with our new feature, Zoosk Great Dates! Available on-demand, you and your match can access interactive video dates designed to inspire fun conversation and avoid awkward silences. This first-of-its kind feature is perfect for a low-impact first date... or any that may come after! WE PRIORITZE SAFE DATING Our Photo Verification tool is in place to give you confidence that the person you’re talking to looks like their profile picture. To ensure our members are who they say they are, we also provide phone number and social media account verification. We are one of the best dating apps for meeting someone searching for love online. No more senseless swipes: download Zoosk and get ready, because meeting someone is just a click away. -- It works! In 2019 more than 56,000 singles found love thanks to Zoosk** -- Join Zoosk for free All basic members can access these features: - Our new free livestreaming feature, Zoosk Live, available 24/7 - See members’ pictures - Send Winks and Hearts - Use Carousel to discover new people Ready to move on to the serious stuff? Maximize your chances to have fun and meet people with more exclusive features*: - Ask your match on a Zoosk Great Date - Unlock Carousel matches - Boost your profile - Send gifts - Get Delivery Confirmation on messages When you are a Zoosk subscriber* you can also: - Chat with your connections - Unlock and connect with people who've viewed you - Say yes to and start chatting with your SmartPicks™ for matches based on compatibility. WHY PEOPLE LOVE ZOOSK ‘’ The dating service has made it really easy to start a profile, meet other users, and cast a wide net for potential matches.’’ - Mashable ‘’ Launched in 2007, Zoosk has become the toast of the online dating world’’ - AskMen Want to make your own opinion? Download the Zoosk dating app now and enjoy chatting with exciting people. Fun or connection, love is here! --------------------------------------------------------------------- *ADDITIONAL COSTS AND AUTO RENEW: - All subscriptions and upgrades like coins (including subscription upgrades and upgrades without a subscription) automatically renew at the end of the term for the same duration and you will be charged again for the same amount (plus any applicable taxes) unless you cancel by turning off auto-renewal at least 24 hours before the end of their term. - Turn off the auto-renewal through your account settings. Once you turn off auto-renewal, your subscription and/or upgrades will expire at the end of their term. To learn more, see Terms of Use Agreement at http://www.zoosk.com/tos and our FAQs at http://zoosk.com/help. Also, read our Privacy Policy at www.zoosk.com/privacy and online dating safety guide at https://www.zoosk.com/safety. Prices are in U.S. dollars, exclude any applicable sales tax, may vary in countries other than the U.S., and are subject to change without notice. **: 56,019 users in U.S.A said in their subscription termination process they found love on Zoosk platform. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow us for dating and relationship tips: > Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Zoosk/ > Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zoosk/ > Date Mix: https://www.zoosk.com/date-mix/ With 40 million members, we are one of the most trusted and best dating apps. Download Zoosk now and get ready to meet new people!

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  • Worst app I’ve ever tried to use 1/5

    By Thetgggdgju
    Cant sign into an account I’ve made previously and can’t make a new account at all. Go for another app this one is just terrible
  • 👎👎 1/5

    By foxxySockz
    This is the worst app. Don’t waste your time.
  • Not working!! 1/5

    By Ccdsakamoto
    Your app is not working right now and only an error message here when trying to get support. Hoping this will que to someone
  • Not useful at all 1/5

    By monsterthrob
    A horrible app. You can’t do anything without having to pay and when you do. Turns out the profiles are really old or are just fake accounts. It pretty much takes your money and there’s nothing you can do about it
  • Waste of time. Don’t do it! 1/5

    By j46278
    I think the majority of profiles are fake. Most women don’t have profile comments. You cannot tell when they were last on the site. No one responds. Even women that like you. Dating apps are dead.
  • Worst dating app 1/5

    By Dtexxx99992
    30 days without 1 connection. This app is a joke soon as my subscription expired it said 4 unread messages. Not one message the entire 30 days. What a scam
  • Pay 1/5

    By RatedRR101
    Do you have to pay anything to talk to anyone on this site?
  • Wow! another one.. 1/5

    By jc202286
    Pure garbage Don’t even waste your time…
  • Free should be able to message 1/5

    By PlasticWeevil00
    No point in a free dating app if u can’t even message your likes
  • Prices are way off 2/5

