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Wondering how today’s allergy forecast will affect your seasonal allergies? Are your seasonal allergies so bad that you always check the pollen count and allergy map before you head out? The ZYRTEC® ALLERGYCAST® app helps you track your local pollen index each day and see how pollen might really make you feel with ALLERGY IMPACT. It’s like a real-feel allergy forecast for your allergies. How ALLERGY IMPACT Works Unlike static maps and figures, ALLERGY IMPACT analyzes weather information from 41,000 zip codes, search and social media trends to tell you how the pollen count may make you feel. It uses multiple factors to determine whether or not the pollen count could affect your allergies. If the ALLERGY IMPACT for the day is higher than the pollen count, you might feel allergy symptoms like sneezing and itchy eyes more than you’d expect. If it is lower, your allergies might not feel as bad as the pollen count suggests that day. Here is how ZYRTEC® ALLERGYCAST® with ALLERGY IMPACT can help you better manage your day: • Daily ALLERGY IMPACT and pollen count to help you plan your day. • Hourly, 10-day weather, and allergy forecasts in one place. • Enhanced symptom tracking to help you learn what is making you sneeze. • Multiple profiles to track your symptoms and those of loved ones. • Customizable notifications alert you when pollen is high in your area. • Updates on how pollen is affecting other allergy sufferers in your area.

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  • Migrating Data?? 1/5

    By mollynandy
    I used this app faithfully for a couple years. In the last several months it displays a modal saying “Migrating Data” on top of it, occluding the pollen count. This modal never went away so I deleted the app today.
  • Wait. Wait. Wait. 1/5

    By NCTim
    You’ll spend most of your time waiting on it to NEVER migrate your data. I wish they’d drop it. It never does. And you cannot even view the count until it runs thru the sequence and then tells you that the server is down. Awful!!
  • Please update for iPhone X 3/5

    By RoosterA4
    Doesn’t allow use of the back arrow as it’s in the notch reserved area
  • Still Broken 1/5

    By Lucid REM
    ever since the screen size was mistakenly altered in an attempt to fit the wide iPhone X screen this app is broken please fix it
  • Needs a fix to UI + Added tracking features 3/5

    By wulfeman
    I like the ability to track my daily allergy symptoms against measured allergens; but there are a couple of areas where the application falls flat. First, there is a MAJOR UI design flaw, for adjusting the settings or going into other secondary pages. To exit these pages / displays and return to the Home Display, you need to tap the “Back” button, in the upper left corner of the screen. Unfortunately, if you launch the app via a search or transfer from another app (such as the App Store) then then that space is reserved by iOS to return you to the referring app. If you have a bunch of apps and use search to gain quick access to this app, the only way to exit the settings, is to force-quit and relaunch. Any decent iOS developer should know to avoid such hot-spots. Simply moving the back button to a location that is not reserved for iOS use, would quickly resolve this problem. Feature-wise, I’d like the ability to go back 1-2 days and record how my allergies were impacted on those days. A perfect example is the fact that I was hammered by my allergies, overnight, 1-day ago. During the day, yesterday, I was more concerned with clearing out my sinuses and lungs, along with soothing a cough and sore throat. Now that I have treated many of those issues, I’d like to go back and record how yesterday’s allergens impacted me. I can only rate (to my knowledge) how I’m being impacted today. This makes tracking the long-term impact of specific allergens, more difficult. While I realize that this is a free app, I would think that Johnson & Johnson (Makers of Zyrtec) could afford a few simple modifications to this app. (I take Zyrtec 365 days a year, as part of my allergists, symptom control regimen, so J&J is still getting my $$). Just my personal insights...
  • No way to check history 1/5

    By Carolxxx
    This would be a cool app if I could check last year and see how my allergies have changed over time, with the same pollens. Otherwise, if you can’t check back over time, why bother?
  • App doesn’t always work. 1/5

    By Ninjaxlovex
    This app comes in handy when it’s actually functioning, but it for some reason will lose its location and stop working all together. I have to delete it various of times and just occasionally check back to see when it decides to work again.
  • App doesn’t work properly 1/5

    By AnnaW18
    I used to love this app, but lately it hasn’t wanted to change locations! I have tried going into settings to change locations & that doesn’t work! I have also deleted & re downloaded it several times & that hasn’t worked either! I’ be deleting it & won’t re download it until you get the issues fixed!
  • Strange app 2/5

    By superstition rose
    I’m not sure the point. I thought it would help me track symptoms and correlate that with the air quality status with regard to pollens, dust etc. there doesn’t appear to be a way to go back and pull data from previous days. Other parts are equally unclear. There is a symptom input panel on a screen that gives a score that the pollen counts are essentially at the max amount, yet the provide some arbitrary score that tells me that I shouldn’t have any symptoms because that same measured amount is not high. I deleted it. I’ll use my accuweather app to track the amounts and keep my own data in Numbers spreadsheet.
  • Not optimized for iPhone X 1/5

