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  • Current Version: 1.0.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Qianyun Zhao
  • Compatibility: Android
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Zynn App

Zynn is a short-form video App where you discover and create your content. At Zynn, spark your creativity and fully express yourself! Hosting content from various creators, you can enjoy and share your moments. With a wide variety of music, audio clips and text effects, you can create eye-catching clips that everyone enjoy! Pick up what we’re putting down? Check out all our features: • Discover spontaneous and exciting short-form videos • Create fancy 15 seconds videos with massive music library, cool stickers and funny effects • Share wonderful moments to Instagram, Snapchat and etc. • Connect to like-minded people from the globe, embrace your community Zynn the world, make it yours!

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Zynn app reviews

  • Annoying 3/5

    By Tay💖🤪
    It won’t let me add someone’s code in it’s not working
  • Stopped giving me rewards for watching videos 1/5

    By hhsghd
    Help me fix this !!!!!😡
  • Use this app 4/5

    By Yaneissi
    Im giving this a four star just because we could cash out once a day this app is so fun it’s just like tiktok but less toxic and guess what you earn money I earned money and I have 2 dollars and once I could remove some points then I’ll have 4 dollars and I could get some coins and I’m so happy that I’m almost at my goal to get robux
  • Use this code for your first $30 free 5/5

    By Soberryfun
    FOR NEW USERS ONLY! Use my code for an extra $30 free! NES3MLT
  • App not working correctly 😕 3/5

    By yeet_itzmel
    I would highly recommend this for everyone because you could earn money legit, but I have an issue, everytime I go on Zynn and watch videos, the videos won’t load like the video won’t go and it just shows the cover of the video, I could like and comment and follow and everything. But I just can’t watch videos and my reward on points won’t work if I can’t watch videos. Please fix this 😭.
  • . 3/5

    By heytherejulisa231
    So I’m in the USA and my money is pending so idk how long it’s going to take can you please text back??
  • You are scammers 1/5

    By breedabree
    You say you will pay me but I have gotten so many people to download this app I have Almost 200 dollars and it won’t let me get a gift card because it says suspicious content detected but I did nothing I will sue u for getting me to get people to download then scamming me if I don’t get my money.
  • The most legit app 5/5

    By chimpmukn$/
    This app is easy to make money and legit unlike other scams
  • What do i do? 4/5

    By juswae
    The app is great i have been grinding on it a lot but i really need a repsonse from the manufacturer because i need to know why am i not able to redeem anymore gift cards itll tells me "Failed to send verification code" so what do i do now ?
  • it’s alright. 4/5

    By HM.xx
    This app is cool. It’s kind of annoying, you’d need to get to 1000 point to get 1 dollar and watching those videos are rlly boring. Also the invite 5 friends thing what does that do. I invited 5 friends and it didn’t do anything. I need 100 dollars bc i want to get robux. it’s so confusing and annoying.
  • great app!, but didnt let me verify my number 5/5

    By gzggxhdnrhdh
    i have been using zynn for over 3 days, and have shared it with 5+ friends. once i went to go redeem my card it said my verification wasnt working. now i am writing this review. i just want my 20$ amazon gift card :[
  • SCAM (edit): not a scam 5/5

    By ksinnylrnjrfrovo
    they gave me a 20 dollar gift card and it was working. when I went to use it the balance was at 0! And I never used it. when I went to go to customer support they told me they couldn’t do anything about it. nevermind it’s not a scam I was just dumb THANK U GUYS FOR THE FREE MONEY I GOT FOOD NOW
  • It’s not collecting coins 3/5

    By Stashula409
    It’s a really cool app because u can get payed to watch video’s but when i watch the video’s at the bottom it’s not collecting can you please fix dis bug

    By Ahzhaneeee
    In order for you to actually get real MONEY . You have to invite people . Watching TikTok videos everyday helps but it doesn’t help you get fast money. I’ve earned a lot of money on this app . But since everybody has the app . I ain’t invite nomore people on there . You can’t even put in referral codes in anymore . It was good while I had it . Thanks for helping me ❤️
  • No Money 1/5

    By @ihkylee
    I’m not able to verify for a gift card. It keeps saying there’s unusual activity on my account or verification has failed. And I’ve received no replies from the help center, very unprofessional. I think this app is just a company who is way in over their heads and now they have no money to give to people so we’re the ones who’re being scammed 💞💝💕💓💗 idiots!!!
  • Money 2/5

    By Kkdjdjsn
    So i invited a friend and they used my code and i still havent gotten my money for that worst app its a scam
  • start winning! $ 2 dollars 5/5

    By WakQa
    It is a very good application, I recommend it 100%. If you put this code (JCGZV3E) you get $ 2 starting. I recommend it to you
  • Forcing us to sign in with a different method. 1/5

    By Your Team is Dumb
    Do you think that forcing us to sign in from our phone number is better than signing in with our email for some of us? You gave no option to keep signing in with email. We have no choice but to sign in with phone number. I don’t have access to my phone so how in the world am I supposed to redeem the money that I earned? You method is super dumb. Please get a team with higher IQ.
  • It’s alright but I have a few complaints. 3/5

    By Cemaiya_cece_c
    I’m not very happy with what I’m doing. It takes forever to get Actual CASH! It only does cents and it’s going to take me weeks and weeks to even get to two dollars. So I’m not to happy with that. I’ve been on the app day and night and I still can’t get to where I want to be. Please fix the money situation because I know some people have issues with that too.
  • Works great 4/5

    By Antonnn F.
    You can make a 1$ a day which is not that bad if you make no money and you are a kid.
  • Gift card error 3/5

    By kajabsjsis
    You can’t redeem gift cards after the update. Still a good app but you need to fix this glitch.
  • Stop receiving money 1/5