    By seatiki
    It’s a good app, the layout is good. The people on it are good but the subscription fees are so off. At one month it’s 9 then it jumps to 60 for three months, then 65 for six months. There’s no in between three months at 15. So most people dump it after one month.
  • Unicorn site 1/5

    By geatreaux
    I find the site very entertaining. Your chances of success in finding a match is slim however. Seems your only given a certain group of people to review and no matter how hard you try to delete unwanted profiles they just keep coming back! There is a plethora of profiles to choose from unfortunately you will be sacrificing quantity over quality. If you have money and time to waste this site is definitely for you. If your looking for a serious connection not so much.
  • Pictures need to be verified better! 2/5

    By Hating Facebook right now
    It seems like every profile demands honesty, no hook ups, no players… And yet the same people post pictures of themselvesFrom 15 years ago… That might not be the fault of the people creating the app but unfortunately that is the reality… Two or three examples of people posting much younger pictures of themselves… I join this happen post pictures of myself from just months ago… More often than not when you meet the person you think you’re meeting you don’t even recognize him… This is not a superficial judgment… But if we’re all Expecting honesty with things like age occupation in pictures… We have to play by the same rules… Very disappointing I would not waste my money
  • Cancellation 1/5

    By TuckerSox
    Almost impossible to cancel, only pause that does not stop from getting charged again.. settings tells me I have to cancel on iTunes but the app is not in iTunes
  • Wast 1/5

    By fishgods21
    Don’t waste your money on here it’s a joke ! They won’t give me your money back ITS NOTHING but a SCAM !!!!!
  • Let me know if you experience same as I did 2/5

    By Ebo Gyal
    I paid for this twice over two years used it for two 6 month periods.When I paid I didn’t really get a lot messages and likes .I met one nice person only but I was hoping for more interactions on this app😁🤣 Now that I unsubscribe my profiles get more visit and messages.You can swipe left but not right because you got to pay.It’s so funny what these apps do to get their money.Then you can not see or read the messages because you got to pay to connect.Now I came to a conclusionthese apps are a rip off and very costly these days
  • More flaws than goods. 3/5

    By KanonSpawn
    Honestly, this has been one of the better dating apps I’ve encountered so far… mainly due to there being no limits whatsoever on preferences… despite there not being any way really to search with hobbies or anything as they don’t really utilize that. But as in the bad… *Ads happen too quickly after another and too often. *Carousel feature freezes up after about 8 swipes *Whenever you do search with preferences, the results lower drastically (like with my preferences, I only had like 11 choices) Honestly if the ads were very occasional, then this might be one of the better dating apps compared to all others… but no, it’s just alright.
  • Scammers Paradise On this Site 1/5

    By GrammyCherie
    I would like to think that I was signing up & paying for six months of a dating site. Wrong, this site is full of Scammers. My account has been hacked with another woman’s photo & she is using my Profile & most of my photos. She is sending information to men all over the Country. I went into my account & removed her photo & paused my account for one week. Now I am receiving messages of my inappropriate photos have been removed! I am not on the account at all. When I tried to log in with my email address. I received a reply that it be was the WRONG email. So it looks like the scammer is getting a free ride on my account. There is NO PHONE NUMBER for ZOOSK. This is not a business that I would trust again. No help here at all. Save your money.
  • Waste of space 1/5

    By BenGizzle
    Horrible app makes you pay for every single feature all the girls are not active ; save your space
  • Corrupt Dating Site 1/5

    By Jgrant197610
    I would say that this is the most corrupt dating platform I’ve ever been on. My experience has been that I got many women looking at my profile page, with almost none responding to my messages to them. If you’re interested in someone’s profile, why wouldn’t you message them back at some point? Also, as many have mentioned, probably 75% of these profiles are not active. This means there is little chance of finding someone to date because very few members are actually online. Also, when your subscription to Zoosk is running out, you will suddenly start to receive messages out of the blue. These messages are always women who are scammers looking to catfish you. Finally, you will get stupid messages saying that someone wants to meet you. When I messaged these women, I got exactly zero responses from them. The main reason I say that Zoosk is corrupt is because they are making up that people are visiting your profile and they seem to have a number of scammers that message you at very good times for Zoosk, like when your subscription is running out. Finally, the women on Zoosk look much better than any other women on any other dating site I have been on. These means that these supposed profiles are taken over by scammers either helping Zoosk or trying to get money from men with actual profiles.
  • How to sort out the scammers 2/5