    By cigar3tte
    The Back button located on the top left overlaps with the clock and is unselectable. Inexcusable with the notch having been introduced a year ago.
  • Bad color choices. Hard to read 2/5

    By Saltylongdog
    I had this app on my Android and loved it. I got an iPhone and downloaded it and hate the color of background and color of text. You need to change the text to black to make it easier to read. I liked the green background. I don’t like this ugly fall color. It makes it really hard to read.
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By 1174
    Getting ready to show MD allergy issues the app went dark!
  • Can’t modify data 1/5

    By -Boudreaux-
    Once symptoms are selected & confirmed, one can’t go back and modify them. The data becomes skewed and unreliable when one opens up the history of symptoms and how one felt. It is important to remedy this, otherwise the app is completely useless.
  • Used to be great, now.... 1/5

    By MDVK
    It no longer works. Have tried deleting and reinstalling but still won’t work. What happened to this formerly great allergy app?
  • Went Downhill 1/5

    By AnnieS68
    This used to be my go to app for my daughter’s allergies; however, this spring it seems to have frozen in time. The pollen count and allergy counts have not changed in months.
  • the pollen count is always 7.9. 2/5

    By Mkirp
    Everyday this allergy season the pollen count is always 7.9. The app has never shown any other count even though it changes the date and forcasts different counts, the actual reading is always 7.9. Hard to trust.
  • Latest update has stopped providing forecasted pollen counts and predominant pollens. 3/5

    By Akabettyore
    Please correct ASAP so users have accurate information! This happens every tear. It starts out great but then the counts don’t change at some point. This could be a great app if someone behind the scenes made sure it was working properly, especially during peak allergy season.
  • No Czech Republic!! 2/5

    By add-czech-republic
    Zyrtec please add Czech Republic, Prague and all the cities and places there because I live there and I sneeze all the time and I can’t find an accurate pollen counter.
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By TLC77
    The data never updates. The same pollen forecast has displayed for more than three weeks. The pollen specifics haven’t changed in a month. Reinstalling didn’t change the results. The temp sometimes says the forecast is 20-30 degrees when the feels like temp outside is 100 degrees. App needs a major overhaul or just remove it from the store.
  • When It Works 1/5

    By JumpDown
    Today is 30 Dec 2017 app showing data for 17 Dec 2017 on my iPad. Same app on iPhone showing data for 15 Dec 2017. Nothing will correct the data. Seems app just doesn’t work properly several times a year. The times it does work it’s very useful. 6 March 2018. Raining here App says pollen count same as yesterday which was windy sunny day with count of 6.1. All other pollen readings from other sites pollen count is 2.2 for today. A nice & useful app when it works. Apparent Zyrtec pays no attention to their app. 9 June App not updating again for iPad/iPhone for least week. Deleted app and reloaded that does not help.
  • My favorite app 5/5

    By ALTR:a huge fan of spidey
    Ok, so maybe not my favorite ‘cause I’m a total PC geek. But It saves my life from dying from allergies. “Literally!”
  • Landscape view 4/5

    By kdanti
    I’ve been using this app on my iPhone and love it. But the iPad version works just like it was on my iPhone. I would like it to flip to landscape view on my iPad.
  • Opens and crashes every time 1/5

    By D.Smith
    On iPhone X, it crashes after about 10 seconds every time
  • App is way off 2/5

    By fawn39
    It tells you, you should feel less symptoms and its way way off! I can barely breathe today if I try to move around! Its 50 mph wind so the pollen is awful probably one of the worst days ever for allergies and its all you may feel less sneezes today!!! Don’t bother it’s confusing and is never even been close with allergy impacts!
  • have to reinstall to refresh 3/5

    By Acugrrl
    Good information, but I’m always looking at last week’s pollen counts unless I delete the app and reinstall it.
  • Best app of its kind, 1 small addition 4/5

    By Jonathanmusic
    I’m not sure why this app has such a low rating. It’s provides me with a pollen count and pollen type, weather forecast, and a symptom tracker diary that can be exported. And it’s free. That’s everything I need! 2 suggestions Add a “took medication” option to symptom tracker. It’s just helpful for me to know how often I’m managing my symptoms. Have it link to apples health app. I’m already going there for other health data, it would be nice to have all the recorded symptom data all in 1 place.
  • No location or notification. 1/5

    By Macon rider
    This was my go to app for YEARS! A couple of weeks ago, it stopped working. Why? iPhone 7 and iOS 11. Thank you!
  • Doesn't let you enter location info 1/5