    By jejudusujd
    After redeeming some cards , I stoped receiving my money for inviting people , and I need to know if im gonna get it at all or not

    By Queen_Naima
    It was fine at first then all of a sudden it tells me to wait 24 hours to redeem my code then I wait 24 hours and then it says the same thing!! Do they not want me to take off money or something that I EARNED🤨 NOPE THE APP USED TO HE 4/5 stars but now it’s at 1/2 stars!! DONT PLAY WITH MY MONEY IF I EARNED IT THATS ONE THING I DONT DO
  • Awesome 5/5

    By gabriel_of_dlc
    Just earned over $40 usd I recommend this app
  • This app is legit I’ll sponsor if you want 5/5

    By leooothegoat
    Yes it’s actually legit I got a iTunes gift card.When you invite your freinds and they use your code you get paid if they watch that’s it please sponsor me
  • Review 4/5

    By nicki the stallion
    I hate you all for overloading the app and now no one can get paid
  • App is amazing 5/5

    By >ItsSauce<
    I give this app 5 stars because u only have to watch videos to earn credits and them convert into money u then can get any gift card of ur choice it is amazing not clickbait except if people say use their code and u get $50 it’s a lie don’t fall for it u get a $1 but overall best non clickbait app

    By JaliyahsMother
    A Famous Tik Toker GAVE THIS CODE AWAY ! I CANT BELIEVE IT WORKED 😍😍 I’m Crying ! T8HBQ96 T8HBQ96
  • Okay 3/5

    By djdbfhddydhsgsj🧡🧡🧡
    This app isn't perfect but it isn't bad either. I like the fact that you can watch tiktoks for money, although it always crashes for no reason at all. I hope they will fix this in the next update. But other than that, the app works pretty well.
  • It works but has some bad habits 3/5

    By please no one i know find this
    I’ve been trying to get a account deleted for days now and I’ve sent about 5 emails I’d really appreciate a response because I need to unlink a phone number from a account I’ve created
  • Not earning! 1/5

    By Bumblebriann
    i had this app and invited 3 friends and haven’t gotten anything for it they all added the app and still have it 🤷‍♀️
  • Just an idea 5/5

    By panchitoDN
    Amazing app Can u guys add ps4 gift cards
  • free money! 5/5

    By cndhbdi
    This is a great app! you earn money super easy if any new users want to start off with extra money use my code KY2CLTL and get 20$ ! super easy way to get money quick
  • Do not get this app please read description 1/5

    By titsucker91
    If you download load this app doctors said u have a chance getting cancer in you nuts so or if give in ur small fits
  • Straight trash 1/5

    By thatoneidk
    - no support at all/ response - when redeeming gift card was having trouble getting verification code - after this problem was fixed I got another problem saying verification failed, or that I can’t redeem because I am not in Canada or in the USA but I am - as a result got locked out for 24 hours 2 times because I kept trying to fix it - this would be 5 stars if the bugs were fixed
  • I’m not getting my cards anymore 3/5

    By __m.ike
    It’s been more than 24 hours and I cannot purchase a gift card with the money I earned please fix this 🙏🏾
  • Scummy Dev 1/5

    By shado99x
    This app is an absolute scam and the programming is a joke.
  • Good Use 3/5

    By xxSAVAGEBOIxx224
    I like how this app came during this crisis and we really needed the money. I also like how there’s a 10,000 point limit so I don’t be on the app all day and this app helps us young adults earn so we can save up. Thank you!
  • Hate it 1/5

    By Phobia person
    First of all, most of the videos are stolen and trashy and the “tailored to you isnt working out for me since related content to the ones I don’t like keep showing up. Also I finally got 5 dollars and I was planning to use it to get a apple gift card but why do I need a phone number for that? Why do you assume people 13 up have smartphones with a cellphone number on it? I then tried getting a free phone number but it said bind failed bind failed and then it said max amount tried. I wasted so much time but if it gives me my money I will change it to 5 star
  • A huge scam 1/5

    By The Reviewer6
    This app scams I tested it I bought a 5 dollar Apple Card with 8 dollars and I didn’t get it what a scam
  • Not able to Redeem 2/5

    By JJason1
    I actually don’t WERID review but I just can’t able to redeem it said unusual account activities. So please fix bug soon as possible
  • It works 5/5

    By sarmirakitti
    I’ve tried so many of these money making apps and was shocked it actually works. Love the interface, easy to use. Definitely worth the download
  • Its decent ish 2/5

    By jfsgnifbitsa
    So I got the app yesterday and only made about $2.00 and when I went back to watch more for the money, it just stopped giving me money. The little circle that goes around that give u 50ish points stopped moving. I shut my phone on and off, re downloaded the app, done everything I could have and it doesn’t work. I didn’t even get enough to get a $5 gift card. does anyone know why it’s not working?
  • Amazing 5/5

    By i hate this it is so ugly
    I needed robux and this app helped me get robux I am so happy that I got this app
  • For free 5/5

    By izzy💕Bts
    It gave my LED lights!!
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By shiro2003
    The app idea is good to pay people for watching tik toks. But after a bit it stopped giving me points randomly. In addition I don’t like that you can only stranger your points once a day. Also you can only earn 1 dollar a day which is not enough in my opinion.
  • It stopped 2/5

    By Jungkooks World🥺🤣
    I tried watching more videos, and checking my points. It stopped. So I traded it for money but I still have the same results. Anyone have the same issue?
  • not bad but not amazing 3/5

    By cece queenz
    y’all need to add visa gift cards!! and it kinda takes a long time to get money. also the content on my for you page is straighter than straight tiktok 🥱
  • I Love It 5/5

    By xx_DarkNinja_xx
    Thank you so much for making this app it helped me so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart😍❤️😍 Keep up the good work

Zynn app comments

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