    By RoosterNM
    There are a lot of scammers on this app and it doesn’t appear as though the developer is working too hard to remove them. The app is too dependent on pay addons to succeed. I think I would do better by going grocery shopping near where I live. The functionality on the iOS system is garbage, it works better on the website. All told, I would recommend saving the money and buying a dog and walking around your neighborhood actually meeting people. I got suckered and feel stupid for it. Lesson learned.
  • Crap 1/5

    By pist off iphone user
    More fake profiles than POF, don’t waste your money
  • Don’t download 1/5

    By Alex 25
    Pointless app. I matched with someone and the app wanted me to pay to have a conversation with someone. I don’t get the point of dating apps if you have to pay to talk to people or do anything simple.
  • Worthless unless you have $15 for premium 1/5

    By Datsyuk13
    This app might as well be a paperweight on your desktop unless you have $15 lying around just to be able to send messages to any of your matches. I wouldn’t waste your time or money on this site
  • Worst dating app ever! 1/5

    By Matias78
    I thought tinder was trash, but this app is even worst. It’s so weird and difficult to navigate, you basically have to make a decision on a single pic and poor description. I wish I could get my subscription money back. Deleted it after 3 days!
  • Worse app of all 1/5

    By Mastrantonio69
    Don’t waste your money or time, full of old profiles and never get a message back, they ask for money on anything you try to do! Worthless
  • scam 1/5

    By Sweden Viking
    dont do it. the base comes with nothing and you have to up buy every little thing. i wish i could get my money back because it would be more fun watching them go down the toilet!
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By wmear
    Not worth the money or the time. Have to spend more money on tokens to send messages and get noticed. I am positive most of the profiles are fake.
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By SorryIjoined
    This app is full of fake profiles and cross dressers! The pictures don’t match the profiles and many of them are filtered. I keep getting random replies from bogus towns. Don’t waste your time and money!
  • Message 4/5

    By burnette collins
    Great app but not all my messages are delivering. I have sent many that didn’t deliver.hope you can help to rectify that
  • This app to being deleted 1/5

    By The way i think
    This app is a scam
  • Can’t do anything! 1/5

    By awful not free at all
    This is not a free app and should not come up in a google search as free. You have to pay to do literally anything in this app
  • This app sucks… 1/5

    By electricgus
    It looks like all contacts are in a automated system to send likes and view your profile, nobody answer any of the messages that I sent, and they ask you to upgrade to have more privileges…. The worst
  • Avoid 1/5

    By flfisherman
    Horrible dating app -it literally doesn’t get much worse in all categories of bad.
  • Discounting membership on Zoosk 1/5

    By susan cornetta
    I do not want Zoosk anymore. How to cancel prescription
  • Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 2/5

    By normallypossitive
    I’ve only given this app two stars because I did meet some good women on here, but not before a good amount of time sifting through legit real accounts. With that out of the way, there are too many bot accounts and not actual women on here. For example, someone can roam the site to see others on the app without having a subscription. You just can’t send and receive messages until you subscribe. Well, I noticed many women sending me messages and the app will notify me of messages while showing me a name and a picture of the “person”. Until I subscribe. Those profiles will typically only have one picture and a very brief description without a bio of themselves and these accounts don’t reply back EVER. Now they’ve got me on the hook for a month. Also, when canceling your subscription, you will notice an uptick in messages from “women” until you subscribe again. These “women” never reply back after you’ve renewed your subscription. Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, well you know the rest.
  • Not a fan 1/5

    By dkc8895
    This site was horrible. Too many fake profiles. There should be a way of monitoring this. If someone says they want to meet you, you have to decide based on one picture. There is no ability to view their profile. You can’t search for them either. They only way you can review someone’s profile who is interested, is if they send you a message.
  • Trash 1/5

    By stevelee20
    This app is complete garbage! Before I tried a paid membership I got emails all the time saying “someone sent you a message!” Of course there is no picture of the person that sent a message so I decided to try a month membership. When I did upgrade, I had 0 messages from members and magically I stopped getting emails from Zoosk saying someone sent me a message. Also, TONS & TONS & TONS of fake accounts!!!
  • Don’t! 1/5