    By Spectecjr
    ... And as a result is now entirely useless.
  • Allergy Impact is NOT Low 2/5

    By MsOReadsBooks
    Lately it claims Every Single Day the “impact” is low, even when the pollen count is high. My irritated eyes and cough and sneezing nose beg to differ. Big time.
  • Not International 1/5

    By BuxomBlue
    Stupid app doesn't work internationally, so you can't use it while traveling.
  • It can't find my city 1/5

    By Aislynnmay
    I live in a city of over 100 thousand people and it can't locate us? Really come on now!
  • Ok, difficult to read 3/5

    By Cherry-What-A-Rip-Off
    The app is nice for a quick overview. It's very basic and doesn't allow for customizing the background, the text is very small and the screen doesn't rotate when you turn your phone. I would give is app 5 stars if the above was addressed. The orange background with small text, makes it very difficult to read. The app designer should look at color theory. Black text on white background or the inverse has the best contrast. Yellow and orange background with white and light colored text is the least amount of contrast, making it very difficult to read. Easy solution- allow the user to change the background and text color.
  • Needs account 3/5

    By fladjengineer
    This app needs to save your account info, so when you sign in it has a track record of your symptoms and date. I only use the app a few times a year and delete it from my phone when not using. Then when I download it again there is no record of when I had similar symptoms.
  • Portrait only on iPad. Ugh. 3/5

    By Sashazur
    It's great on my iPhone but on my iPad it only works in portrait mode which is really annoying!
  • Opens, then crashes 1/5

    Constantly crashing. I installed it twice and still crashes.
  • I LOVE this app! 5/5

    By UsOhians
    This app is great in many ways. Helpful, insightful, and allows me to track my symptoms. Thanks, Zyrtec!
  • Data migration fails 1/5

    By DFPTA
    Every time I open the app it says migrating data. And then after several minutes I get a message (repeated messages, actually) that says data migration failed because the server is down. Every. Time. It's frustrating, because it blocks the screen while it says it's migrating my data, And then it fails anyway. What's going on? Where and why is it trying to migrate my data? And why is it failing every single time? I'm not sure how accurate the numbers are either. They conflict with reports from local agencies. I'm questioning the usefulness of this app anymore.
  • No notifications! 3/5

    By Nicknames r awl taken
    This used to be a great app till several months ago when location settings stopped working. Also notifications stopped coming in although I had everything set properly. So I deleted and re-installed a few times. Still didn't work. I installed it again last week, and so far Location is working, wish I could say the same for notifications. STILL NOT getting them! Please please please fix this so notifications will work! There's much to love about this app if the location settings and notifications would work.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Anfny_
    So far I've had it for a month and it's been spot on with how my allergies would react to specific weather for each day. I even have had symptoms before I check the app and when I check the app it tells me I will be having that type of reaction, may it be more of a eye watery allergy reaction or sneezing your life away, it's been pretty accurate
  • Stopped working!!! 1/5

    By Dr. Bonnie Truett-Serrett
    I have used this app for a couple of years, but now it has stopped working. I can still log my symptoms, but it has reported pollen count as ZERO for over a month. I know from our local weather that this app is junk right now.
  • Showing 0 pollen count 1/5

    By abhinavparihar
    It was working but now its showing 0 pollen count for past 3 days even when other sources say it is high pollen time.
  • Location not working 1/5

    By sabj
    Looks like I'm not the only one with this issues going back several months. Is anyone reading these reviews?
  • Good app 3/5

    By Caappaddict
    I've used this for years. Works great. Would rate higher if it listed all allergens not just the predominate ones. What bothers one person may not be a trigger for everyone one I would like to see grasses and weeds listed as well another app listed them for my area today and this one didn't.
  • Complete crap app!!! 1/5

    By Shailpatel86
    Don't bother wasting your space on your phone for this app. I get really bad allergy symptoms and was hoping this would help track them. It doesn't even bother to set the location after I tried several times. Delete it if you have this I'm going to keep searching for a better app to help track the symptoms.
  • Needs fixin 2/5

    By Chiitvn
    Not bringing up my location at all so lol
  • Unable to add locations 1/5

    By ZenJim
    That no longer works because you can't have a location. After each letter you type it says that it can't find what you're looking for. Seriously, with each letter…
  • Not working 1/5

    By Tlpg123
    Stopped working a few days ago. Deleted and re downloaded and still does not work.
  • Doesn't work anymore. 1/5

    By Atxer
    This was my go to app for allergy information but a few days ago it stopped working. Please fix. :(
  • Iffy! Not working again!!! 3/5

    By Pushing sixty
    When it worked, it was great. I'm allowing one more day and then it's history. I don't need the ads, I already use Zyrtec. I want the forecast and the diary. Info is days old and no explanation!


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