    By Navy dogg
    This app is a total joke! Don’t waste your money. It has more fake profiles than I’ve ever seen. It shows people view your profile as soon as you click on theirs. It shows that people view your profile even if you haven’t clicked on theirs. I have had users message me to ask why I view them so much. My reply is that I haven’t! It’s the app! The developers should be ashamed of themselves for playing with people like this. If you join, remember that I told you first not to do it
  • No Consistency 1/5

    By Nimhises
    First off, don't make an account with the site or app. Barely anybody will message you, not to mention you have to pay to like and message in the first place anyway. I just deactivated my account after experiencing one month of membership, and I can tell you the experience was terrible! Scam, fake, and inactive accounts were most of my experience. Another thing I realized was that there is no consistency between the dating app itself in the website, as there are a whole lot more things you can do on the website compared to the mobile app.
  • Not worth wasting time. 1/5

    By Aw2brian the Great
    Spent good money to waste my time. Not a fan of their duplicate fake profiles. Many software programs that extend conversations to only fake you out by out of state profiles. Some are looking for unsuspecting individuals to scam money. Look it up for yourself. Be aware you may be scammed or even stalked by profiles taking your information you give and logging it for others to use against you. Be informed. Stay smart.
  • Failure of a site 1/5

    By Flipzop
    I’ve met some women on this site so it wasn’t a total loss, however…..the amount of fake and inactive profiles is not only staggering but embarrassing to say the least. While the advertising pushes itself as a dating site with millions of “active users”, this is blatantly incorrect. You see, even if you go inactive you still show up in searches. I’ve seen date stamped pictures from over ten years ago on accounts that are clearly inactive. So you’re paying a monetary monthly fee to look at pictures. Try google images for free if that’s your thing. The other issue is the blatant scam and spam profiles. I finally pulled the plug when I received a like from a “42” year old woman. Only problem was the profile pic was of a little girl standing in front of a birthday cake that had a number 15 on it. I can’t morally support a company that refuses to verify real users and allows pedo activity like that. It’s the year 2021. There’s no reason whatsoever that these dating site companies cannot and should not be held to a higher standard of operation. I expect this conduct from free to use mail order bride sites, not monthly sub dating sites. Zoosk should be a free to use, at your own risk site. The fact they’re allowed to operate under the monthly sub model in my mind is predatory.
  • Infringement 1/5

    By Captcharlesm
    Zoosk doesn’t allow Freedom of Speech. The infringe on the 2nd Amendment. Even if what you write isn’t offensive. Must be a libtard organization
  • Im going to sue you 1/5

    By I_Am_Martinez
  • Bots 2/5

    By hardwoodpatriot
    There are way to many Bot profiles on here. It’s ridiculous
  • No attention at all 1/5

    By bobstone412
    You have to buy crazy amounts of things to even get one view. I tried it for two hours nothing happens unlike other apps. I am canceling my subscription right after this. Terrible experience here.
  • 90 percent fake or inactive accounts 1/5

    By Nsvr6
    I cannot review this HORRIBLE app enough. While there may be the occasional real person profile in this app, they leave inactive or closed profiles and fake or scammer accounts where the pictures do not match the age of the person or their height is listed as 3’11” or 7’3”
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By BlackPearlIV
    Don’t waste your time or money I wished someone would’ve written an honest feedback about this apps I would have saved my money 💰.. it’s boring and no potential match
  • Don’t waist your time and money. 1/5

    By IMBuckhorn
    Once you pay for a subscription they are constantly charging extra fees for services that should be included. After a month of flicking through their people and responding to people who “want to meet me”, I’ve concluded that this is mostly Zoosk Bots. What a waist of time and money. Of course I have them one star because that’s the least you can select. I’d give them negative 5 stars for taking advantage of people. Don’t waist your money, and especially, don’t waist your time!

    By Djpoopsiebaby
    I was wondering why so many people on here had pictures of backgrounds that didnt look like hawaii. Some with orange leaves, we never get fall in hawaii. And coincidentally the next day of my membership expires i get 7 new messages from people that dont appear to live in hawaii and asking that i upgrade membership to iew their messages. From all white girls and people with non hawaii backgrounds. We dont have white people in hawaii. And i know what locals look like and these 7 messages werent locals.
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